Winter Wedding Venues for Hire in Manchester

Winter Wedding Venues for Hire in Manchester

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Top Winter Wedding Venues in Manchester

Dreaming of a winter wonderland wedding? Manchester is the ideal setting, with its picturesque snowy landscapes from Whitworth Park to St Peter's Square. Dive into Tagvenue's selection and discover a world of cosy winter wedding venues, perfect for your chilly-season celebration. From historic townhouses in Stretford to charming banquet halls in Ardwick, our platform offers something for every winter-loving couple. Warm up your wedding planning with our intuitive search filters and comprehensive listings. Let's create a winter wonderland with the perfect wedding venue in Manchester!

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FAQs about Winter Wedding Venues in Manchester

How do you prepare for a winter wedding?

  • Embrace the seasonal décor: Winter wedding venues often feature natural elements like fireplaces and wooden beams. Complement these with snowflakes, icicles, and pinecone decorations.
  • Be ready for the weather: Ensure that the chosen venue has effective heating systems and insulation. If parts of the event are outdoors, provide patio heaters.
  • Consider accessibility: Snow and ice can make transportation challenging. Ensure the venue has clear paths, covered walkways, and possibly nearby accommodation.
  • Highlight seasonal views: Manchester's winter can be beautiful. Select venues with large windows or open spaces that showcase the winter landscape or cityscape. For example, Lower Quays at Copthorne Hotel Manchester has a beautiful open space, perfect for a winter wedding. 
  • Intimate settings: Winter is synonymous with intimacy. Opt for venues with smaller, cosier rooms, like The Drawing Room at Manchester Hall, which can be perfect for winter weddings.
  • Comfort amenities: Check if the venue offers features like indoor fireplaces or heated floors, which can add to the winter comfort.

How much does it cost to hire winter wedding venues in Manchester?

Winter, being outside the typical wedding peak season, often provides couples with a more affordable venue option. The hire fee for a dry hire venue generally ranges from £750 to £1,500 per day. When you factor in the costs for decorations, heating solutions, and potential weatherproofing requirements, it's crucial to budget accordingly. Additionally, per person packages catering to larger audiences are available and offer prices from £25 to £75 per guest. Remember that winter weddings might also save you money in other areas, like seasonal discounts on catering or décor, allowing you to allocate a larger portion of your budget to the perfect venue. (All data from Tagvenue.)

What areas of Manchester are the best for hiring winter wedding venues?

  • Portland Street: A stylish and exclusive location, Portland Street boasts extravagant and high-end venues perfect for couples wanting a luxurious winter wedding experience.
  • Ordsall: Known for its charm, this affordable and intimate district offers cosy venues, making it an ideal choice for a snug winter celebration. It's also conveniently located close to the scenic Central Bay of Manchester.
  • Deansgate: Nestled in the heart of the city, Deansgate offers a lively ambience with its bustling streets. Its modern venues are just a short walk away from the iconic St Peter's Square, adding an urban touch to your winter nuptials.

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