Children's Party Venues for Hire in Birmingham

Children's Party Venues for Hire in Birmingham

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Top Children's Party Venues in Birmingham

‘Children’s party!’ Happily these words no longer have to strike fear in your heart. With Tagvenue’s smart filters we’ll have you on the scent of great childrens party venues in Birmingham in no time at all. Trying to find a great location for a children’s birthday can be hard if you are trying not to over-excite or overspend, but Birmingham has some great venues scattered around the city, with many not too far from the A45. So start your hunt by considering some of the outer suburbs like Cotteridge, and Elmstonor Bordesley Green. Check out our listings today and get the party started!

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Children's Party Venues Hire Guide

Today is all about children’s parties in Birmingham and while adults are footing the bill, it’s the little Brummies who need to be having all the fun. Children’s parties should strike the right balance between affordable and fun and Birmingham has got venues that do just that. 

Birmingham’s kids are always ready to party whether they are 4 or 14 and the venues on hand are pretty choice. You can hire a restaurant or cafe in the city centre, such as the funky Asian restaurant Chaophraya, and perhaps hire a few professionals to keep the kids busy. There are other numerous options near the centre and bear in mind that day hire will be slightly cheaper than in the evening. 

There are also other dedicated venues that offer child-focused activities and party packages. Whether it’s a trampoline park, mini makeovers, video game vans, water parks, zoo birthdays or a session in a snow dome, your child will be spoilt for choice. Consider the National Sea Life Centre and Twycross Zoo - both offer bespoke birthday packages for kids. If your child wants to hit the town, you can even hire Polly’s Party Bus for kids, complete with Legos and a dance floor. 

FAQs about Children's Party Venues in Birmingham

How much does it cost to hire a children’s party venue for hire in Birmingham?

The hire fee for children's party venues in Birmingham ranges from £100 to £3,500 per session and £20 to £150 per hour. Some venues operate on minimum spend, with the average price around £500-£3,000 per session. If you prefer per-person prices, expect to pay between £15-£30 per guest. (All data from Tagvenue.)

What are some of the best children’s party venues for hire in Birmingham?

  • ODEON Luxe Birmingham Broadway Plaza. Why not hold your child's party at a movie theatre, where you don't have to worry about the kids getting bored and wandering off when you're not looking?
  • Illimitable Spaces. A flexible and versatile space with plenty of room for children, plus a room with a huge teddy bear! Book this venue and set your creativity free.
  • The Birmingham Stable. Treat your child and their guests to mouthwatering pizza in this spacious indoor-outdoor venue to celebrate their special day!

How far in advance should I book my child’s party venue in Birmingham?

You know what they say: "Early bird catches the worm." And if you want to catch that worm, start planning your child's birthday party as soon as possible! It's best to book your venue well in advance, at least 1-2 months before the event. That way, you can make sure that the venue is available for the date you want.

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