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Top Bars with Private Rooms in San Francisco, CA

Are you planning a holiday or corporate party? Have you ever considered bars with private rooms in the cosmopolitan San Francisco? From cozy bars with the finest cocktails to busy gastropubs that boast the finest food and wine, we’ve put together a list of some of the best bars that offer a private room that will surely make your upcoming event a little extra special! Looking for a luxurious venue by the Marina Bay or a hip bar serving the finest Negroni in Dogpatch, we’ve got you covered. See for yourself!

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Bars with Private Rooms Rental Guide

Tagvenue is your best bet for venue rentals. Depending on your budget, event size, and location, you can find hundreds of great locations that are perfect for your event using smart filters. Bars with private rooms can be hired for any occasion: a quiz night, or a birthday party, you name it! With the assistance provided by most venues, you can be sure not to worry about a thing. Plus, you can even benefit from some amazing off-season deals if you book your venue in advance.

Why should you rent a bar with a private room?

Perfect for all occasions

Organizing karaoke night? Rent a bar with a private karaoke room and personalize the event by simply playing your favorite 80’s songs. Imagine doing that at a regular bar and being booed. Not cool, right? Bars with private spaces make it easier for you to unwind and have a fantastic time with your guests, meaning you can worry less and party more! Equipped with food and drinks, these bars with private spaces can effortlessly provide you with all the necessities of a party. Whether you’re planning a discreet evening or a dance party, bars with private rooms are the way to go!

Assistance with event planning 

A major advantage to renting out a bar as a venue is that you can smoothly host your event with the help of the bar staff. When renting a bar with a private room, most venues provide the option of providing in-house catering and help with the decor or any other event needs. Venues can usually handle all types of events, from birthday bashes to corporate events and everything in between. Whether you’re organizing a big or small event, you can be sure to be in good hands. Besides, it means less fretting and more partying since you don’t have to worry about cleaning up after your guests. Many venues will even work with you on things like catering packages to provide you with the best service. So, you can be ready to fully enjoy the event without dreading being the perfect host all night long.

Live entertainment 

Lots of venues in San Francisco can accommodate live entertainment. Whether you’re looking for DJs or live bands, most bars can work on your entertainment needs to make sure that your event is epic. Many bars are popular for their live shows, such as circus shows, belly dancing, or music bands. If that’s not enough, you can always opt for karaoke bars and be your own entertainer. Private karaoke rooms are great for displaying your singing skills and for simply having a ball. You can easily find some terrific karaoke spots in Union Square or the Lower Haight. From quirky bars with on-site private karaoke rooms to vegan-friendly bars with darn good cocktails, you can be sure to host an exceptional night out. Just remember to fuel up with some tequila shots before having the time of your life!

The right amount of space

The size of a venue might seem insignificant, yet, it’s one of the reasons for renting out a space and it’s essential for creating an amazing experience for your guests. If you’re thinking that you have enough space in your apartment or company location, think again! Think of other things, such as the restroom. You wouldn’t want to see a bunch of people lined up in your apartment, waiting to use the bathroom, would you? Bars are a lot more convenient for hosting events since they allow everyone to relax and not worry about messing up your expensive suede couch! 

Bar amenities & facilities

Numerous bars offer amenities and facilities such as staffing, audio/visual equipment, and drink packages, among others. Contrary to popular belief, a lot of bars provide all the things that you may need during your event. To make the most of your options, you can always take a look at the list of amenities available to you when browsing through venues. If you’re planning a budget-friendly event, it’s best to take advantage of on-site or special catering packages. Some bars even offer welcome drinks, which instantly make your attendees feel fancy-schmancy! The good thing is that these extra options might trigger a few ideas you might not have thought of.

What types of events can I organize at a bar with a private room?

Any party that involves people over 21 can be organized at a bar, which means corporate events and social gatherings are ideal for such spaces. With that said, you can always arrange for non-alcoholic drinks for your young guests, if needed. Since you’re planning to rent a bar with a private room, it’s essential to think of all the celebrations that go hand in hand with aqua vitae, aka alcohol. Sports events and intimate get-togethers such as wedding receptions and graduation parties are some of the events that are perfect for private rooms. The other thing that should be taken into account is the capacity of the venue and the event size. Fortunately, you can find anything from small, quaint bars to bright-lit, huge bar spaces in San Francisco. Just make sure to take a look at the description of the venue once you have your list of guests!

FAQs about Bars with Private Rooms in San Francisco, CA

What are other amenities do bars with private rooms offer?

When renting out a location, consider whether you need other amenities such as a kitchen or tech support if you’re having a corporate presentation or a product launch. Another thing you might want to consider is the parking space allocated to the venue. Most venues provide a list of the amenities online, so it’s always worth checking. Numerous bars with private venues offer direct access to the bar which makes it a great location for private parties.

What types of bars with private rooms can I find in SF?

There are different styles of bars with private rooms that you can find for your upcoming event in San Francisco. You can opt for high-end bars that offer semi-private and private rooms along with a large assortment of drinks, or bars that specialize in cocktails or wine. Craft Beer Room at Willows is an ideal choice for ale-lovers, on the other hand. You can also choose a room that stands out with its decor, for example one of the spaces at Le Petit Paris 75 in North Beach. Billiard rooms such as the Billiard Room at The Blue Light are ideal for intimate and friendly gatherings and fun events. Remember, you can also opt for additional assistance from the venue manager and have your event tailored according to your needs!

How much does it cost to rent a private room in a bar?

Prices vary according to the size of the venue and other factors such as the setting, location, and reputation of the venue. Bars located in the Bay Area, for instance, are likely to be on the pricier side than those located in Dogpatch or SoMa

For an average-sized spot in popular regions, expect to spend between $26 and $4840 per session for venues with their entertainment facilities. In most cases, most spaces will require a minimum spending fee which should be covered by you in case of a shortfall. (All data from Tagvenue)

What are the most popular locations for hosting events in bars in San Francisco?

San Francisco is home to many bars with private rooms, so you can rest assured that there will not be a shortage of such venues all over the city. 

If you’re looking for fun bars, try North Beach for its vibrant nightlife. If you’re a cocktail person, Union Square is the place for you. Looking for a vintage bar or an eclectic one? You can find them all in areas like Tenderloin and Fisherman’s Warf. For bars where you can dance the night away, try SoMa. Whether it is in the Mission district or Hayes Valley, make sure that the location is convenient for your guests and offers the right atmosphere for your event.

What are some of the best bars with private spaces in San Francisco?

Entire Venue at Novela is a beautiful, light-filled bar with two private rooms and access to the bar that will surely thrill your guests. This bar offers a wide range of food and cocktail and allows you to bring your own catering if wished.

The Officer's Club at Toy Soldier is located in the heart of San Francisco.It's a speakeasy bar decorated in a classic bar style: it features velvet couches, high-top tables and an authentic collection of beers. The Officer’s Club is the perfect venue for parties, meetings and first dates.

Le Souk Supper Club at Berber boasts a beautifully designed interior and exclusive atmosphere. It's located on Broadway, in the heart of the city, and is ideal for corporate events and special celebrations. This delightful venue offers North African cuisine, delicious drinks, and even private cirque shows!

Guest Reviews of Bars with Private Rooms on Tagvenue

Allyn M.
Booked Entire Bar at El Lopo
El Lopo hosted our Wedding After Party. We chose this bar because it matched the look and feel of our wedding vibe. The ambiance is delightful. We are lucky to have found a unique Spanish Tapas Bar with fanatic sherry cocktails. Daniel (the owner) is knowledgeable and helped design the perfect menu for our guests. He met with us before our party and stayed in communication leading up to the event. His staff was very flexible, accommodating, and easy to work with. We selected potato empanadas, charcuterie, and heirloom tomato toast, and when we arrived, all the tapas were displayed for our guests to enjoy. I recommend booking your next event at El Lopo. <3
Leslie C.
Booked Lounge & Bar at Le Petit Paris 75
Highly recommend! The venue was clean, classy, and the service was great. They had signature drinks that everyone loved and the owner was very responsive and helpful throught the planning process
Yves-Olivier M.
Booked The Canteen at Toy Soldier
Johnny is so flexible and easy to work with. Brendan the bartender was level-headed and made great drinks all night! The space is huge and has a great sound system, the food was good, and the location was easy to get to!
David Z.
Booked Private Event at Barley
Super easy booking process, space had awesome vibes, friendly staff/bartenders, great sound system -- perfect for a birthday celebration!
Keziah B.
Booked Whole Venue at NocNoc
Rahmat was so kind and accommodating, everyone loved how unique the venue was and Rahmat went above and beyond to help me make our holiday party a success. Thank you!!!

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