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Top Unusual Wedding Venues in Manchester

Are you looking for a wedding venue as unique as you and the person you will marry? Manchester has a lot of unconventional wedding venues for you to consider. At Tagvenue we understand your unique, and sometimes quirky needs. That’s why we list all of the unique places where you can get married. Are you a soccer fan who’d love to get married in the Old Trafford? No problem. Let’s find out which weird and quirky wedding venues fit your needs!

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Unusual Wedding Venues Hire Guide

Did you find the venue you’re going to rent for your wedding, but want to make sure you didn’t miss anything? Keep in mind the following details:

  • Licences – Be aware that certain licences are required for a wedding. Make sure the venue you are considering has the necessary licences. For example, make sure the site has a wedding licence. Another critical licence that may be needed, especially for alternative weddings in Manchester, is alcohol licence.
  • Catering – Do you want the in-house catering team to handle everything for you or are you going to organise it yourself? Also, look at what the in-house catering consists of and if you can bring anything yourself. Some places don’t allow you to bring your own (BYO) alcohol.
  • Capacity and setting – It’s important how many guests fit into the venue, but that depends mostly on how you’re going to arrange everything. Classroom style (most used for weddings) already cuts the overall capacity in half. Make sure you look at the available layouts and which best fits your needs.
  • Accessibility – Last but not least, there might be a lot of guests who come by car. Some unconventional wedding venues in Manchester include on-site parking facilities, but others don’t. If most of your guests travel with public transportation, make sure the place is close to a train, bus or tram stop.

The cost of renting a unique wedding venue in Manchester depends on the pricing model. Tagvenue provides a clear overview of the various prices below:

  • Wedding offer – Some venues offer packages for special events like weddings. In Manchester, the prices start at£500 for the room fee and £1887 for the package that includes a full day room hire, arrival drinks, half a bottle of wine per person, three-course breakfast, disco, and free parking.
  • Minimum spend – Spend a minimum amount at the bar and you get the venue for free! The minimum spend rates for Manchester wedding venues start at as little as £500 per session.
  • Hire fee – Hire fees for unique and quirky wedding venues in Manchester vary from £30 per hour to £1995 per day.
  • Per person package – Packages per person vary from £19 to £54 per guest per day.

Still have some questions roaming in your head? Here are some questions and answers that can help you out:


Unusual Wedding Venues in Manchester FAQ

How do I know if the wedding venue will be available on the date I want?

You should pick the date you want before you look into more specific details of the venues. If you don’t know the date yet, you can ask if the company will hold certain dates until there’s interest from someone else, or ask if you can arrange things with a deposit.

Can I play music at the wedding reception?

The answer to this question varies per venue. Some allow loud music/events, others don’t. If you want music, make sure you check if the place has equipment available for you to use.

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