Birthday Party Venues for Rent in Chicago, IL

Birthday Party Venues for Rent in Chicago, IL

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Top Birthday Party Venues in Chicago, IL

Are you looking for some killer birthday party venues to honor your birth? Well, your search ends here. With  terrific birthday party rentals all over Chicago, you can find the right spot to host an intimate 60th birthday party or a 30th birthday bash in no time. The Windy City has some amazing indoor spots available like eateries, pubs, indoor-outdoor spots like lofts with patios, halls with backyard access, or clubs to rent for parties. Whether you’re thinking of renting a cheap birthday venue for your party or a luxurious nightclub for an 80s-themed bash, Tagvenue is here to help you with some quirky and elegant options. Start your search and discover the best places for a birthday party today!

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388 Birthday Party Venues in Chicago, IL

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Birthday Party Venues Rental Guide

Despite its reputation as a windy city, Chicago boasts wonderful weather in the spring and summer, making it the perfect time of year to spend your birthday on one of the city's finest private patios, skyline bars or any venue of your choice. If you despise the cold weather, you can celebrate your birthday in cozy private spaces such as cafes, pubs, or private restaurants. Not enough? We’ve got you covered with ballrooms for your birthday party or maybe you prefer a park?  In any case, we encourage you to open up your eyes and check out our birthday party ideas in Chicago for your big day!

Party Ideas for Your Birthday Spaces

Whether you are looking for a small birthday party venue or a hall to host your birthday in Chicago, you will find everything you need here! But how to choose a private party theme or where to go on your special day? If you are hosting a 40th birthday party or a 1st birthday in Chicago, we’ve got you covered with our top birthday party ideas to make the most of your birthday party venue!

Host a Restaurant Dinner Party

Let's start with the standard options. Private restaurants may appear to be an obvious choice when picking rooms for birthday parties but the venue you choose can have a huge effect on the overall theme or vibe of your event. For instance, if you’re someone who loves urban chic spaces, you could opt for a restaurant that provides such a setting and organize a dinner based on the same idea. You could even opt for fusion dishes that represent the city. Birthday parties don’t have to be loud or packed; if you prefer hosting a private dinner party with a few good friends, head to Pops for Champagne where you can book a private room to host your party and enjoy a variety of champagnes, the best drinks to celebrate with. This simple yet classy space will surely remind you of the good things in life! Looking for the perfect backdrop for your birthday celebrations? Go to a tiki bar if you’re having a luau-themed party, or to Carnivale if you were born in November! That way, you could host a Day of the Dead theme party or a Pixar’s Coco-themed party if you’re hosting a birthday party for the kids in Chicago! They will surely have a blast! 

Organize a Themed Birthday Party in a Garden

Host a private tea party in a garden and pretend that you’re in the Royal Kingdom! A little bit of extravagance certainly couldn’t hurt on your special day. If you love brunches, why not host a private garden brunch with delicious red velvet cupcakes on your birthday? Think pastel colors and mini desserts! You could even host a Veuve Cliquot Polo-inspired party and get everyone to put on their best attire just for you! If you think you won’t be able to handle all the organization, just ask your friends or the birthday venue manager to assist you with the planning.  If you want your soiree more special, consider renting a private hall for the birthday party or a private bar birthday package to make sure the beer taps are open and the appetizers are on the house!

Sail Away on a Yacht

Picture yourself with a glass of Dom Perignon by North Avenue Beach. It feels pretty amazing, doesn’t it? Then why not turn this thought into reality by renting out a private yacht? Yachts are among the best places to celebrate a birthday in ChicagoYachts are excellent for breaking away from the daily routine and enjoying a day full of relaxation. It’s also an epic way to celebrate a milestone birthday like a 30th birthday or a 60th birthday party! Whether you’re planning to move around like an explorer or stay in one place and admire the blue sea, you can spend your birthday however you like on a yacht. Sounds expensive? It doesn’t have to. Celebrating on a yacht doesn’t require you to go broke in a day! You can find plenty of affordable outdoor private birthday venues to rent for your fete in Chicago! Instead of a yacht, you can always go for something cheaper like a motorboat or a catamaran. You could even let yourself be carried away and ask everyone to wear sailor costumes or whatever suits your fancy. The feeling of being free in the open air will surely be more than just another memorable experience. 

Rent a Patio or Terrace and Enjoy the View

Patios and terraces are fantastic spots for hosting a birthday party in an outdoor setting. Many birthday party spots in Chicago provide access to beautiful private patios that will make you thankful that you’re turning a year older. With lush greenery, elegant chandeliers, and the prettiest alfresco gatherings, patios are not only excellent spots for pictures, but they are also commonly attached to reputable eateries. Terraces and patios are definitely places to consider if you’re planning an event in style and want to host a cocktail for your birthday or even a small party! If you’re looking for an outdoor Chicago party space where to have happy hours or birthday dinner parties, consider private venues like the Rooftop Lounge - Workbox - River North, a chic rooftop terrace that offers a breathtaking view of the River North district - something that could make you feel like a celeb in no time. Looking for something cozier that puts you and your guests in a relaxed atmosphere? The Patio Area at 99 Perspectives Studio might be just what you need- this elegant spot with green grass carpet and astonishing views over the city is great for spending the evening partying while watching the sunset!

Make It Classy and Hire a Waterfront Venue

Fact: There’s no shortage of private waterfront birthday venues in Chicago. These private celebration spots, located on sandy shores, are great for celebrating an intimate gathering or hosting a birthday bash. Whether you're celebrating a quinceanera or your 30th birthday, hosting your birthday at the beach is surely a stylish and classy way to begin your new year! To make your event extra special, you could always have the venue manager assist you with a special birthday menu with some of your favorite dishes. From intimate gatherings to large birthday parties, Chicago has many amazing private birthday party venues for hosting an event along Lake Michigan or Ohio Beach.

Keep It Simple but Fun by Hosting Your Birthday in a Park

If you’re running out of birthday party venue ideas for your event, why not pick your favorite park and rent a private venue to host your birthday party? You could do anything from a picnic to a birthday party filled with games and fun. The advantage of hosting a birthday party at a park is that you don’t have to worry about the space, and the gorgeous surroundings are usually enough to entertain your guests. If you’re hosting a toddler’s birthday party, you can be assured that the kids will be exhausted by the end of the day due to the number of activities that they can indulge in while hanging out in the park. With its exquisite landscaping, Millennium Park is probably one of the prettiest parks in Chicago. If you’re trying to host a low-budget birthday party, just make sure you check with the local authorities to see which spots can be rented for your event! Don’t want to be amidst the crowd but still enjoy the park? You can find anything from private rooftop terraces to glass wall venues in many Chicago parks and even in Millennium Park, one of the prettiest spots in the city of Illinois!

Go On A Beer Tasting Tour

Running out of ideas and time to plan your birthday party? Breweries are probably one of the safest private event locations for you to get wasted without an ounce of guilt! With the range of local and imported beers available in Chicago, no one can blame you for getting tipsy on your birthday! Breweries are a great way to spend the night out with your friends without having to overspend. With places like Innjoy Wicker Park, you can rent a spot for only $36 per person and taste some delicious craft beer in a lively atmosphere! In addition to that you can invite up to 125 people for your birthday party! Make it big, but affordable! For something more intimate, you can consider private spots like Peggy Kinnanes Irish Restaurant & Pub, a newly established pub that focuses on adding the Irish spirit in everything it does! Or you simply grab a few pals and go on a beer tasting tour at the Pilot Project Brewery, where you can capture the spirit of start-up breweries and help support the newcomers to the industry!

Go on A Wine Tasting Mission

A difficult mission indeed, particularly for wine aficionados. You can get your hands on all types of wine in Chicago with the array of wine bars to choose from. Lake Square, Lincoln Park, and Lake View have many options for you to indulge in some vino. Whether you’re planning an intimate party or a shindig for the occasion, you can surely have loads of fun at wine bars. With many private bars originating from the Prohibition era, you can surely get a taste of  some unique local specialties on your birthday. Moreover, you will be served a lot of delicious food like salami and sushi to pair with your wine at most bars- so it’s not only about getting tipsy but also about treating yourself. Another huge advantage of hosting your birthday party at a bar is that you can surely make some new friends in the city-after all, a good glass of wine is all it takes for the talking and birthday party to start! 

How to save on your birthday party venue?

Host the event during the day

When you’re planning a smaller event, you have to think about making the experience unique while keeping everyone in mind! If you’re hosting a birthday party for adults, chances are that half of them will abstain from alcohol as they will be driving after the party. Sad, but great for you to save some bucks and serve a limited amount of alcohol. Instead of wine or beer, why not ask for some fresh fruit juice to be served. If you’re holding a private brunch, you can limit the number of drinks to 2-3 or provide alcohol-free options if your crew is cool with that! Hosting a birthday party during the day can help you save a lot on food expenses, as birthday dinners at restaurants and bars are frequently pricier due to the higher number of clients in the evening. A party at any time earlier can be less stressful to manage as well as cheaper. 

Keep your food and beverages tab down

You could always lower the overall cost of your birthday party venue by hosting a soiree that focuses on finger foods like sausage rolls or brie bites. Having a variety of finger foods served will not only make everyone happy but will also make your table look appealing since you’ll have a colorful table with different bites! Planning to host something even cheaper? Rent a private space to hold your event and go for a potluck- that way you won’t have to worry about everyone’s dietary restrictions and you could even allow yourself to splurge a little bit on that birthday venue space

Play your own music

Do you know that feeling when you go to a stunning birthday venue but the music ruins the atmosphere? Not great, right? So why not be your own DJ? That way, you wouldn’t have to hire a DJ for your gathering and you could play your favorite tracks, for free. And since you’re the host, everyone will simply have to love every song on your list! If the birthday location has a private room, you could simply ask them to play your music. If you’re hosting your event at a dance studio, you’ll probably have high-quality audio facilities in place, which will only make hosting the event even easier for you. If not, you could always arrange for a stereo or a docking station to Pump Up The Jam!

FAQs about Birthday Party Venues in Chicago, IL

Do all birthday party spaces in Chicago offer birthday packages?

Luckily, many private party venues in Chicago do offer special event packages that not only suit your budget but also assist you in every part of the planning. While some birthday venues might only provide the space and require you to take care of everything else, rest assured that plenty of birthday party spots in the city will be ready to cater to your special birthday needs!

Can I bring my own decorator to birthday party venues in Chicago?

Yes, you can hire your own decorator. However, you should let the private birthday party venue manager know in advance as some venues might suggest hiring an on-site decorator for your event. It also depends on whether you’re hiring only a private room or the whole space for the event at the birthday space. In any case, you should contact the event coordinator prior to hiring your decorator.

How much does it cost to rent a birthday party venue in Chicago?

Prices vary, but the good news is that Chicago has a good range of options, from cheap birthday party venues to upscale ones. Prices per person can range from $16 to $92 and upwards. If you’re thinking about renting a whole venue, budget around $2,000–$7,000+ for the hire fee. (All data according to Tagvenue.)

What are some of the best Chicago neighborhoods for booking an outdoor party venue?

While you can find many parks all over Chicago that you can rent for your event, if you’re looking to showcase the city, we suggest hosting your birthday in some of its prettiest neighborhoods like Ravenswood, Lakeview, or Logan Square. These private spaces are ideal birthday locations if you’re planning an outdoor event and want to enjoy the lush scenery before or after your celebration.

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I am so happy I chose this venue. Staff was friendly reliable and super helpful. Venue was really fun vibes. Would definitely recommend!!!!
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Booked Entire Venue at Sip & Savor - Hyde Park
This was an excellent place to host the day after a wedding coffee and pastry. It gave people a chance to see the bride and groom one last time before everyone left for their respective homes. Coffee was great, tea was offered and multiple types of pastries. I highly recommend!
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The space was impeccably clean and welcoming. The on site staff was incredibly helpful the entire time, I didn’t have to worry about anything. My guests commented many times on how they loved the space and the aura it lent to the celebration. I would absolutely recommend this space!

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