Small Venues for Rent in Chicago, IL

Small Venues for Rent in Chicago, IL

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Top Small Venues in Chicago, IL

Do you know what rhymes with small venues? Smaller responsibilities. In Chicago, finding the ideal little venue for your graduation party or hen night is a cinch. There are many possibilities to explore in this city, whether you want to celebrate by hosting a tea party in a park or renting a luxurious penthouse. Yet, we know that all of this search can be quite overwhelming. Fortunately, Tagvenue is here to assist you in finding some amazing places for your little upcoming gathering.

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Small Venues Rental Guide

Why should you rent a small venue for an upcoming event?

Still not convinced that a small location for your next event is worth considering? Aside from the cost savings over larger venues, there's a slew of other perks to renting a small space.

Extra cash for the decor, food, and drinks

You can afford to splurge on other things like the decor, food and drinks when you rent a budget-friendly location. You can even hire a venue decorator to set your tables with gorgeous floral arrangements or come up with a theme that you wouldn't be able to afford if you had to rent a large venue. Renting out smaller locations allows you to have the most lavish party for a group of individuals you care about. Spots like the Speakeasy at Storyville are eccentric spaces that will instantly make your event unforgettable, thanks to the intimate environment and latin cuisine. You won't even have to bother about live bands or catering for your event; simply reserve the venue and invite your favorite people to enjoy the night. Do you want to throw a small 60th birthday party in a cozy and informal location? The Country Club has the ideal private room for your special occasion. 

This stunning room features hanging led lights, classic guitars, and country-style stools that will surely wow your guests! Oh, and did we mention that they serve delicious beers all night long? 

More intimacy and better conversations

Have you ever gone to a gala or a big fat wedding and spent the entire night talking just to your partner or best friend? If you have, you are probably aware of how difficult it is to strike up a conversation with the host when there are a 1000 other guests to attend to! During a bigger event, many guests may feel left out since the host is engaged with the crowd and only gives each of their guests a few minutes of their time. A small venue makes it much easier to spend time with the folks you genuinely like. In short, smaller venues simply exude a distinct kind of energy, enhancing the overall experience for everyone.

Ideal spaces for emerging talents

Dreaming of fame? Start with small music venues! Bands like Coldplay and Oasis started at the grass-root level at small venues such as pubs or back rooms before being famous. This tactic works as it makes it easier for artists to acquire public recognition and since word of mouth is still a big thing, fans are likely to recommend your music to their friends. These spaces make it easier for any aspiring artist to garner support from local communities, which is one of the steps to success. Moreover, smaller venues are more willing to support emerging artists than big, expensive venues. You might even host your first concert for free or for a minimum fee at some of the small spaces in Chicago.

Different with a dash of special

Have you ever come across a small, boring venue in Chicago? Well, we haven't, and that’s because these spots capitalize on their setting, their service, the ambiance, and amazing cuisine. Small venues come in all shapes and styles. Whether you love eclectic pubs or rustic wine cellars, you can be certain to find any style of venue in Chi-town. For instance, the WHIM Chicago at Stage 773 is one of these spots that will keep you coming back. This venue is anything but common. Featuring a wall of kid's toys, some eccentric murals on the outside, horse statues, this place screams individuality and style. Looking for a retro-style gaming room to meet up with your gamer friends? The small room at Replay Lincoln Park offers an array of vintage arcade games to enjoy while you can sip on the vast selection of craft beers and cocktails. The industrial setting allows for a casual get-together.

What are some unique small venues in Chicago? 

Backrooms at pubs and bars are becoming popular venues for smaller events. So if you’re hosting a birthday party or a low-key engagement party you might want to hire these locations for a break from traditional venues like restaurants or halls. These places are attached to the bars and pubs, so you can always ask for staff assistance and order drinks till wee hours.

Art Galleries- Nothing can beat the elegance of an art gallery. These spaces are excellent for taking pictures and hosting a minimalistic event in a beautiful setting. You’ll probably have to take care of the food and beverages but the paintings and sculptures will do the rest of the work.

Wine Cellars- Planning an Edgar Allan Poe book reading night? Why not book a wine cellar for a gothic vibe? Wine cellars are not only a good excuse to uncork a Cabernet Sauvignon, but are also unique locations with a distinct atmosphere to host an event, whether it’s a book launching ceremony or a wine tasting party with your buddies.

FAQs about Small Venues in Chicago, IL

What are some of the amenities provided by small venues?

It depends on the venue. Pubs and bars may assist you with audio/visual equipment and even a stage or podium if they have live bands on-site, whereas restaurants will help you with catering or other things. Some venues won’t have any of these, so you’ll need to get those things arranged. It’s best to inquire about these details upfront before reserving your venue.

When should I book the venue?

The earlier, the better. Small venues tend to get booked faster than larger venues due to the prices and the fact that people tend to need smaller venues for multiple occasions, from corporate meetings to baby showers. Consider booking at least five months in advance. Unsure about the availability of the venue? Check out the venue’s availability options through Tagvenue and contact the venue manager right away.

What is the capacity of small venues?

While the size of small venues may vary, they can accommodate around 40 to 100 persons depending on the space hired. If you’re planning a concert, you may also have ample space for people to stand. Most venues will indicate their capacity on venue marketplaces or their respective websites.

What is the price for renting a small venue in Chicago?

The price of small venues starts at around $22 and can go up to $7500+ depending on the popularity of the place and other things such as the decor and amenities provided. For instance, venues that offer on-site catering are likely to be pricier than other venues. If you’re planning your first concert at a small venue, you could host the event for free since the venue might sponsor your gig for the evening! In any case, it’s best to get in touch with the venue organizer before booking your favorite spot. (All data according to Tagvenue.)

Where can I find a small venue in Chicago?

 Some of the best neighborhoods for you to host an event in a small venue are Lake View, Lincoln Park, West Loop, Wicker Park, Hyde Park. These upbeat areas are known for their modern infrastructure, green spaces, and a range of entertainment. Looking for something less cliché? Pick a venue in the suburbs like Oak Park, where you can witness UNESCO world heritage sites like Frank Lloyd Wright’s unique home along with 60 other landmarks. Uptown is another fantastic option if you’re looking for a laid-back area with quirky venues such as jazz cafes and trendy bars and lounges. 

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