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Top Small Party Venues in Miami

Did you say party in Miami? It’s time to get your groove on and dance the night away in one of the small party venues in this vibrant city! With bars and clubs, terraces and entire private spaces stretching all the way from Pinecrest to Miami Beach, you’ll be having fun in no time! We’ve checked out the beverage options here and they’re looking fabulous, so get yourself ready to enjoy a fantastic night out in Miami! Small party venues in the city come equipped with great music, unique decor, and stunning views. Miami, Florida is waiting for you to hit the streets!

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Small Party Venues Rental Guide

You and your friends deserve to party in style. What could be better than hiring one of the best small venue spaces in Miami? And with our Miami venues rental guide, you'll be sure to find the perfect spot for an unforgettable night! Make sure to check out our list of the best event spaces in the city. It has everything from locations on a budget to luxury party venues. Whether it’s for a baby shower, engagement party or birthday celebration; our list will fit all your needs. There are some private event spaces as well, should you need them. The perfect setting to create memories with friends, family, and colleagues awaits!


The Complete Small Party Venues Rental Guide

Miami has a variety of small party venues to choose from, and deciding which venue would suit your event best can be overwhelming. What do you need to remember when renting small party venues in Miami? Here are a few things to consider:


When choosing a location for your venue, take into consideration which part of the city the venue is placed in, if it’s easily accessible by public transportation and if it’s not too far away from you and your guests’ place of stay. If anyone is coming out of town, make sure to let them know how to get to the venue, and maybe recommend them a hotel which is close to the event space. Most party venues which we’ve picked out at Tagvenue are close to the city center, which is of course where all the fun is. Enjoy.


When it comes to venue rental, budget is everything. Location and facilities vary from venue to venue, and everything needs to be taken into consideration. What’s your upper price limit and which amenities will you need inside the venue to make sure the party’s perfect? Are you up for a BYOB option which will drastically reduce the cost, or will you prefer to have everything paid for and taken care of during the event? One top tip is that if you’re planning to invite a small number of people (under 20 guests), then booking the venue priced per person is most likely going to be the most cost-efficient option. 


An important factor when choosing locations for your special event. Make sure that the venue is suitable for your crowd size. How small would you like your venue to be? Are we talking about a micro party (up to 20 people?), or a small party in the range of 50 to 100 guests? Some venues offer more guest space if the party is cocktail style and people are mostly standing instead of sitting and dining. Make sure your guests RSVP so you know who’s coming!


What would a party be without a theme, balloons and fun decor. The internet is brimming with cool ideas, from vintage, 70s/80s to 2000s style. Hang up balloons, decorate cakes, prepare some personalized goodies - depending on the party and your mood, go all out with the decorations if you wish. 


It’s time to make some nice beverage choices. Check the restaurant's alcohol options, and see if they prepare your favorite cocktails. Some venues make their own signature drinks, which we really recommend you to try. Of course if the small party involves children, make sure that they have some nice fruit juice and lemonade options too. And as we mentioned before - a BYOB option is not a bad one, especially if your small party goes beyond the 10-person count. 


In need of some inspiration? Why don’t you head Downtown and check out two of the lovely spaces we found. The first is the Saloni Lounge at Meraki Greek Bistro. A beautiful private lounge which offers enough space for 30 sitting and 60 standing. The price is $50 per person. The bistro offers some delicious cuisine, and the decor of the venue is very bungalow-chic. The second venue in the area which is bound to take your breath away is the Outside at Black Market - Bayside. A comfy bar with fab drinks, a great atmosphere and a views over the shore should you wish to chill outside with your guests for a round of drinks. With enough room for 50 seats, you can rent this place for just $40 per person. Further up in the areas of Town Square you can find the Patio at BunburyThe area is famous for its firendly atmosphere, wine and empanadas should you wish to explore further. From $81 per person, you can invite up to 60 guests for a cocktail party, and 50 if you wish to sit comfortably and dine. 

Ready to party? It’s time to book small party venues in Miami!


Small Party Venues in Miami FAQ

How far in advance should I book party venues in Miami?

You should aim to book party venues around 6 weeks in advance at least. Since you’re booking for a smaller amount of people, you don’t need to book the location months before the event. However, if the venue is quite popular or in demand, you might want to check out their booking stats.

What’s the price range for small party venues in Miami?

The average price of small party venues in Miami is around $30 per person. You can expect prices to go as low as $16 and as high as $60. Make sure to check out what’s included in the offer before booking the venue! (All data from

Is the airport far away from party venues in Miami?

Miami International airport is located around 13 minutes away from Downtown if you’re traveling by car. So if you’re coming from out of town, or if your guests are, then you won’t have to ride around for too long when you get here. In general, areas of Miami are quite close to each other if we’re talking about the main part of the city. You will hopefully not need to rely on transportation, but go places on foot instead.

Can I bring my own alcohol or food to a small party venue in Miami?

You’d have to check with the host, but you should be able to bring your own alcohol and perhaps your own food as well. When thinking about a BYOB option you have to remember that a lot of restaurants will want you to pay a corkage fee. (Despite bringing your own food and drinks, the restaurant still has to clean up after you.)

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