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Gearing up for a big birthday bash in London but aren’t sure what kind of birthday package is right for you? Have you been browsing hotels, clubs, and VIP experiences for a truly memorable party for you and your guests? If so, let us help! At Tagvenue, we’ve put together a list of some of the best and most exciting birthday packages to be had in London regardless if you’re looking for an in-depth night on the town with your friends or a massive party with hundreds of people! Have a look through our options and see what jumps out at you.

Birthday Party ideas

Choosing the right package for a birthday party really depends on the type of shindig you’re looking to host, but there are a few universal things that you should consider while searching:

  • Venue speciality – A birthday party gives you a lot of options for the type of venue you can book. Do you want to book a room in a trendy bar and spend your evening with your friends trying every cocktail on the menu? Maybe looking to dance the night away with bottle service at an exclusive club? We’ve got options, so explore and see what’s right for you.
  • Bespoke arrangements – The venues on our list offer a variety of preset birthday packages, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re limited to just that. Most venues are happy to work with you if you want to add a little extra zest to the evening but be sure to check in advance.

As you can imagine, the price varies depending on the size of the party, the location and the services offered in the package but here are a few baselines for you to consider:

  • Some birthday packages include a minimum spend clause, meaning you pay nothing to rent the space but agree to spend a set amount on food/drinks/etc. Costs tend to vary up and down quite widely, but you’re often looking at something in the neighbourhood of £1000-1500 for the evening.
  • Other places have a flat fee for certain package options, such as a selection of drink specials, and can often be priced much lower than places with minimum spend. For a smaller party, £500 is fairly typical.
  • Per person pricing is fairly popular for birthday packages in London, with an average of around £20-55 per guest based on the level of services.

Last but not least – take a look at a few questions other customers had:

I’m looking to celebrate my 21st in a place that feels totally different than the usual in London. Any suggestions?
Book the birthday package at the Sugar Cane and be transported to Polynesia, with themed drinks to match!

I want my daughter’s 21st birthday to be an exclusive and unforgettable evening. Can you recommend something quite posh?
If price isn’t an object, reserve the penthouse at Albert’s Champagne Bar for a stunning touch of class.

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