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Planning a meeting in Cambridge and need to hire a venue? Head over to Tagvenue for a great selection of the best professional meeting spaces that the city has to offer.

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Meeting Rooms in Cambridge FAQ

How much does it cost to hire a meeting room in Cambridge?

Hire fees for a meeting room in Cambridge start at £22 per hour while per person charges start at £25. (Based on data.)

What are the most popular locations for hiring organising an offsite meeting in Cambridge?

Check the venues near Barnwell if close proximity to Cambridge Airport is important. If rail or auto accessibility is key, check the meeting rooms near Cambridge Station or closer to the downtown, and major road A603.

What is included in the price of a meeting room?

A per hour hire fee for a meeting room generally includes a certain equipment offer, including wi-fi, a flipchart, and a projector. If you are paying a per person package beverages should be included.

How do I determine the meeting room size I will need?

When planning a meeting, you will need to determine the proper meeting layout for your event. Once that is done, you can search for rooms based on the maximum and minimum room capacity for this type of layout.

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