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Find your Small Wedding Venue in Sydney

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Top Small Wedding Venues in Sydney

Searching for small wedding venues for hire in Sydney? You’re going the right way. From top-notch restaurants with a view of Sydney Harbour and rooftop terraces in the CBD to intimate outdoor wedding venues in the suburbs, we’re listing a huge collection of the best small wedding venues Sydney has to offer. With our smart search filters, you can easily find what you need and book your perfect spot in no time. At Tagvenue we know what it takes to organise a successful small wedding – why not have a look and see for yourself?

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Small Wedding Venues Hire Guide

Organising an intimate wedding reception? You’ve come to the right platform. Sydney boasts numerous small wedding venues and we’re here to help you find and book the perfect one for your needs without any hassle! Choose from a wide range of romantic restaurants, banquet halls and gardens according to your style. Perhaps you’d like something more quirky or vintage? Browse our curated list and pick your ideal setting today! You’ll be more than happy with our options. 

How to organise a small wedding in Sydney? 

Don’t know how to start planning your intimate celebrations? Don’t stress about it. We’ve prepared the ultimate guide, so you’ll know exactly what to do. Check out our list of tips, tricks and ideas below! 

  • Write down your guest list – It’s always best to start all the planning from this step. Establishing the number of guests will help you decide on the budget and the exact size of the venue. You’ll be able to choose a space that fits perfectly and isn’t too big or too small. And that, in the longer run, will guarantee that all your guests feel comfortable and happy to be there on your big day. 
  • Try choosing an off-peak date – When you invite a small number of guests, it’s usually easy to find a date suitable for most of them. Picking a less popular date will help you cut down costs, as venue prices in Sydney tend to be much lower on weekdays and outside the peak wedding season. That way you can save some money which you can allocate to other wedding elements you’ve been dreaming about. Perhaps buying a designer tuxedo/ dress or hiring the best wedding photographer in town? 
  • Consider unusual wedding venues – If you’re expecting a smaller number of people, this means you can choose from a much wider range of potential wedding venues. You might want to consider function spaces that are not designed specifically for bridal bashes, but with your touch, they turn out to be unique small wedding venues. Or how about hiring a museum or an art gallery? Apart from offering remarkable settings, they can offer much lower rates due to the fact that they aren’t classic venues for hire. 
  • Set a reasonable budget - It's important to set a budget as it will lower your chances of overspending. Discuss with your partner how much you can pay for the whole wedding (including any post-wedding plans that come with expenses, such as a honeymoon, buying a house, and having children). Once you have the number nailed down, it will be much easier for you to determine your price range and pick a venue that you can not only afford, but one that also matches your expectations. 
  • Consider the menu beforehand - What’s the rule of any wedding? Ensuring that no one leaves hungry! Decide what type of food you’d like to serve at the reception. You can personalise it to your love story and include entrees or finger foods that are significant to you. Or choose something that you know everyone loves. Perhaps you’d like to surprise everyone with evening food, or desserts served straight from a food truck? Having a general idea of the menu you’d like to serve will help you choose a venue that will cater to your needs and make the dining experience extraordinary. 
  • Take your time - Remember: time is on your side! So don’t rush all the decision-making. Start wedding preparations at least a year before the event. This will give you enough time to think through all of the important elements, such as venue options that fit within your price range. This will also allow you to compare them according to your requirements.
  • Choose a convenient location - Whether you choose a venue in your neighbourhood or across the city, make sure that it’s accessible via public transportation. Ideally, it should also offer plenty of parking for those who decide to drive to your wedding. Remember, if your preferred location is easy to reach,  you won’t need to hire transportation for your guests! 
  • Decide on a theme -  Picking a theme beforehand will guide you during the venue-search process. You’ll be able to choose spaces that will match the overall feel of your reception and offer decor that will complement your setting. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a space that doesn’t need any additional decorations and you’ll save extra money? 

Have you made some notes? Then take some time to discuss these issues with your partner and get down to planning! Remember, the earlier you start, the more time you’ll have to nail down important wedding details. Also, you’ll have many more wedding venues to choose from! So don’t wait until the last minute, and browse through our selection of fabulous small venues in Sydney! 

FAQs about Small Wedding Venues in Sydney

How much does it actually cost to hire a small wedding venue in Sydney?

The usual hire fees for small wedding venues in Sydney range between $500 and $1000 per session. When it comes to minimum spend rates, these normally start at around $1200-$1500. Last but not least, many small wedding venues in Sydney offer all-inclusive wedding packages. The cost for this option is typically between $30 and $120 per head. (All data from

What are the most popular locations to host a small wedding reception in Sydney?

Dreaming of an intimate wedding reception with a stunning backdrop to remember? We know the best small wedding venues with views on the spectacular Sydney Harbour. From the famous Bondi Beach to Tamarama and Avalon, Sydney boasts heaps of amazing beach wedding venues, perfect for an intimate, laid-back reception.  From the Inner West to Parramatta and Blue Mountains, Western Sydney has a lot to offer. It’s packed full of amazing spaces of all shapes and sizes, many of which make really great small wedding venues, too!

How do I find a cheap and small wedding venue in Sydney?

When you organise a small wedding reception it’s usually much easier to find a date that’s suitable for all of your guests. Our best piece of advice is to host your bridal bash mid-week or during the less busy months (think June and July). This decision may help you save up to 50% of the wedding venue hire costs!

What different kinds of small wedding venues can I find in Sydney?

If you’re keen on reception indoors, you can choose from different kinds of private spaces in Sydney restaurants, bars and pubs. Or why not take advantage of the Sydney weather (more than 340 sunny days annually!) and host a small outdoor wedding? Think beachside venues, gardens, woodlands (perfect for small rustic weddings) and rooftops with amazing views. Sounds exciting? We think so!

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