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It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional photographer, a freelancer or a keen amateur, a photo studio will give you all the support and tools you need to create fantastic photographs and one-of-a-kind videos. Luckily for you, New York has a variety of fantastic photo studios that will ensure that all of your projects will be “magic.” And with Tagvenue’s help, finding the perfect one will only take you a few seconds. Whether you’re shooting a product, organising a big shoot or pursuing a personal project, New York City’s photo studios are waiting for you. Don’t delay any longer and start browsing our selection straight away!

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Photo Studios Rental Guide

Before you book a space for your next photo or video shoot in New York, it’s best to think carefully about your project and the sort of place that will help your creative vision come to life. In order to ensure you get the best the city has to offer, we’ve jotted down a few ideas that might make sure that your search is a successful one. 

What equipment can I find in a rented photo studio?

Various backdrops. The right backdrop is guaranteed to make the object or person you’re shooting pop. This is why it’s important the studio offers a wide selection of backdrops to choose from for your project. Most top-notch places also have a cyclorama or cyc wall installed. It is especially useful for shots that require a wide angle, such as video shoots.

Lighting equipment. Most studios will have either traditional standing umbrellas or portable circular reflectors. Both of these allow you to modify the lighting in many different ways. For portrait photography, photo studios have softboxes - their subtle light will help reduce imperfections in your subject. 

Tripods. These are must-have equipment as you’ll need them to keep your camera steady during the shoot. The most basic, yet great for all purposes, is an aluminium tripod which may even be included in the hire price. Remember that you’ll be moving around a lot in order to find the perfect angle, so make sure that the tripod you use can be set up quickly.

Props. Props can make a difference in all types of photographs. Small lights, CDs, fairy lights or disco balls will all add some unique effects to your work. Some places offer different signs that are available for various occasions, such as anniversary photos or baby pictures celebrating a certain age. You can also often find ladders in photography studios. They come in handy especially when your model is taller than you or you need to shoot something from above.

Things to keep in mind before booking a photo studio:

Studio location. This is especially important if you’ll be working with other people on a photo shoot. In such a case you should pick a location that’s convenient and easily accessible by everyone. It’s best to consider the studio’s proximity to nearby subway and bus stops, as well as connections with other areas. You may also want to check whether there are any coffee shops or nice lunch spots in the neighborhood when you need a break from work and want to get out of the studio for a bit.

The size of the space. Whether you’re shooting a product or a big group of people, the amount of square footage you need will vary. It goes without saying that you should be able to move freely in order to shoot different angles so to avoid any extraneous cost, it’s important to think carefully about the size of space you’ll need. Don’t forget that some shoots require extra room for preparations, such as a dedicated changing area or a hair and make-up station.

Your budget. We suggest you set your budget in the early stages of planning your photo shoot. This will help you determine what kind of space you are able to rent, i.e. should you limit yourself to a very basic studio or get a fully-equipped one. It doesn’t matter how big your budget is, with Tagvenue’s help you’ll be able to find a photo studio suitable for all of your needs and requirements. Just use our smart search filters, put in the necessary details and start scrolling through our amazing selection of photo studios in New York.

Extra facilities. Different projects come with various requirements. Especially if you’re shooting a fashion lookbook or a commercial, the basics provided by the photo studio may not be enough. For these kinds of shoots, a wardrobe, a hair and make-up room or a kitchen may come in handy in order to control the chaos and make sure everyone has some space for themselves. For more complex projects you may need not only a green screen but even a fog machine or special lighting effects. Plan ahead and look for a photo studio that offers exactly what you’ll need.

Additional charges. You should be aware that some additional charges may appear. Most often people are asked to pay extra for any allotted time. If you’re renting the space for only a few hours, check the studio’s opening hours and time slots. It’ll help you plan your workday and save money in case you go over the booked time. You can also rent a photography studio for an entire day to be sure you have enough time for everything. Additional charges don’t only apply to the opening hours. They may include backdrop paper, equipment rental, as well as parking spaces. The best option to avoid any surprises is to read the studio’s policies and speak with your venue manager if you have any questions. 

View the place before making the final decision! Prior to booking the space and coming in for the shoot, it’s always worth planning a viewing. This way, you’ll be able to see the space in person and check whether it matches the description from the website, assess the lighting and check out the available equipment. Once you’ve had a look around, you can decide whether the studio is the right fit for your project.

FAQs about Photo Studios in New York City, NY

How much does it cost to rent a photo studio in New York City?

Most photography studios in New York can be rented out for a few hours. Hourly rates in the city range from $30 to $320 per hour. Some places charge for a whole day rental with prices starting at around $600 and rising up to $1750 per day. (Based on data from Tagvenue.)

What are some of the best photo studios for rent in New York?

Check out some of our top picks for your next shoot in NYC:

  • Native Creations Studios - The Studio is a versatile space, and is a perfect fit for all of your necessities: whether it’s a photo shoot, film production, rehearsal or casting.  
  • Jack Studios - Manhattan-based Jack Studios offers 8 rooms providing full-service, upscale photography, video and film studios. 
  • Soho Studios - The 9 Studios NYC - No matter what you’re about to shoot, you’ll find all of the necessary equipment there, including a cyclorama wall and professional lighting gear.

Which areas in New York City have the best photo studios for rent?

Manhattan is filled with photo studios that will fulfil all of your creative dreams. You should have a careful look around Union Square, as well as in the Garment District, NoMad and SoHo. You will also be able to find top-notch creative spaces in Queens, especially Long Island City, Woodside and Astoria. The best Brooklyn photography studios are located around East Williamsburg, South Slope and Dumbo.

What is usually included in the photo studio rent in New York?

Each photo studio may provide different equipment in the rental fee but there are some basics that you can find in pretty much every one. Many spaces have various backdrops, props and lighting equipment on-site for you to use for your project. Sometimes you may also find additional facilities, such as a kitchen, makeup station or a dedicated changing space.

Guest Reviews of Photo Studios on Tagvenue

Connie C.
Booked Entire Studio at Studios by SK
SK Studios were amazing partners for our event. We hosted a photoshoot party where we hired 2 professional photographers to take headshots and group portraits for ~45 attendees. The space was perfect for our event with ample room for 2 studio backdrops, food, drinks, and even a cute "green room." Throughout the process, Spencer and Emily were very responsive and accommodating, being flexible with some of our shipments and last minute needs/requests. We recommend working with them and would definitely rent their venue again for another event of our own.
Michael J.
Booked Boombox Wall at The Boombox Room Ingraham Street
Everything was great. Room has a lot to offer photo or video shoots. We would definitely use the space again. Thank you.
Sergio Z.
Booked UrbanMythStudio at Urban Myth Studio
Great space! I was able to get the shots I needed and it exceeded my expectations. Thanks to Peter for its great service!
Tom O.
Booked Entire Studio at Studio 1418
Jorg was great - being on an international shoot, he was fantastic at being available for calls across time zones before we arrived, and then was punctual and helpful when we arrived. Studio was exactly what we were looking for - we were shooting lengthy interviews, and the sound was generally good and the light controllable due to v-flats and blinds. Good studio, highly recommended.
Zhang Y.
Booked Link Studio J.C. at Link Studio J.C.
Excellent equipment and venue! Amiable owner! Help us set up quickly and give professional tips for our shooting. I will come back for the next project!
Wendi D.
Booked Cre8ive Space 3-2 at Cre8ive NYC
the building was super clean everyone was so nice things went so smooth and last Mr Orin was very nice and accommodating i definitely want to have another chance to use your facility again. i will also tell anyone and everyone about Cre8ive thanks again for everything
Sashelle S.
Booked LIGHT STUDIO NYC at Light Studio NYC Bushwick
I liked the Backgrounds & props she had ! Really made it easy to make your photoshoot if you didn’t have a set plan when you went in. I had some trouble with the backdrops and I just called her & got it sorted out she told me where to find the lights and everything. One phone call away

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