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Top Small Function Rooms in Sydney

If you are searching for a small function room in Sydney, you've come to the right place! Our team has found the best venues the Harbour City has to offer and compiled them all in one place. Sydney boasts a wide variety of small function rooms to choose from. The range covers hotels, restaurants, bars, historical buildings, and even boats! A smaller space doesn't have to be bland – after picking one of our venues, a memorable function is guaranteed. Browse our collection of the best spaces all over the city, from the CBD to Parramatta, and book your perfect small function room today!

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Small Function Rooms Hire Guide

Whether you’re planning a serious business meeting or meeting up with friends for an informal celebration, Sydney has all the best venues for your event. And if you’re thinking a small venue can limit your fun, think again! See our list below to learn how many different types of events you can organise in a small function room: 

Team-bonding event - Take your team out of the office for a change of scenery and organise an event to bring your colleagues together. You can come up with some fun activities, or just chat over a nice meal or a drink. Team-building meetings are especially important if you have new people joining your team or you just finished a big project together.

Our venue recommendation:

Moore Park Golf Club - this event space offers both meeting rooms and golf areas available for hire. It’s a great choice for a corporate meet up followed by a bonding session. Located in Moore Park, you and your team will be surrounded by impressive green areas.

Business meeting - Hire a small function room for expert consultations, brainstorming sessions, and other important business talks. Finding the right venue will give you privacy, but will also allow focusing on the meeting’s goal, not just on the organisational side of it. Hiring an external room is an especially good idea for startup companies who can benefit from a more professional environment. It’s also nice to meet your clients half way, if your company’s office is located in the suburbs.

Our venue recommendation:

Mantra On Kent - fully equipped with Wi-Fi and audiovisual equipment, and package per person offers, this place is the all-in-one you need for your business meeting. Located in Sydney’s CBD, it’s a great spot for all the busy professionals.

Workshops - Organising workshops in smaller groups and  smaller venues, has many benefits. A more intimate environment allows for more in-depth conversations and for the instructor to give their attention equally to each participant. Smaller groups allow for more focus and fewer interruptions while the group works. It’s a less stressful environment for participants to feel at ease with making mistakes, asking questions, and learning from each other.

Our venue recommendation:

Bustle Studio - a cosy and versatile event space, with many rooms, including a balcony, available for hire. The modern design, as well as its central location (just a short walk from the Central Station), make this venue a great spot for wellness workshops, photo sessions, and various private events.

Birthday celebrations - A birthday party doesn’t have to be big, but it doesn’t have to be boring either! Invite your closest friends or family for an intimate celebration, but choose a venue with a unique menu or fun in-house entertainment to provide a memorable experience.

Our venue recommendation:

Lock Forward at The Sporting Globe - a relaxed outdoor space will certainly serve your birthday drinks well! The venue boasts its own modern microbrewery and delicious comfort foods, so it's a unique choice for beer lovers looking to celebrate.

Cocktail party - A great, informal or semiformal, type of event that can be successfully hosted in a small venue. You can organise a cocktail party for networking, launching a product, or celebrating a special occasion. When organising such an event, it’s important to make sure the drinks served are top-notch. Don’t forget to provide delicious snacks as well!

Our venue recommendation:

Bondi Liquor Co - located in the heart of the famous Bondi Beach, this artisan distillery and bar is the perfect spot for fancy celebrations. The clean design allows you to transform the space to fit your event.

Before you decide on a particular small function room for hire, keep in mind a few of our tips:

Capacity – Small doesn't automatically mean stuffy, so make sure to match your guest number to the capacity of the function room. Everyone should have a place to sit and enough space to move around comfortably. Additionally, if people are allowed to bring a plus one, be sure to count them in.

Catering – Even a small group has to eat, so don't forget to plan food and drinks. Some venues offer in-house catering while others allow you to hire someone externally or bring your own food. The easiest way to find out what is allowed is to contact the venue manager and inquire directly. Don't forget to make sure there is enough space for placing the refreshments and for the waiters to move freely around the room. It will help you avoid any potential inconveniences.

On-site amenities - Depending on the type of event you’re organising, see if the venue you’re interested in has everything for your event to run successfully. Check for any audiovisual equipment, a flip chart or a whiteboard, and a projector if you’re hosting a business or corporate meeting. Make sure the venue provides Wi-Fi if you need to use it for your event. It’s also worth checking whether the venue has air conditioning or a good ventilation system to provide the best conditions for your guests.

FAQs about Small Function Rooms in Sydney

What are the pricing models for small function rooms in Sydney?

There are three prominent pricing models for small function rooms in Sydney. First is a hire fee that requires you to pay for a day or for an hour to use the venue. This rate ranges between $190 – $1800 and is most commonly used by hotels and boats that offer their spaces. The second is a per person rate, which typically falls between $20 – $130 per guest. Last but not least, the minimum spend pricing model is most frequently used by bars and restaurants. This option means you commit to spending a set amount of money on food and drinks. Prices can range from $250 – $2000.

Which types of small function rooms are the most popular in Sydney?

Sydney is full of spaces that will leave you satisfied. Among the most popular ones are:

  • Minimal style venues. You can't go wrong choosing a neat, professional-looking space. Simple is best when you have a lot on your plate and want the function to run smoothly.
  • Unique venues. There is more to choose from with a shorter guest-list. Smaller groups fit in places unavailable for bigger ones. Why not hire a small private boat and have an event there? Sydney is known as The Harbour City for a reason.
  • Trendy and laid-back. Tired of hiring the same old venue for all of your functions? Give it a fresh take with a hip industrial venue or a pub function room of your liking. This fresh style is sure to help you create a memorable experience for your guests.

What should I remember about when organising an event in a small function room?

While small function rooms are no worse than the large ones when it comes to hosting your event, there are some points you certainly have to keep in mind. We suggest choosing furniture that is light and easy to move around the room to adjust it to your needs. Make sure the room provides proper ventilation or has air conditioning. Minimise the decor, so it’s not overwhelming, and remove anything that will not be useful for your event out of the room.

Which areas of Sydney are best for renting a small function room?

Start your search for the small function room in Sydney’s CBD. Centrally located, it’s a great place for business and parties alike. If you fancy a historical area with a view of The Harbour, search around The Rocks and Potts Points. Look around Parramatta if you’re a fan of vibrant and buzzing neighbourhoods.

Guests Reviews of Small Function Rooms on Tagvenue

Alia H.
Booked The Glenmore Room at The Occidental
- Central location in CBD - Room size was perfect for number of guests - Freedom to decorate room however you wished
Lakeisha B.
Booked Sovereign at Castle Hill RSL
The venue, service and food were all amazing. Staff were so helpful and friendly and our day went really smoothly. Many of our guests commented on the quality of the food which was delicious, and I can not praise the staff or venue enough. All in all we are extremely happy with how our event went.
Georgia M.
Booked Creative Studio Space at San Telmo Studio
Hellen is such a legend! She went above and beyond to make this a positive experience for us, plus the space itself is so unique and homely. Couldn't recommend more. We'll be booking this regularly :)
Booked Kitchen, Dining & Alfresco at Luxury Urban Oasis
They have the excellent venue and will recommend it to my friends and family, My wife and kids love it too. Jeremiah and Janine Diestro
Tim B.
Booked Just Conquer at JustCo at Pitt Street
The room was a great size and held the 11 of us well. The cafe does great catering. Loved the coffee machine.
Casey P.
Booked Social Entire Venue at Verandah
The privacy of Social Dining was excellent, the staff were friendly and accommodating, the service was amazing. Would highly recommend Social at Verandah for any corporate or social event. Looking forward to coming back again in the future!
Brandon R.
Booked The Loft at The Dale
Spacious and unique venue with French doors that open to a lovely view of the surrounds. Staff were very accommodating, highly recommended!

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