Small Venues for Rent in Toronto, ON

Small Venues for Rent in Toronto, ON

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Top Small Venues in Toronto, ON

Having a small party doesn’t necessarily mean less fun! Quite the opposite – it will give you a chance to host an intimate gathering full of laughter and pleasant moments that everyone will keep for a lifetime. And these small venues in Toronto will be more than happy to help you organize the event you’ve always wanted. A wedding anniversary? A romantic bridal shower for a bestie? Perhaps a birthday celebration for your closest friends? Start scrolling through our curated list and pick the perfect cozy space for your event today!

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Small Venues Rental Guide

Toronto is known for its vibrant cultural scene, and that's reflected in the wide variety of venues available for your event. From historic halls to modern event spaces, there's something for every style and capacity. And don't forget about its amazing restaurants, bars and cafes that are sure to impress even the most discerning guest!

Whether you're planning a wedding, baby shower, or corporate meeting, you'll find yourself spoiled for choice when it comes to intimate spaces that can hold a small group of people. Here are some types of venues which are great for small events:

  • Party Venues. If you want to host a party, there are several types of venues which are great for small events. If you're looking for a venue that will fit up to 50 people, consider renting out a private room at a restaurant or a bar. They offer many services, including entertainment and amenities for your guests.
  • Wedding Venues. If you're planning a modest wedding, consider using one of Toronto's many small venues instead of renting a huge church or banquet hall. These venues are perfect for events with up to 100 guests. They generally have a more intimate feel than larger venues, and also include amenities like catering and entertainment packages like any other spacious venues.
  • Holiday Party Venues. Holiday parties can be held at small venues even if you are looking for something flashy. Whether you're hosting an informal get-together or a more traditional event at a restaurant, holiday parties can be held in small venues that are decorated for the season and offer fabulous catering services.
  • Corporate Event Venues. Corporate events are typically held in restaurants or banquet halls that can accommodate larger groups of people. However, many of these venues offer a more intimate space that can accommodate groups of 15 to 20 people. If you're looking for a formal corporate event, consider renting a private room at a restaurant and having your party catered by one of Toronto's many fine dining establishments.
  • Meeting Rooms. These rooms can be great places for meetings, especially if you don't have many attendees or if you don't have the budget for something bigger. Meeting rooms tend to be found in hotels and conference centres, so if you're planning on hosting a private business event then this might be something worth considering!
  • Birthday Party Venues. Birthday parties are usually held at home with friends and family around, but there's no denying that they can get messy! If you're looking for something different then why not try out one of these venues instead? Luckily there are many small birthday party venues in Toronto which offer space for up to 20 guests at once! This is a great option if you don't have many people to invite and want to keep the birthday party intimate.

Here are some tips on hiring a small venue in Toronto:

  • Choose a venue with a unique vibe you can't find anywhere else. From an intimate venue with rustic charm to one that's ultra-modern, there are plenty of options for your event. If you want something more unique than a traditional banquet hall, consider looking at spaces that have been repurposed for other uses. These venues can be a great option for your event because they might have more character and flexibility.
  • Be sure to check the venue's capacity. You want a place that can accommodate your guests without feeling too cramped. If you're having a sit-down dinner, this might not be an issue. However, if you're planning on hosting a dance party, make sure the venue has enough sitting, and space for your guests to move around. If you're planning a cocktail party, be sure the venue has an area where drinks can be served and people can mingle. This could be as simple as having a bar set up in a corner of the room or arranging for servers to circulate through your guests with trays of hors d'oeuvres.
  • Check the availability. Some venues are booked months in advance, so it's best not to wait until a few weeks before the event to make sure they're available. If you're planning a wedding reception, it's best to book your venue at least 6 months in advance. For other types of parties, 3 or 4 months is usually sufficient.
  • Consider the catering services that the venue offers. If you want to serve your own food, be sure that the venue allows outside catering and has adequate space for a buffet or other serving area. Most venues offer a range of catering services, including hors d'oeuvres, buffet tables and full-service dinners. If you have a specific food or beverage requirement, be sure to ask the venue if they can accommodate it before making a booking.
  • Check out the amenities. If you plan to have a band or DJ at your party, be sure that the venue has adequate equipment for them to use. If you're having other events at the venue, such as conferences or meetings, check if they have amenities such as a projector and screen for presentations. When planning an outdoor event, be sure that the venue has adequate shade to protect guests from the sun.

FAQs about Small Venues in Toronto, ON

How much does it cost to rent a small venue in Toronto?

Venues in Toronto come in many shapes and sizes, and the city has a wide range of rental fees. They start at $600 and go up to $1500+ for a minimum spend. Hourly charges range from $20 to $500 per hour, but it is also possible to book a particular location on the basis of per-person packages that charge between $35 and $55. (All data from Tagvenue.)

Which areas of Toronto are best for hiring a small venue?

There are many great areas in Toronto for hiring a small venue. If you're looking for an intimate space for your next event, there are plenty of options available to you. For example, the Annex is a popular area for small venues. It's home to some of Toronto's best restaurants, bars and cafes, so it's no surprise that it's also popular with hiring event venues. Another great option is Queen Street West (QSW). This area has a wide range of unique venues, including art galleries and event spaces. If you're looking for something less formal than an art gallery but still want something unique, this is the place to go! If you're looking for something a little more modern, you could try the Distillery District. Located in downtown Toronto, the area is known for its heritage buildings and cobblestone streets, making it an ideal place for rustic-themed weddings. If you're looking for a sophisticated venue, check out Yorkville. This trendy neighbourhood is home to many restaurants, lounges and high-end hotels. 

What is the capacity of small venues in Toronto?

Usually, they may accommodate between 40 and 100 people, but that solely depends on the size of the hired space. In case you don’t have the exact number of guests, most venues specify their capacity in their offers so you can determine if the space will accommodate everyone without a fuss.

How far in advance should I book a small venue in Toronto?

The earlier, the better! Due to their lower rates and different capacities, small venues tend to fill up faster than larger venues. Remember, these are highly flexible spaces that are suitable for a wide range of events, including business meetings and wedding celebrations. That’s why we recommend booking a venue at least 3 months ahead of time. And in case you're unsure about availability, contact the venue manager to learn about your options.

Guest Reviews of Small Venues on Tagvenue

Rene F.
Booked Luxe Clubhouse at Clubhouse Toronto
Emily and Her team are extremely friendly and hospitable and did an incredible job setting up the venue and ensuring that my event guests and I were comfortable and had everything we needed to have an amazing night. The space was everything we needed, and definitely worth the price.
Booked Entire Event Space! at REFLEX ENTERTAINMENT
Sami and team were great to work with! They were very helpful and easygoing. Would definitely recommend & use their venue again
Graciel M.
Booked The Chapel at Coalition Music: Music, Media & Office Spaces
Konrad was incredibly helpful and accommodating! My guests and I had a great time! The venue was perfect for what we needed and hopefully we will be back next year!
Michael A.
Booked Event Hall at Tartu College Event Space
This was such a awesome venue they had everything we needed would recommend to everyone and great staff as well it's a 5 star for me
Jos H.
Booked Media Production Studio at Media studio
The space is well put together and met our needs perfectly. Our guests kept commenting on how much they liked it! Darwin was so kind and helpful. Highly recommend!
Noella C.
Booked Penthouse Clubhouse at Clubhouse Toronto
Great multipurpose space, large open concept helpful service, provided much of what was needed for us, was flexible with timing, easy to work with. Washrooms available in room, nice window layout, kitchen space with sink, nice design/style of room. Overall very good
William C.
Booked Penthouse Clubhouse at Clubhouse Toronto
Great host, very accommodating to your every needs as well as great communication. 10/10 would book with them again
Thomas C.
Booked Main studio / Event room at Diptych Studio
Such an awesome space. Perfect for any type of gathering or event. Excellent communication by the owner and overall a great experience. Would highly recommended!

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