Corporate Event Venues for Rent in San Francisco, CA

Corporate Event Venues for Rent in San Francisco, CA

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Top Corporate Event Venues in San Francisco, CA

Planning a team-building event or a cooking class for your company? Corporate event venues are becoming increasingly popular for building genuine relationships in the business community. Whether you’re hosting a yearly gathering or celebrating a milestone, these events have become an integral part of office life. Pubs, bars, and outdoor gardens are some of the amazing venue types that are increasingly popular for corporate events, but so are escape rooms, restaurants, and bus parties. Don’t know where to start your venue search? We’re here to back you up with Tagvenue’s best venues and some tips to level up your event.

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Corporate Event Venues Rental Guide

Amazing ideas for a corporate event

Corporate events are a fantastic option for increasing your brand’s presence in the market and boosting your team’s morale. So why not take a look at some of our brilliant ideas for your next celebration and pick your favorite corporate venue? (Don’t worry, it’s not another karaoke or pub quiz suggestion!)

Dinner party 

Got a big contract and want to thank your people? Take your corporate event to the next level by hiring a grandiose location such as a ballroom, a private garden, or an elegant restaurant. Places like Marina Bay or Fisherman’s Wharf are ideal for warmer months when your team can take advantage of the weather. If you’re celebrating a milestone, why not organize an event with a prominent guest speaker followed by a dinner at New Dehli Restaurant in Union Square

Feel like your people could use a break from the usual 9 to 5, why not host a dinner and entertain your guests with some good cocktails and chit-chat? Nothing beats great local cuisine and a terrific ambiance. Many venues offer private dining spaces that allow you to host an intimate meal, or full-venue buyout for larger parties!

Awards night

And the award for the best event organizer goes to? You! Let’s face it, everyone loves being acknowledged for their great performance. A little bit of recognition goes a long way. So, why not shout it out to your employees and organize an award ceremony to reward them? An awards ceremony will not only motivate your guests but also make them feel valued by the company. Remember to include some fun and quirky awards along the way. To make your event more memorable, add a theme to your events, such as Oscar Night or the Grammys. That way, you could also get some magazine-worthy photos for your company’s website. Such events can be hosted anywhere, provided you can have the venue all to yourself. If you’re looking for a breathtaking event venue, consider the Crookedest Lombard MTV House a rooftop oasis in North Beach with a great atmosphere that will make your guests feel instantly rewarded. Need a bigger space? 

Sapphire Banquet Halls is a spacious and exquisite venue with a dance floor and a stage that can accommodate up to 200 guests and provides flexibility in terms of customization. Perfect for an awards night! 

Organize a craft workshop

Have a creative team at hand? Why not organize a craft workshop to entertain everyone and brainstorm some incredible ideas? Whether it’s ceramic painting or card designing, the team can have fun learning how to make something from scratch and take it home afterward. Creative activities bring colleagues together and also benefit everyone's well-being. It’s also a fantastic way to enhance the cognitive skills of your employees, such as problem-solving. From soap making to painting workshops, there are plenty of craft workshops that can be organized for your corporate event. For instance, you can organize such an event just before the holidays so that everyone can take a gift home. Remember to pick a venue that suits the crafting session. Places like the Main Hall at Trellis are great for such workshops, as they feature a curated collection of art and furniture that add a little extra artsy touch to the crafty atmosphere.

Hold a games night

Sometimes all you and your colleagues want is a relaxing evening when you can forget about your responsibilities and just have fun! Hosting a game night is easy because it doesn’t even require a special setting. You can rent out a room at a bar or restaurant with large tables and bring some card or board games. Alternatively, you can challenge the team to a few rounds of trivia and let them boast their knowledge of niche subjects and weird sports facts! There will be an added element of bond-building if you divide into teams to compete for the title of the most knowledgeable department in your company, and it will ensure everyone stays super engaged in the activity. When you want to go all out, San Francisco offers some fantastic venues with on-site entertainment. Your team can go classic and play some billiards at The Blue Light or take a trip down memory lane and indulge in virtual golf at Eagle Club Indoor Golf.

Host get-to-know-you parties every Friday 

Corporate event venues don’t have to be limited to milestones or end-of-year celebrations. Make happy hour Friday part of your company’s traditions. It gives employees a chance to relax and be themselves in a stress-free environment, far from the daily deadlines. If you don’t have the budget to rent a venue such as a pub or a restaurant for weekly events, make it a once-a-month event or simply host it at the office. If you have a sufficient budget, you can even take advantage of tastings at places like the Cafe Alma where you can organize a workshop or even play your favorite playlist. By making regular events a foundation of your workplace culture, you not only foster ongoing team building but also take communication to a whole new level.

FAQs about Corporate Event Venues in San Francisco, CA

What are my catering options when choosing a corporate event space?

Many venues in San Francisco provide catering services, particularly if it’s a restaurant. Other venues might require you to find your own caterer and may have a list of recommended vendors. Venues have a set of catering rules in place; some don’t allow external catering, and others neither provide alcohol nor let you bring your own (BYO) alcohol. You can either check the catering options of the venue when browsing on Tagvenue or simply get in touch with the event manager to discuss the options.

Do all corporate event venues offer team-building or holiday party games?

The short answer is “no”. However, most venues are willing to adjust according to your event’s needs, particularly if it is a big event. Event managers can put together a package of games for your occasion if required. If you're planning a fun event for your team, places like pub quizzes are known for their board games and quizzes. When it comes to holiday parties, many venues offer game options such as classic games or party activities. Consulting the event manager is the most straightforward way to discover the venue’s offers. 

How should I choose a corporate event venue?

When picking a venue for your upcoming event, it’s important to think about the venue space and the number of guests. The location and accessibility of the venue are two other major things to consider. If you’re launching a product, renting a luxurious location can boost your brand’s image, and if you’re simply planning a casual corporate event to thank your team, you might consider a less expensive outlet, such as a pub with a private room. Online venue marketplaces like Tagvenue make it easier for you to book an event as per your requirements.

What do corporate event packages offer?

If you’re looking for corporate event packages, you should first define the goal of the event. Whether it’s an employee recognition event or a product launch, it’s important to first define your expectations. Most corporate event venues usually provide package options on a per-person basis and cover the cost of the meal. Packages usually include three-course meals. However, depending on your requirements, venues can accommodate some of your event’s needs. Decoration and entertainment can either be offered by the spots or arranged on your own. The best option is to discuss all your options with the venue manager prior to booking.

What are some of the best corporate event venues in San Francisco?

The Spinnaker is a waterfront facility with stunning views of the Sausalito Harbor. This place is perfect for any event size and offers a varied American-Continental cuisine.

Rye Bar is a downtown cocktail lounge in an artistic setting with an entire wall filled with wine bottles. Ideal for corporate events and parties.

Amber India is a fancy location carefully designed by professionals that serves a customized menu by a chef, everything just a short walk away from Union Square. The perfect place for celebrations.

How much does it cost to rent a corporate event venue in San Francisco?

The price for renting venues depends on the location, in-catering services, amenities, and popularity of the venue. To benefit from the best prices, it’s better to rent out the venues on weekdays, where the price is usually lower by $500 to $1,000, if not more. Budget between $1200 and $26,500 for hiring a venue for around 7 hours. (All data from Tagvenue.)

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