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Top Venues for Hire in Shoreditch

So you’re looking for an event venue in Shoreditch? Well, look no further because we’ve gone ahead and sifted through all of the best places available to rent in the area and listed detailed descriptions of them all! Shoreditch is a gritty district filled with repurposed warehouses, edgy street art, and a vibrant community to enjoy it. Whether you’re hosting a reunion, a birthday party, or anything else, you should definitely consider Shoreditch for your event. Below we have listed the best venues to hire in Shoreditch London.

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Shoreditch Venues Hire Guide

Shoreditch is an eclectic district in East London; it is a hip neighbourhood that is filled with a young and lively crowd. Trendy bars, clubs, and coffee shops cover Shoreditch High Street, Old Street and Great Eastern Street. The dining scene is always abuzz with new and unique restaurants and gastropubs. You won’t have to look far to find some great spaces for hire in Shoreditch! Whether you’re looking for a fancy, more expensive venue, or even free venue hire – Shoreditch has it all!

When it comes to the highlights of the area, our particular favourites include:

  • Great Eastern Street – With stoic brick buildings lining the street and super cool pubs and cafes all along, Great Eastern Street is a low-key social hub for young professionals and students alike. If you’re hosting a birthday party, there are countless options along this roadway, or if you have a small business meeting to plan, there are a few great quiet spots that present an excellent location to discuss business matters in a relaxed environment.
  • Rivington Street – Party, party, party! Rivington Street is the nightclub centre in Shoreditch London; whether you’re throwing a corporate bash or you just want to have an exciting night out with your friends, Rivington Street is the place to go. Clubbing isn’t your scene? Don’t worry; there are several other event venues on Rivington Street that can suit your need, too – like a reworked warehouse that you can rent or a very chill meeting room.
  • Shoreditch High Street – Shoreditch High Street marks the more elegant side of the district, with newer, flashier architecture, picturesque bridges, and more classy venues along the roadway. If you are in search of a themed party space or a venue that provides exquisite cuisine, Shoreditch High Street might be the best place for you to look first!

How about the venue hire prices in Shoreditch? We’re describing this aspect in further detail below:

  • Often you will see hire fee pricing for event spaces in Shoreditch. This price typically goes along with event venues that allow you to use the space for any type of event, and usually require you to decorate the space yourself and provide your own food and beverages. The average hire fee in Shoreditch London ranges from £350-£3,000.
  • The minimum spend price is a common pricing option for Shoreditch venues like gastropubs and higher-end restaurants. A gastropub is an upscale bar and restaurant that serves high-end beer and food. With the minimum spend cost, everything is billed together; you must pay at least the minimum amount for food and drinks, while the venue itself is free. The minimum spend rate in Shoreditch ranges from £300-£3,500.
  • The per person pricing option is a way you will likely be charged for event venues that provide catering, event planning services and sometimes an open bar. The per person fee usually accompanies all-inclusive packages at venues that will provide everything you need for your party or event! The average per person cost for venues in Shoreditch ranges from £35-£130.