Corporate Event Venues for Rent in Houston, TX

Corporate Event Venues for Rent in Houston, TX

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Top Corporate Event Venues in Houston, TX

Houston boasts a great number of fantastic corporate event venues that other major U.S. cities can be simply jealous of! So whether you’re in charge of organizing an upscale event for the company, a conference, a team-building event, or a product launch, be quite sure that you’ll find the ideal space that will match your needs and your budget. And with Tagvenue’s help, the whole searching process will be a breeze! So hop on our platform, browse our curated list of the best corporate event spaces and book your favorite today!

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Corporate Event Venues Rental Guide

Are you looking for a corporate venue for your event that will help you reach certain objectives? Well, you couldn’t have found a better platform! Once you take our search engines for a spin, you’ll find an impressive list of the best corporate event venues in Houston! So start planning the details of your event because you’ll find the ideal space within minutes! 

And in case you’re green in the matter of organizing a corporate event and you’re looking for some insight, take a look at our helpful list of essential tips and make your meeting a sweeping success!

How to organize a successful corporate event? 

It’s all about the details! - Every event planning should start with a focus on the nitty-gritty details which are: type of event, date and time, guest number. What type of event are you in charge of organizing? A conference or a corporate party with team-building activities? Maybe an important on-boarding meeting? Once you know the goal, think of the best date and time. Can you be flexible with the date, or is it fixed? Being flexible will give you a chance to compare the offers and pick the best one available. Next, creating a brief guest list will give you an idea of how big of an event you’ll be organizing. At this point, it’s also worth deciding on the seating layout. Should it be a theater, a classroom, or boardroom-style seating? Choose the one that will be the most comfortable for your guests to meet the event’s goals.  

Budget is essential - Having an established budget makes things easier, trust us! So build your budget as early as possible and keep it in mind whenever you’re making any decision about venue rental, catering, vendors, etc. This will help you keep track of all the costs and reduce the risk of overspending. Always have a buffer in case you overrun the initial budget limits. For example: if your budget is $10000, try to spend about 80 percent of that sum so you can have some reserves for unexpected twists that might pop up. 

Theme the event up! - In case you’re hosting a corporate party, don’t plan to organize a boring event with a strict dress code. Try to spice things up by adding some exciting attractions and decorations. This will lift everyone’s mood and make the event memorable. Maybe hiring a live band will be a great idea? When it comes to hosting a conference, then think of inviting somebody interesting for a discussion panel. 

Find the perfect venue - Give yourself time to find the ideal space and don’t rush! Have a list of questions you’d like to ask the venue manager and don’t hesitate to ask about anything that pops into your mind. They will dispel any of your doubts concerning key points such as equipment, catering, setting, etc. Then you can make your final decision. But remember that your first-choice venue should have a location that has easy access to public transportation and parking lots. 

Agree on the catering options - A buffet, a full course meal, or finger foods everyone can grab from the table? Consider which option is the best for your event and go for it. Venues such as hotels and conference centers may have onsite catering, so it’ll be easier to pick from their menu options rather than hire an outside caterer. Whatever option you choose – an in-house or outside caterer – make sure the food options are catering to the needs of your guests’ dietary restrictions so that everyone can have a bite. 

Check the equipment - Make a list of any essential equipment you will need to run your event smoothly. Keep in mind that some venues only offer basic equipment, such as microphones, AV equipment, projectors, white boards, etc. If you require anything extra, you should discuss it as soon as possible with the venue manager to have time to organize any extra amenities. 

Send out the invitations - Make the invitations stand out! Come up with an original design that will match the event’s theme and catch the attention of those who are invited. Also, make sure they include any important information regarding the time and date, location, transport, and RSVP. If you have an event agenda, it’d be great if you included it as well. To give everyone the time to arrange their schedules to show up, try to send the invitations at least 2 weeks in advance.

See? Organizing a corporate event is not as difficult as it seems! So now take some time to consider all the essential details and, once you’re ready, start your venue hunt! But don’t forget to hop on our search engine and take a trip through our curated listings of the best venues in Houston! 

FAQs about Corporate Event Venues in Houston, TX

Which areas around Houston have the best corporate event venues?

For the best options head over to Downtown (along Louisiana Street and Main Street)  and its neighboring areas, such as Fourth Ward and East Downtown. Along with the fantastic amenities the venues have to offer, they have great access to light rail transportation and public parking lots.

How much does it cost to rent a corporate event venue in Houston?

Prices for renting Houston event venues vary depending on the prestige, capacity, and other amenities it has on offer. On average, it can cost anywhere between $100 up to $1000+ per hour.  But it’s also possible to rent a venue per day and the prices for a full buyout start at $1000. However, don’t hesitate to ask the venue managers for packages and individual offers. (All data from

What is usually included in a corporate event package?

Depending on the venue type, corporate event packages are usually priced per person and include space rental and catering (a three-course dinner, a buffet, or snacks and beverages). At venues such as conference centers or meeting rooms, the package may also include essential equipment such as microphones, projectors, notepads, pencils, white boards, etc.

How early in advance should I secure a venue for my corporate event?

The sooner the better is the ideal answer. But if you’re in a rush to find the perfect venue, don’t worry, because according to our data, 2 weeks is enough to pick from offers that should interest you. You will then have some time to compare them and pick the winner.

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