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Top Small Party Venues in Chicago, IL

Looking for small party venues to celebrate your birthday or good news? Why not consider Chicago, renowned as one of the best party cities in the US? With its scenic views, top-notch food, and excellent service, Chicago offers a range of options for intimate, unique, affordable, budget-friendly, and cheap party venues. So, if you’re planning to wow your guests, this city might have just what you’re looking for, from party rooms in laid-back neighborhood bars to unique dining experiences. Tagvenue has you covered with some fantastic recommendations and party-planning tips!

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Small Party Venues Rental Guide

What are some of the best party venues for a small event?

There's no better place to hold a party than Chicago, where you'll discover a plethora of exciting and unique, intimate, affordable, budget-friendly, and cheap party venues, even in the city's most upscale neighborhoods. With venue rental prices starting at around $25-$50 per person (All data from Tagvenue.), you can truly have the time of your life at your upcoming event! Whether you live in the city or are planning a trip to Chicago, there are a variety of unique party venues to choose from. Here are a few ideas to help you out:

Back rooms or upstairs rooms for a unique party experience

These are popular and quirky party rooms to rent in pubs and bars for small gatherings. Many pubs even feature backyards that can comfortably accommodate your small group in case one room is not enough! If you want to make your party more memorable, consider adding a theme, such as a neon theme, where everyone can dress up in vivid glow-in-the-dark apparel and get the party started. Pubs and bars have everything that you need, from amazing beverages to delicious appetizers, so they are ideal for a birthday party with your friends or a lively wedding reception! If you like colorful interiors and Latin fusion cuisine, then Carnivale is for you. With its unique design, delicious food, and exotic cocktails, your every meal will turn into a celebration. More of a cafe person, mon cher? Tryzub Ukrainian Kitchen's party rooms are here to cater to your birthday party or wedding reception needs. Located in Noble Square, this quaint space serves classic Pierogi as well as a range of local beers.

Restaurants for a stress-free small party event

You don't like pubs or bars? Why not rent a restaurant to create an intimate atmosphere? If you're searching for a stress-free gathering, restaurants are excellent. You may host any type of event in such a place, from a 50th birthday celebration to a Christmas celebration. If you're planning to create a dining experience for your guests, consider options with tasteful decor and gourmet meals. You can always rent a restaurant with a private room or semi-private room for the most intimate experience!

Introduce yourself to the Pops for Champagne tasting room, which will leave a lasting impression. The exquisite cathedral glass doors enclose this quaint private room from the main champagne bar, creating an intimate and exclusive atmosphere. The venue boasts handcrafted glass and stainless steel high-top tables in the front of the room, perfect for mingling and socializing. In the back, you'll find warm and comfortable lounge seating, ideal for relaxing and unwinding after a long day. This multi-functional event space can be configured to suit your specific needs, making it the perfect venue for any occasion. It is ideal for small, intimate gatherings like birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, and corporate events. The atmosphere is sophisticated and elegant, and the champagne offered is second to none. This venue will have your guests sipping on bubbly in style and leaving with memories that will last a lifetime. It's the epitome of luxury, class, and exclusivity. Want to have the whole place for yourself? Check out Wazwan, which can be rented exclusively to take you on a culinary journey through the flavors of South and Southeast Asian subcontinents. By day, this event venue offers an approachable menu during lunch hours but comes nightfall, the space offers a more elevated A La Carte and tasting menu experience. It is a platform for the chef team to showcase their culinary expertise and dive into the flavors and traditions of Kashmiri cuisine, elevating them to a fine dining level. The venue is perfect for small, intimate gatherings like dinner parties, anniversary celebrations, and corporate events.

Gardens for unique and unforgettable small event experiences

On warmer days, gardens transform into enchanting event spaces, perfect for hosting everything from corporate parties to barbecues. With many charming gardens to choose from, there's a venue tailored to your preferences, whether it’s manicured lawns or gardens with private swimming pools. Gardens will surely make the prettiest backdrops for your event. Moreover, a lot of gardens provide indoor spaces if you wish to have a cozier spot for your guests. Whether it's a children's tea party or an elaborate banquet, most event managers can help you plan your event. Many garden venues also have pavilions, which are attractive and ideal for an entire evening out! From catering to heaters, you can find pretty much anything when looking for gardens on Tagvenue.

Other small party venue options

Looking for something close to the beautiful Chicagoan beaches? Simply pick a unique venue near Chicago's top beaches, such as North Avenue Beach and Montrose Beach, to get the best of both worlds: lush foliage and gorgeous oceans!

Private karaoke bars, yachts, and parks are just a few other beautiful settings where you can organize any type of intimate event and have a lot of fun with your guests! Remember to book ahead of time to take advantage of the best offers and packages!

Why should you rent less popular small party venues near you?

It's no secret that the most popular party venues are more expensive than less popular venues, especially in high-end neighborhoods like Old Town or Greek Town. Therefore, if you’re planning to host a special event without splurging, you could reserve spots in less popular neighborhoods that offer unique settings along with more affordable catering facilities or amenities. Consider budget-friendly venues in less expensive neighborhoods such as Austin or South Chicago, where the cost of living is significantly lower than in other parts of Chicago!

But keep in mind that it's all about compromise! You may always allow yourself to spend more on the venue and skimp on things like entertainment because you're planning a small event or the other way around! It all hinges on the event's goal as well as your budget.


FAQs about Small Party Venues in Chicago, IL

What amenities and services are typically included in intimate party space packages in Chicago?

While many small venues can be rented only for the space and seating, additional amenities are usually charged at an additional cost. Small party halls feature a variety of amenities. Some may offer a bar, a dance floor, and live music, while others may offer a DJ or karaoke. Others can provide the following: catering, decor, floral arrangements, audio facilities, entertainment, staff accommodation, and anything in between. If your options are unclear, inform the venue manager of your intimate party requirements.

What is the recommended square footage for a party venue in Chicago that can comfortably accommodate a small group?

If you are hosting an intimate party of around ten persons, you will need a minimum of about 100 square feet of event space. However, depending on the number of guests, you can opt for anything bigger or smaller!

Which neighborhoods in Chicago offer the best intimate party venues for private dining parties?

Chicago is a city with many neighborhoods, each with its unique personality. The best intimate party venues for hosting a private dining party in Chicago are Lincoln Square, Logan Square, and Lakeview. These areas exude an urban-suburban ambiance and have a variety of shops, restaurants, bars, and parks to keep your budget-friendly party guests entertained.

What factors affect the cost of renting a small party room in Chicago?

The cost of renting a small party venue in Chicago varies depending on the size and location. It can range from $150 to $500 per session and from $15 to $90+ per person. (All data from Tagvenue). When choosing a venue, be sure to consider the following factors:

  • Size
  • Amenities
  • Location
  • Price

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