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There are many different types of establishments to throw parties and events in the Manchester area. But one of the most popular kinds of venue to rent out is a bar or restaurant. Bars and pubs are convenient places to host birthday parties, reunions and any other kind of events. Bars available for private hire usually offer a room, food, drinks and desserts for your event, meaning you can kick back and enjoy the party instead of having to worry about all the details (and dishes!) Manchester has quite a few bars with private rooms available to rent. Below is our list of all the best bars to hire in Manchester.

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Private Bars Hire Guide

When it comes to the bar scene, Manchester boasts one of the best selections of quality establishments in the country! There are all types and varieties of bars to choose from in Manchester. If you’re looking for a quieter night out, then Manchester’s cosy and relaxed bars will suit you well. Additionally, there are a ton of unique and flat out wild bars and clubs in the city. Regardless of what bar you choose, finding a bar with a private room for hire in Manchester isn’t always the easiest of tasks, that’s why we made this page to help you find them! Gathering with your friends in a crowded and loud bar can be frustrating and can leave you feeling annoyed. Renting your own private party event space is a good idea if you want to have the peace and quiet you need to hear each other, or if you want the privacy so you can be the loud ones without getting in trouble!

Here are some tips from us to help you out before you book a bar for a private party:

  • How’s the food? – It is a good rule of thumb to always go to the bar you wish to host your event at and try their food before you make your reservation. A bar might talk a big game, but may not actually have a great menu. You won’t want to be disappointed by finding out the food isn’t what you wanted at the event. Besides, it’s a good excuse for going out and getting some eats on a weeknight.
  • Staff – Ask the bar if they’ll have sufficient workers on staff the night of your party. It can be frustrating to have to wait for the floor servers to make their rounds back into your private room. Most bars are willing to bring in extra staff for your event or even better bring in designated servers for your group.
  • Ask about cleanup – Most bars allow you to leave your mess for them to pick up after you’re gone. However, some bars require you to clean the space before you leave. It’s a good idea to check the bar's policy on cleanup before you reserve your party there -- after all, you won’t want to spend the night drinking only to find out you have to roll up your sleeves and work afterwards.

So how much does it actually cost to hire a bar for a private party in Manchester? We investigated for you:

  • The minimum spend rate is the most common pricing structure for hiring a private bar in Manchester. The minimum spend rate is an excellent way to pay since you don't actually pay for the venue itself, you just commit to buying a certain cost of food and drinks as a group. The minimum spend rate ranges from £200-£2000 depending on the size of the space you are renting.
  • Many Manchester bars charge a hire fee for a private room hire; this is one flat rate fee for the usage of their facility. With hire fee pricing you can usually choose if you want to rent the space for a few hours or a whole night. The hire fee in Manchester ranges from £450 for a regular bar to £33000 for an entire estate.
  • The per person price structure is also regularly used by bars in Manchester. This should include food, an open bar and the venue. The per person price range for private bar hires in Manchester is £25-£80 per person.

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Private Bars in Manchester FAQ

Is it a good idea to host an event in a private bar? What are the advantages of bar venues?

Bar venues offer a convenient “one-stop shop” of sorts, where you can go to get drinks, food, games, and socialize. Renting out a room or an entire bar for your private use is no exception! You can find countless bars in any neighbourhood of Manchester that you can hire for your private event.

I am looking for a private bar in Manchester to host my birthday party. Any recommendations?

Check out some of the activity or arcades bars! There are a lot of bars to book in Manchester that offer a great experience beyond your traditional food and drinks that go really well with a birthday party!

Guests Reviews of Private Bars on Tagvenue

Noel Disbury
Booked The Loft at Be At One Manchester
Really great venue. We had a family party there with a mixed age group, 18-55. The club downstairs was an eye opener for some but we all had fun. Thanks to the servers who were on great form!
Booked Whole Venue Hire at Quarter House
Dani and the team at Quarter house were amazing! Everyone loved the venue and the staff, and we had a great event which everyone is very happy to do again with the venue!
Chrissy Worsfold
Booked Basement at Dirty Martini Manchester
A little cramped but a great party night was had by all.

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