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Top Bars with Private Rooms in Chicago, IL

Planning a party with a few drinks? Then why not check out some of Chicago’s fantastic bars! They have everything you need: atmosphere, delicious food and a wide selection of beverages to choose from  (not only their famous Old Fashioned!). They’re suitable for so many of life’s important events– from birthday parties, engagement parties, bridal showers to even private weddings and many more! Check out our listings below for some of Chicago’s most amazing bars with private rooms, and book your favorite with no fuss!

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Bars with Private Rooms Rental Guide

Although Chicago boasts a pretty good number of great bars, you may not think of them as a first choice when planning an event in a private room. We generally associate them with being spaces everyone visits to wind down after a long day of work and hang out with friends. While this is certainly true, also keep in mind that they’re fantastic and versatile spaces that can be the perfect place for a celebration! 

So if you’re looking for a space for your event, then why not host it in a bar! The city’s bar scene is packed with bars with private rooms that will give you all the space and privacy you need to enjoy your time with guests. And here on Tagvenue, you will find the best ones that suit your needs and wallets. 

 Still in doubt whether a bar is a good fit for your occasion? Then have a look at our short list of the types of bars with private rooms you can rent in Chicago. 

What kind of bars with private rooms can I find in Chicago?

Classic bars - There is something magical about classic bars, no doubt! These old-fashioned yet elegant spaces with atmospheric lighting, shiny bar tops, and wooden stools offer a welcome vintage vibe that can enhance any event.     

Themed bars - Bars in Chicago offer fantastic furnished and decorated spaces in different styles, so why not use them to bring a special tone to your event? Do you have a particular party theme in mind? Then be quite sure that you will find the bar with a decor that matches! Themed bars are extremely fun and renting one will definitely bring some unmistakable elements to your event. Just imagine sitting in a space that will take you straight to the Tropics while sipping drinks from a real tiki bar. Or jump into the rabbit hole and be served by a White Rabbit! Cool, right?! 

Rooftop bars - There’s nothing more enjoyable than sitting in the fresh air and sipping crafted drinks! Having a party in a rooftop bar will guarantee your guests will have a whale of a time mingling and enjoying the Chicago skyscrapers shining brightly at nighttime. These spaces are extremely popular on warmer days of spring and summer, so if you’re planning an event at that time, secure one ASAP as they fill up fast.  

Speakeasy bars - Rent a private room in a Speakeasy and you’ll definitely be enjoying a 1920s vibe! With their secret entrances, it is extremely fun to discover them in the sea of buildings. Trust us, sipping drinks will be a little bit more exciting, as these bars mimic the illicit and hidden bars that once sold alcoholic beverages illegally during the Prohibition Era. We highly recommend to feel the unique vibes these venues offer at least once in a lifetime. 

Karaoke bars - Many bars, except for offering fantastic drinks and foods, are specialized in providing karaoke entertainment. Why not use it to your advantage? Take your guests for an unforgettable night of singing 80s hits or any type of music you prefer while savoring delicious drinks and snacks. After a few drinks, everyone’s a singer and wants to show off their vocal skills. Karaoke bars are perfect hangout spots for breaking the ice with recently met coworkers, or celebrating successes by singing along to ‘We are the Champions’!

To sum up, hosting an event in a bar can be as exciting as in any other venue. Chicago’s bar scene is amazing so finding the perfect space won’t be a hassle. However, to make sure that the one you’ve chosen is the right fit for your event, always keep a few key elements in mind. 

Firstly, establish your budget and check whether the bar rental will be within your price range. Don’t hesitate to send enquiries to the venue manager, asking about an individual offer, as well as discussing any late fees and unexpected costs. Then think what type of event you’re aiming for. Is it going to be a cocktail party, a laid-back birthday gathering, or a corporate party? Also, think of the menu. Are you planning a drinking party only, or you would like to serve a meal or finger foods? If so, make sure that whatever food option you pick, it will respect the allergies and dietary restrictions of your guests. Determining the event type has an immense impact on what type of bar you will go for. And the last important element: set your date as soon as possible to have the best options available and ensure that you pick the ideal one.

FAQs about Bars with Private Rooms in Chicago, IL

How much does it cost to rent a bar with a private room in Chicago?

Generally, rental costs will depend on the package offer you pick, as well as the size of the place and its location. The most popular rental option is per hour rental which ranges anywhere between $80 to $2000. But it is also possible to rent a bar per person, and the prices start around $50+. (All data from

Which areas in Chicago have the best bars with private rooms?

When someone asks about a bar area, we can definitely recommend the famed Clark Street – a 12-mile long street that is home to over 200 bars. But you should also definitely look at North Milwaukee Avenue and Michigan Avenue. These are other great areas with over 100 bars where you can grab a drink or two. So plenty of options to choose from!

Can you rent a bar with a private room on the spot?

Yes, it’s possible! However, to have many more options available at your price range, we recommend booking your dream space at least 2 weeks in advance. This will give you plenty of time to reach the venue managers and compare the offers. 

What type of events can I host in a bar with a private room?

Bars are such versatile yet flexible spaces at the same time that you can host any event you’ve got in mind there. From Bachelorette parties, anniversaries, birthdays, graduation parties, and even laid-back weddings! Those are only a few of the occasions you can celebrate at the bar. And with Tagvenue and our smart filters, you will definitely find the right space in just a few clicks.

Guest Reviews of Bars with Private Rooms on Tagvenue

Katherine N.
Booked The Parlour at The Albion at The Albion Manor
The atmosphere was very warm and inviting. The room allowed those who wanted to chat to relax and space for those who wanted to dance. I appreciate that we were able to come in early and there was no rush to kick us out even though we ran over. Paul and Johanna were very helpful and attentive. Johanna provided excellent service with the room set-up and managing the bar. Overall, it was a wonderful experience, and I feel so fortunate to have found this fantastic venue.
Nina A.
Booked The Bar at Lakeview Taproom
This space was perfect for a birthday party with a large group. The space is welcoming with a modern/mid-century modern vibe. A mix of bar hightops and more relaxed seating. For my birthday, Nick was our bartender and was the nicest, most helpful. Andy help me coordinate the event and was extremely accommodating — as me and some friends got their early to decorate, bring in snacks, and get our playlist hooked up to the bluetooth speaker. Would 100% recommend — especially with the affordable price. Drinks were great, both beer and spirits.
Scott F.
Booked Entire Venue at Claddagh Ring Pub
This place was great. There was no cost to booking the party room and the staff and drinks was amazing. Great place to host a small party.
Tom S.
Booked The Bar at Lakeview Taproom
Awesome having the place to ourselves and the communication with the staff leading up to the event was great. Our bartender for the night was very accommodating as well and we had a great time!
Alex H.
Booked Bar Room at Port and Park Bistro
The food was great, the space was cool, and Steve was very friendly and easy to work with. The bartender was very good. We were provided with the equipment we needed (mic). All of the guests had a great time.
Shannon H.
Booked The Bar at Lakeview Taproom
Great atmosphere with plenty of space. The drinks were well made. They have games there that you can play. A table was setup for the food. Great experience!

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