Bars with Private Rooms for Rent in Boston, MA

Bars with Private Rooms for Rent in Boston, MA

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Top Bars with Private Rooms in Boston, MA

Bars are the perfect place to get together. Whether it is a few friends getting together for some pints or for a big celebration, bars are the place to be. Boston is known for its incredible bar scene, which includes classic Irish pubs dressed in dark stained wood or sleek gastropubs. Bars with private rooms elevate your experience from a typical night out at the bar to an event with friends, family, and colleagues. Browse through Tagvenue’s incredible list of bars with private rooms and book today!

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Bars with Private Rooms Rental Guide

Bars and pubs in Boston are the best. They are the place to go with old friends and meet new ones, so why not celebrate there as well? Bars with function rooms are great places for any celebration. A function room is a place where your party can enjoy the atmosphere of the bar with a little bit more privacy.

Here are some things to consider when booking a bar with a function room:


These rooms are usually capable of hosting anywhere from 10-50 guests. Some spaces will be a lot larger than others, so when planning your party you should get a guest count to ensure there will be enough room for everything you have planned. For example, if you were to want a dance floor, it would be a good idea to get a space a bit larger than you think you might need. If it’s just seats, a headcount is a reliable estimate for the size of the space.


Room layout plays a huge role in every party. If you want more people gathered in an informal social setting at the bar, you should look for a space with fewer seats than a banquet hall. This setup is great for people gathering, enjoying a few pints, and having some snacks. On the other hand, if you are having a buffet or sit-down meal, a room with more tables and seating would be preferable. This way, people can take their time to eat and enjoy each other’s company, and if they like, they can belly up to the bar.


Price is just as important as the layout and the capacity of your room. The larger and more centrally located your bar of choice is, the pricier it will be. This being said, pubs with function rooms are some of the more reasonable party destinations you will find. If you want to keep costs down it is a good idea to consider catering yourself, seeing if the pub offers catering discounts, and limiting your bar choices to beer and wine. 


When booking a bar with a function room, you will usually be allotted a slot of about 3-4 hours minimum. If you don’t mind paying extra rental fees you may go over this time limit, but usually, this is an ample amount of time. This way, there is plenty of time for people to show up, latecomers included, time for everyone to get settled in, and even time to dance or socialize.

Here are some great uses for your function room:


Bars with function rooms are great for celebrating pretty much any birthday! They make exquisite venues for 21st birthday parties or bringing in a new decade. These spaces allow you to host all of your friends and family and provide them with great food and drinks. On top of this, there is plenty of space for a buffet or even a dance floor. Cheers!


Pubs with function rooms are great for graduations due to the flexibility of their timing. One thing is sure during graduation season, and that is that the weekends are going to be packed full of events. You can plan a nice afternoon luncheon in one of the rooms, and your guests can feel free to come and go as they please. Buffets are ideal for these parties. Additionally, everyone loves a laid-back afternoon with some food and maybe a brew.

Team Building Activities

Having fun outside of the office is a must. Pubs with function rooms are great places for you and your colleagues to let your hair down for the night. They offer a comfortable, laid-back setting where you can all mingle and have fun. Some great activities for your party are:

  • Karaoke: Who doesn’t love a good karaoke night? These are great opportunities for everyone to belt out some certified classics with each other and also open up the dance floor. 
  • Quizzo Nights: These are another fan favorite. Quizzo nights are one of the best ways to get peers to work together in the name of friendly competition. Every office will have a few history buffs and a few who know everything about the pop culture and music scene. This kind of party is a great way to strike new friendships and have an amazing night out.

Bars with function rooms are ideal spaces for just about any reason to gather and have a party. The rooms are versatile and come in all shapes and sizes, from your beloved neighborhood pub to a top-of-the-line gastropub. Boston is chock full of great places, and Tagvenue can help you find the spot that is perfect for you. So, take a look through our listings and book today! Cheers!

FAQs about Bars with Private Rooms in Boston, MA

What is a function room?

A function room is a small space for you to have a party at your favorite pub. These are great for a bit of privacy allowing you  to celebrate with your own decorations and music (and maybe even a dance floor). An added advantage is having a private bar with a few beers on tap and the ability to set up a buffet for your guests.

How can you keep costs low for a bar with a function room?

The best way to keep prices down is to seek minimum spend venues. Minimum spend venues require you to buy a certain amount of food and drinks, and you can use the space without a rental fee. Another option is to seek a space that is not in the city center or is a bit smaller in size.

What are some of Boston’s best neighborhoods for bars with function rooms?

Boston has some amazing nightlife and bars to match. Beacon Hill is an elegant neighborhood with tons of bars to choose from. The North End is also a great neighborhood to host your party with its relaxed atmosphere and central location. Finally, Downtown Crossing is a modern part of town where you will be able to find some amazing gastropubs for a more upscale night out.

Can I hire outside catering for bars with function rooms in Boston?

This will depend on the venue. Many places will offer deals on catering that come with the bar package. If this is the case, it will be easier and cheaper for you to choose this option. If bars do not have a catering option, you should seek out local caterers.

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