Large Event Venues for Rent in Los Angeles, CA

Large Event Venues for Rent in Los Angeles, CA

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Top Large Event Venues in Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles offers an impressive array of large venues that are perfect for your next not-so-small event! It doesn’t matter if you’re planning to host a corporate event, a lavish wedding or an awards ceremony, the city doesn’t fail to live up to any of the requirements you may have. Thanks to our smart search filters, finding large venues in Los Angeles has never been easier. Have a look at our selection of places around the City of Angels, pick the one that serves your purpose the best and start planning your event straight away!

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Large Event Venues Rental Guide

In a big city like Los Angeles, you will have no problem finding a large venue to throw your event in. The city offers an amazing range of venues, and you are sure to find something that will suit all of your needs, whether you are concerned with location, decor or cuisine.

Despite popular belief, not every huge (and successful) event has to cost a fortune. Whether you’re organizing a conference, a product launch or any other kind of party, there are plenty of ways to plan a fantastic event and not break the bank. We’ve jotted down a few tips that hopefully help you prepare for your upcoming event without any stress.

How can I host a large event on a budget?

  • Plan early. When should you start looking for a venue for your event? The earlier the better. We suggest you book the venue for your event 6 to 8 months in advance - this will help you figure out every detail without any rush. Once you have a good understanding of your budget, the size of your guest list and space requirements, you can start the planning process. Cheaper venues often fill up quickly, so getting that booking secure is especially important if you’re looking to build an event around little cash flow.
  • Location. It’s incredibly important to choose a location that will be easily accessible by the attendees. If it’s a local event for a neighborhood crowd, consider looking for a venue within a reasonable distance from their homes or places of work. If, on the other hand, most of the guests are coming from outside of town, go for a place close to the airport or the hotel people will be staying in.
  • Extra fees. Before making up your mind and booking one place, consider all of the additional costs that may arise with the rental. Especially if you’re working with a limited budget! Before signing the contract, here are a few things you should inquire about. Firstly, ask whether you’ll be able to choose the vendors yourself or the venue is working with specific companies. If you’re planning to serve alcohol, find out if you’ll have to buy it from the venue (in such case, it’s possible you’ll be paying a steep markup or whether you can provide your own drinks). Make sure you’re aware of what exactly is included in your rental fee and for what you’ll be paying extra.
  • Catering. Consider having a buffet for main dishes and desserts as it is less expensive than a sit-down meal. This is a great option for events that have a large number of guests. All you have to do is select the items to be served and prepare them on a large table. You can also opt for a passed-tray service. This is a flexible choice that’ll cater for all of your guests’ needs. If you want to serve fancy food (whilst staying on budget), ask your caterer to serve lobster tacos, steak bites or crab-stuffed mushrooms. You’ll be buying smaller quantities of these items, so the price will be much smaller than if you were to make it into a full meal for everyone.
  • Sponsorships. Look into gaining some sponsorship to help out with the costs of the event. Think over how beneficial it could be and how much it could lower your expenses. We suggest you plan what you’ll be using for the event, think through which other companies could also benefit from your event (and the exposure they’ll get) and reach out to any that you’re interested in to see whether they would like to collaborate with you as well.
  • Negotiate. The first offer doesn’t have to be the last. In fact, very often it’s a really bad deal. This is why you shouldn’t be afraid to negotiate and talk through each detail of your contract. There is no harm in asking for a better offer or something complimentary either from the venue or any of the vendors. Another useful tip is to do market research before booking the place. Get familiar with market averages in the area you’re interested in, gather all of the information and start negotiating with confidence. There are no lost battles, only wins - you may be able to get a great package deal or a discount from one of your vendors.
  • Music. It obviously depends on the kind of event you are organizing, but let’s be honest: music is an inherent part of a successful event. We recommend getting a DJ to take care of the entertainment during your party! DJs will play the tunes of your choice, entertain the attendees and create the vibe you have envisioned for your event. What’s even better, they are usually much more affordable than live bands - they can be less than half the price of the live group of musicians.

FAQs about Large Event Venues in Los Angeles, CA

What kinds of venues are considered ‘large venues’?

Large venues are places where huge and important events take place. They include ballrooms, banquet halls and generally large event spaces. They can accommodate all kinds of big events, such as conferences, award ceremonies, galas, exhibitions, product launches, balls, fundraising, and many more.

How much does it cost to rent a large venue in Los Angeles?

No matter your budget, you will be able to rent fantastic large venues in Los Angeles that will suit your needs. Typically, fees for renting one start around $1500 and reach as high as $4000 per day. If you choose a place that charges per hour, expect prices to range between $125 and $3000. Some places offer special packages with prices varying from $2000 to $5500 per session or from $42 to $78 per person. (Based on data from Tagvenue.)

Where in Los Angeles can I find the best large venues?

Wherever you are in LA, there is at least one large venue that you’ll love to host your event in. Most of the well-known party hotspots can be found around areas such as Hollywood, Santa Monica and Beverly Hills. We suggest you also check out Downtown LA filled with venues ideal for hosting big productions and events. Places located around Long Beach boast large spaces and fantastic views.

Can I rent an outdoor large venue in LA?

Yes! The City of Angels is filled with fantastic venues for your dream event in the open air. Bonaventure Brewing Co.’s Outdoor Garden can accommodate even 300 guests for your party in the heart of Downtown LA. In case you’re looking for somewhere with great views of the Long Beach Marina, check out the Port Side Patio at Ballast Point Brewing.

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