Bars with Private Rooms for Rent in Washington, DC

Bars with Private Rooms for Rent in Washington, DC

Grab a beer in one of the city's nicest private spots!

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Top Bars with Private Rooms in Washington, DC

Searching the web for D.C.’s best bars, but tired of sharing spaces with strangers? Our sixth sense is telling us that you’re looking for bars with private rooms in Washington, D.C. And if we are correct, then surely you will want to check out our website for the best event spaces in the city. D.C. may be known for its political side, but to be fair - the beverage and cocktail options also don’t disappoint! So, if you're looking for bars with private rooms in Washington, D.C., keep scrolling for the finest deals online. We offer some additional info on Washington as well. Trust us when we say that we don’t disappoint!

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Bars with Private Rooms Rental Guide

Washington is here to knock your socks off with fabulous party options. Whether you’re planning on staying low-key, or want to go all in, Tagvenue has prepared offers which will be perfect for your night out. Bars with private rooms have been rising in popularity in recent years. The option to hang out with mates, or chill after work in a private space is one of the most comfortable yet. D.C. has offers that will have your guests high-fiving you for the amazing party, for weeks to come. Knock back a pint or five, and dine finely in Washington’s bars. The beverage and dining options with have your taste buds wanting more, and the bars’ atmosphere will only reel you in for a great night to remember. 

Food and beverages in Washington, D.C.

Washington is known for its many delicious food and beverage options. When in doubt, check with the manager if they have any signature dishes. Despite the fact that Washington doesn’t actually historically have any original dishes or beverages, throughout the years the city’s cooks and bartenders have perfected their craft with many foodie options. Look particularly for the Half Smoke, which to people outside of Washington will be surely something new. It may not sound fancy but is definitely delicious. Quite similar to a hot dog, but usually half pork and half beef, smoked, sprinkled with herbs and has chilli sauce on top. What else can we recommend? Well, Washington is not NYC when it comes to pizza, but it certainly has a great selection of yummy toppings. A craft beer and a jumbo pizza slice? We’re getting hungry just thinking about it! Georgian dishes have become quite popular in D.C., so if you have the opportunity, absolutely go and try Khachapuri with one of the delicious fillings. We recommend a cheese and ham-filled one - traditional always tastes best! What else can you have? We smell chicken wings with Mumbo sauce. The sweet and tangy red-orange sauce is a Washington staple. Last but not least - the Peruvian chicken. This perfectly roasted chicken with a crispy coat is bound to make you want more. Pair it with a delicious drink, like the Mint Julep, and enjoy your evening at one of Washington’s bars. 

Bars with private rooms in Washington, D.C.

You’re looking for a quirky place to stay, and we have options which will impress your mates, co-workers or whoever it is that you plan to bring. Rent an event space in one of these fantastic locations:

  • If you’re up for a refined yet relaxed vibe, then we have two ideal private rooms just for you. Feel like you’ve gone back in time and sip on those amazing cocktails while enjoying some exquisite tartare or pasta at Donahue. Located in Glover Park, this one-of-a-kind venue has two perfect small party options. Rent the Bar Area if you’re in the mood for soft lighting and intimate space, or Lounge for a slightly larger gathering. 
  • Are you hosting a bigger party, and need a beautiful space with a prime location? Public Bar Live is the ideal venue for you. Located in the convenient Dupont area, within walking distance of the red line, making it easily accessible for guests. It offers a variety of spaces for any occasion, including the Mezzanine section which fits up to 175 people standing and a Terrace, which can accommodate up to 250 guests. These spaces are equipped with all the necessary amenities, including audio-visual equipment, comfortable seating, and a private bar. The venue's professional staff is dedicated to providing exceptional service and ensuring that your event is a success. It's known being one of DC's largest sports bars, making it perfect for sports enthusiasts. Its focus is on delicious food, company and music which makes it the ideal venue for any party or event.
  • Are you searching for something a little more laid back? Perhaps the Clubhouse Room at Sudhouse D.C. will be more up your street. A full bar, TV and Audio System, private restroom, photo booth and foosball. If this doesn’t say wind down and relax, we don’t know what will. Find it in Cardozo, right by the metro station. 
  • Step into Johnny Pistolas, the ultimate LA-style taco haven, where Adams Morgan's hipsters and D.C.'s elite unite for tantalizing tacos, bodacious brews, and covert cocktails in secluded splendor! There are 50 places available when seated, and 60 when standing.

Does the above selection of venues sound good to you? Yes? Fantastic, because that is only the beginning of the options here at Tagvenue. Make sure to explore the rest of our page and compare the venues in order to pick the ideal one for your beautiful evening in Washington, D.C. 

FAQs about Bars with Private Rooms in Washington, DC

What’s the price range of bars with private rooms in Washington, D.C.?

The minimum spend ranges between $250 and $7,000. The venue capacity is a leading factor here. With venues that are closer to a 100 people capacity being more expensive. Consider booking venues that offer a price-per-person option if you’re booking a smaller party. (All data from Tagvenue.)

How many guests can I invite to bars with private rooms in Washington, D.C.?

Private rooms start at a capacity of 10 people. It’s cozy, it’s intimate and great for friends and family. If you prefer something bigger, then consider private rooftops and lofts which offer venues at 100 to 120 spaces (usually when standing, sitting will be slightly less).

Are there BYOB options in bars with private rooms in Washington, D.C.?

Talk to the manager about your options. Quite often venue managers do not have a problem with BYOB, however there may be a corkage fee which you might have to pay. Calculate which option is more affordable for you.

What can I visit in the area of the event space I am renting?

Depending on the whereabouts of the bar, you will have to check which district you are in. Washington has attractions spread out all over the city, so if you have time, go check out the White House, the US Capitol or the Memorials (like the Lincoln Memorial). Visit the beautiful parks, take a stroll near the river, or go and check out the Washington skyline.

Guest Reviews of Bars with Private Rooms on Tagvenue

Ima M.
Booked Full Buyout at Howl at the Moon, DC
Great venue, great location and great service. Everything was super organized from Meg's end so it was a very easy job for us to host a wonderful event.
Aven P.
Booked 1st Floor at Johnny Pistolas
This was such a great experience. All of the staff was so accommodating and nice. All of our guests had a blast. We will definitely be renting this out again!

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