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Hunting for a suitable bar venue for hire in Bristol? Well, whether it’s a graduation or a birthday party, Tagvenue has many venues that will be sure to please. Start your search using our smart filters and whether you are looking for a small pub in the Old City or a larger bar near the Harbourside, we can help you find what you need. Get your search started and book today!

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Bar Venues Hire Guide

Bristol is a town well known for its vibrant and exciting nightlife, so you will find no shortage of bars here, whatever your particular needs. From pubs to cocktail bars, wine bars and private bar function rooms, this city will have just what you want. Many of these places will allow you to hire the whole venue, although some can offer private bars or function spaces away from the main tap room. It’s worth noting that some locations offer live music that may or may not conflict with your plans for your event, especially if you want to have your own music or a DJ, so check with the venue manager ahead of time. 

When it comes to pricing, most bars tend to use the minimum spend model and change nothing for the venue hire. In Bristol, this minimum spend can range from£150 to £1000 per session - always check the fine print on the offer and make sure your guests are prepared to help you meet the cost. Some venues also offer a flat hire fee which can run around £400 per session and up.

Start your hunt in the Old City, in this district you can find a wide variety of pubs and clubs of all sizes to suit all tastes, some even with waterfront views. If you look south and across the river, there are some more traditional bars nestled in Wapping Wharf and along Redcliffe Way. Heading up north, away from the Avon towards Broadmead and Brandon you will encounter more venues, including The Milk Thistle, a four-floor cocktail bar with a hidden entrance which is sure to delight those with adventurous guests!

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