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Top Party Rooms in Toronto, ON

Looking to rent one of the best party rooms in Toronto? You’re in luck! This busy Ontario city has so many great party venues for any kind of celebration. Discover private bars with crafted cocktails or elegant restaurants with private dining rooms near Chinatown, Regent Park, and Rosedale. Browse Toronto's best party venues: hotels, special occasion restaurants, lounges, and banquet halls, which are a fantastic choice for a birthday or office party. Kids’ birthday party places are scattered across the city and great for any imagination - pirates, play, princesses, parties, and gymnastics are all available. Hop on our platform and find your private party room today!

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Party Rooms Booking Guide

A guide to private party rooms in Toronto

Toronto has a buzzing vibe in its centrally located Old Town and neighbouring Chinatown, Distillery District, and Kensington Market. Apart from fantastic private entertainment options, such as museums, art galleries, open-air markets, and shops, the areas offer an array of party rooms and private bars of all sizes, and many of them are fantastic foodie destinations! Get ready to discover Toronto’s best bars, wineries, banqueting halls, beer gardens, rooftop party venues, and so much more. Although the location has a huge impact on the event’s success, when hiring a private party room, make sure that it suits your budget, guest list and style as well.

Larger party venues in Toronto will be able to host groups of over 100 but will come with a higher price tag. For large-scale corporate parties, check out hotel function rooms or ballrooms. However, if you’re in the mood for boogie, dance clubs and karaoke bars are also worth exploring. Are you a foodie? Then a whole private restaurant rental can meet your needs and spoil you and your guests with various delicious treats.

In the late spring/summer season, consider hiring one of the nightclubs on King St W, a waterfront party venue at one of the private beach clubs or even further out on Portlands. You can even rent a party boat down by Queen’s Quay and celebrate as you sail the harbour.

For event spaces for an adults-only event, check out some of the great smaller social clubs and bars with private rooms that are scattered across the city. Also, investigate the area between Parkdale and Riverdale Farm for trendy cafes and restaurants with private rooms for later afternoon celebrations that can host guests of all ages. In the warmer weather, rooftop terraces and gardens are other great choices to add a unique touch to your after work drinks or even make your 10-year anniversary celebration more memorable and special.

Of course, we can’t forget about Toronto’s trendy bars and pubs! There are other excellent party venues offering additional convenience and privacy of function rooms.

As you can see, the options for party spaces in Toronto are endless! Which one will steal your heart? To find out, start hunting down your next private party spot with Tagvenue today!

How to find an ideal party room or a party hall in Toronto? 

Not sure how to start your venue hunt? Below, you’ll find a list of all the essential elements you should consider to pick a party room that matches your expectations. 

  • Budget - Yes, indeed. Without drawing up a party budget, you won’t be able to kick off your planning! Take some time to decide how much you can pay for the private venue rental, catering, beverages, decorations, invitations, etc. Once you nail down the numbers, you’ll have a clear idea of what types of party venues you can afford. Toronto has something for every budget, from top-rated rooms and large venues for parties to cheap party venues under C$30 per person! You can also search within your price range and find great deals. 
  • Location - To increase your chances of hosting a successful event, pay attention to the venue’s location. Consider renting a party room in the lively Entertainment District, which lives up to its name with everything from lively clubs to private cocktail bars, offering a vibrant setting for your bash. Check if there are parking options nearby, as well as whether there is access to public transportation. 
  • Number of guests - How many people are you planning to invite? Nailing down the number of guests will give you an idea of how big of a space you need and help you book a party venue of just the right size. Avoid overspending on big party venues and renting a whole bar space when small party rooms are just right, and equally, don't compromise by choosing a private space that's too tight!
  • Party style - What’s your vision? A cocktail party, a sit-down dinner, or perhaps a mix of both? Determining your party style will give you an idea of what type of venue you should look for. For example, if you want to host a Hollywood glamour, black and white or Bond party, you should look for private party venues that can provide you with classy décor. If you envision something more green and lush, go for outdoor party venues, like patios and rooftops. Many Torontonians are club-goers, so consider searching for live music spots where they can boogie the night away. If you’re going to host a casual get-together with friends and family members, you should choose a more laid-back party space, like a beer garden, winery or bar. For dance enthusiasts, Toronto dance clubs will be just right, marrying cocktail party vibes with a dance-ready setting. 
  • The menu - Don’t forget about the most important elements: food and drinks! No matter what party style you’d like to pursue, you should serve something that will match the party’s theme. If you’re hosting a Spanish-inspired celebration, look for party rooms that have tapas and pintxos in their menu. To ensure everyone's needs are met, include a variety of finger foods, such as vegetarian and gluten-free snacks, bite-sized appetizers, and kid-friendly options. If your party venue lacks in-house catering, why not add some extra fun and host a potluck party? It's a win-win: guests enjoy their own party foods, and you might even cut costs! To experience a staple of Toronto mixed culture and enjoy affordable, easy-drinking brews, look no further than local tiki bars.

FAQs about Party Rooms in Toronto, ON

How much does it cost to rent party rooms in Toronto?

It's hard to come up with a concise answer, as it depends on a variety of factors, such as the location, the event date, the pricing type, and many more. If you want to enjoy your private party without overspending, there are party venues in Toronto with prices starting as low as C$30 per person. Restaurants in Toronto typically charge hourly rates, so expect a price range between C$95 to C$500+ per hour. Opting for an affordable party room can make you save up some money, as they usually offer minimum spend fees starting at a low C$600. We strongly suggest asking the venue manager directly for an individual offer based on your party size, time and date, and the party catering options you’d like. (All data from

How far in advance should I book a party venue in Toronto?

To secure the best party venues in Toronto, it's wise to book as soon as you have a budget in place and a date that's agreed upon by all invited. Ideally, you should aim to reserve your venue at least 2 to 3 months in advance of your private celebration. Procrastination could lead to the top-rated private bars being unavailable, as they often get booked months ahead. If you wait until the last minute, you risk not only losing out on your preferred party spot but also having to scramble for a plan B, which might involve changing the venue or date—potentially disappointing guests and causing scheduling conflicts. Additionally, themed parties require ample time for organizing decorations and costumes.

Is it permissible to supply my own alcohol at a Toronto party room?

It depends on the venue’s policy. Some allow BYOB, while others that have their own private bar are more likely to refuse. Make sure to discuss this with the venue manager, and if they agree, ask if there are any additional corkage fees.

Can you recommend some of the best party rooms in Toronto?

Certainly! Toronto is a vibrant city that offers a plethora of options for party rooms suitable for birthday parties, DJ parties, and other celebrations. Some of our top recommendations include:

  • For a unique experience, Clubhouse Toronto is a top pick. Nestled in the bustling LGBT-centric neighbourhood known as "The Village" this private venue is perfect for gatherings of up to 100 guests. Its open-concept loft design allows for flexible arrangements to suit your party's theme and layout, making it ideal for a personalized birthday bash or a lively dance party.
  • We also recommend Moonlight Lounge, a large and exclusive party venue hidden behind the TacoTaco restaurant in the Kensington Market. Boasting a capacity of up to 194 guests, it's one of those entertainment bars where you can invite friends of your friends! Drink by a beautiful rustic bar while surrounded by a vintage-style interior. For extra space and extra fun, check out Taco Taco's tropical-themed space, where its party lights and fireplace invite you to stay a little longer and drink one more of those delicious cocktails at the private bar.

These venues are just a glimpse of what Toronto has to offer when it comes to party rooms for rent. Each space provides a distinct atmosphere and amenities to make your celebration a hit!

Guests Reviews of Party Rooms on Tagvenue

Booked Main Event Space at The Collective Workspace
We hosted an event for 56 people at The Collective Workspace and would highly recommend it to others! The staff was very helpful with our many questions leading up to the event as well as supporting during set up & tear down. We also appreciated that they took the time to set up the space as we had requested beforehand, saving us set-up time upon arrival. Many of our guests commented on how lovely the space. We appreciated that they were able to secure a ramp for the one step at the entrance, making the space fully accessible for a guest in a wheelchair.
Booked Exclusive Venue Hire at VanceWorldMedia
I can't say enough good things about Vance, his lovely partner, and their venue! Clear communication start to finish, stress-free planning, and a very reasonable price. They have everything you need to have a great party (amazing sound system, projector, lighting, ambiance) and they were so warm, friendly, and helpful. Thank you so much again!
Soroush G.
Booked Rouz at Beecroft Rd
It was a pleasure meeting with Rouz and had this opportunity to book his place for my birthday party! Rouz was so communicative and helped me through process and during event. The place was super clean and shiny and it was a great fit for my event. I’d definitely recommend this place. Easy access from visitor parking was one of the other pros. Overall everything was great!
Ella A.
Booked Entire Event Space! at REFLEX ENTERTAINMENT
My husband and I had a pre-wedding white party at this venue. While we were grateful that the space was well equipped, beautiful and ideal for our pre-wedding party, what we appreciated the most was dealing with Sami. He was super professional, polite, kind, accommodating, and a total pleasure to work with. He offered additional services such as a photo booth (which the guests loved) and a bar-tender (which allowed for an elevated guest experience). Sami also allowed us to visit the site ahead of time and took us through our decor and floor planning. He always listened to what we were asking and provided it with a smile on his face. He was onsite during the party to help in any way possible. When the bar was busy, he jumped in to assist with an extra pair of hands. All in all, I highly recommend working with Sami and using this space for any party/event/occasion. This party room and working with a manager like Sami will be our first choice whenever planning an event in the future.
Phoebe D.
Booked Creative Space at Freedom Venue
Just the right space for my event of 50 people. Very nice and clean space with tons of lighting and sound options. The projector is a nice bonus. Overall, the technology was of good quality. It seems that the venue has the potential to be as simple or as vibrant as you prefer, and that flexibility is good to have. Although there were no stoves/ovens, we brought our own catering and did not need to cook anything, so the refrigerator was enough. We did not need to use the microwave either, but it was nice to have that option available. The venue host was very helpful and understanding. I would be happy to book this venue again should I ever need to host another party in Scarborough.
Anna C.
Booked Penthouse Clubhouse at Clubhouse Toronto
We've booked Clubhouse Toronto for an IT conference and had an amazing time. Communication was great, Meena was really helpful with all the questions, she also gave us the tour of the space and helped set up the day of our event. The venue is spacious and worked perfectly for both presentation and networking portions of the event, we absolutely loved venue's decor, furniture and lighting! We also used an in-house screen, projector, and microphone, Amar was very kind and patient with us the night of and helped set up the a/v. The downtown location is a great advantage of the space too. We will definitely be back for our next event.
Gage C.
Booked Patio at Aura
Incredible communication; responsive and prompt. Very accommodating; our original venue fell through at the last minute and we were able to book the patio here for the next day. The service was amazing; We had a dedicated person taking drink orders and two bartenders available to our group of around 30 guests. The space is beautiful, nicely decorated and covered in case of rain. It was a bit hot early in the evening even with the fans but became quite comfortable as the night progressed. All in all, a fantastic experience at Aura, highly recommend.
Jane M.
Booked Event Hall at Tartu College Event Space
Tartu college was the perfect place to have my birthday party! I had 16 guests and we really enjoyed the venue. We were able to eat, have music, set up a photo session and really enjoy the evening. Elis was awesome at coordinating everything for me and everything was set up perfectly for us.

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