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Daylight studios in Los Angeles are honestly the best and most popular locations for professional photo shoots. In the City of Angels, you can expect to come across some of the most photogenic locations that will be perfect for whatever pictures you’re planning to take. Make sure to scroll through our list of venues, and check out the rental guide below to make the whole process of booking that much easier. We offer the best prices, and the best tips, so check out our list of daylight studios asap, and don’t miss out on the hottest locations in the city!

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Daylight Studios Rental Guide

Searching for photo shoot locations can be a boring and daunting task. Thanks to a platform like Tagvenue, however, you’re able to make this process a lot more fun and really quite easy! Not only do you have only the best and most professional options available on our site, you can filter out options according to your needs, all thanks to our search engine. Check out locations according to size, price and other special needs you might have. 

Los Angeles offers many daylight studios, with spaces perfect for creating photo shoots from scratch, as well as locations already prepared with gorgeous backdrops. We recommend black canvas studios to anyone who is not yet sure how they want to go about the creation process. A blank canvas is ideal when you bring your own props and other bits and pieces. Just have fun and play around with the space available! If the backdrop just doesn’t suit your idea, clothes and makeup, you can always opt for shooting on a blank background and play around with lighting to make the photos more interesting. There is always the option to add background pieces later on in post-production, and it’s much easier to add something to the photo, rather than take it away. So if this is the case, check out spaces such as this one. 

You might be more interested in renting a space which has a particular theme. Los Angeles offers many unique spaces, including daylight studios such as this one. It already has many beautiful customizable pieces inside and the Bohemian vibe makes it a perfect space for colorful and creative photography. If you’re searching for a place to shoot a lingerie or cosmetics collection, then you’re going to love the venue mentioned above. And if you’re looking to shoot in a studio with a sunny beach vibe, then you’re going to love the Sunny Beach Photo/Video Space at Pink Tree Studios. This space comes equipped with a surfboard, sandbox, beach balls and umbrella - all the items you will need for a cool summery shoot if that’s the look you’re going for. 


Some questions might pop into your head - why shoot a summery photo shoot inside, when you can take the photos on an actual beach instead? Well, we’re glad you asked. Despite the fact that sometimes it may seem like a cheaper alternative to shoot outdoors - it’s actually a much better option to shoot in controlled conditions. For one, you have more control over the lighting, and you won’t have to worry about weather conditions. Another plus is that you will be able to check how the photos are turning out during the shoot, and you’ll be able to fix the pictures as you go along. Renting a studio is also a perfect option for those of us who don’t have a lot of professional equipment and need to rent some more professional pieces. Many times, daylight studios in LA come equipped. Just make sure to contact the host and check what’s included in the cost and what is not.

So what are our top tips when renting daylight studios in Los Angeles?

  • Think about the budget. How much money are you willing to spend on the photo shoot location? Check the prices by the hour, although we do recommend renting the space for an entire day in case you happen to overrun on your planned schedule. If you plan to rent the space for an entire crew and models, there is bound to be some people showing up late. An entire day gives you enough time to complete everything you have set out to do in the location.
  • Think about the equipment. How much are you bringing into the studio, what would you like to rent, or what do you expect to find in the studio? Check the venue descriptions and if you’re not too sure then contact the host to know what you can expect at the location. We recommend being specific about  the type of lighting you might wish to have in the studio. Look out for backlights, flat lights, short lights, and any others that the studio might have. Check what type of diffusers the studio has (if any) and if you need to bring in a light meter. You might also want some light stands, tripods, or a computer with editing software. 
  • Don’t forget to check the capacity of the venue. How many people fit inside may also affect your choice of photo shoot location. After all, you may need a lot of people to help with the shoot as well as quite a few models. Thankfully, photo shoot locations in LA offer big spaces, which means you’ll have a lot of options to choose from!

Daylight Studios in Los Angeles FAQ

What’s the price of daylight studios in Los Angeles?

You can expect to pay an average price of $50 to $100 per hour. Thankfully, despite LA being known to be one of the most expensive cities in the US, you can always find some cool affordable alternatives which won’t have you needing to rob a bank before you rent.

What are some of the best daylight studios in Los Angeles?

You’re going to love the Vintage Pink Photo/Video Space at Pink Tree Studios. This absolutely gorgeous space is exactly what it sounds like - pretty and pink. A giant life-size teddy, and brass accents are going to make your photo shoot extra cute, yet spicy! Looking for less pink? Say no more. Take a look at Boho Desert Photo/Video Studio at Pink Tree Studios. This stunning studio is located in Downtown LA, and is available from only $79 per hour. Check the spaces and get inspired!

Should I buy insurance before shooting in a daylight studio in Los Angeles?

Shooting in a photo studio is always a little risky, things break or simply stop working for various reasons. So before you book, make sure to check out any insurance options which you will want to buy beforehand. Remember that insurance is a small, additional cost, but definitely one worth paying in case something bad happens. And if it doesn’t? Well, at least you’ll be shooting with peace of mind.

Which neighborhoods of LA offer the best daylight studios?

Los Angeles offers many locations right in the center of Downtown, making it super accessible to come and rent a perfect space. If you prefer to book something in a different part of town, head to Hollywood and North Hollywood, and if you want to, even the areas of Glendale offer cool spaces. Wherever you plan on shooting, expect to find some fab locations!

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