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Top Holiday Party Venues in New York City, NY

Is it time to start thinking about organizing your next holiday party in New York City? Don’t stress, we’re here to help you find the perfect xmas venue for your next event! We’ve compiled plenty of great spots around the city, whether you are searching for something big, intimate, elegant, quirky, affordable, or luxurious. No matter your need, with Tagvenue you can find lots of New York holiday party places without a fuss. Simply set the filters to a few most basic details, such as the date of your event, budget or the number of guests, hit “search” and scroll through our recommendations to find the perfect spot for your holiday party in the city.

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Holiday Party Venues Rental Guide

If you want to organize the best holiday bash, you’ll have to put more effort into it than just hanging a string of lights, turning on Christmas music and serving mediocre grocery store cookies. That’s why we’ve put together a few great ideas to help you create a party that nobody will forget. Elevate your get-together with spectacular dishes, bespoke cocktails, out-of-this-world decorations and lots of festive spirit. But you don’t have to stop there! If you want your party to really make a splash, have a look at our ideas below!

How can I elevate my holiday party?

  • The Christmas menu. If there is one thing that can’t be forgotten for a memorable holiday party, it’s the FOOD! Think carefully about what you would like to feast on during a Christmassy event, whether it’s finger foods or multi-course meals with mouth-watering desserts. Let’s not also forget about determining whether you want to eat traditional or unconventional dishes. New York has endless catering options, so whatever your desires (and preferences), you will find the perfect solution for your event. Plenty of venues offer in-house christmas catering with flagship dishes such as turkey or ham, sweet potatoes, stuffing and pies. If you’re an international crowd and want to eat Spanish, Asian or Mexican, to name a few other cuisines, you will have a wide range of choices. 
  • Christmas Drinks. Eggnog is a Christmas classic, so we feel like it shouldn’t be missed during a holiday dinner. At the same time, we know that not everyone is a fan of this Christmas classic. This is why we suggest you could either ask for other drinks at the venue or even book an extra mixologist to make your and your guests’ liquor dreams come true. From the traditional ones, such as Old Fashioned, Margarita, Mojito or Negroni, to those created by the bartender on the spot. You can also go for a simple glass of your favorite wine or whiskey, and if you’re not a fan of alcoholic beverages, ask for a mocktail or virgin-style cocktail. 
  • The location. The venue that you choose to host your holiday party will play a huge part in the event’s success. First of all: size matters. We suggest you think about your guest list in advance so you can be sure that you won’t book a venue that is way too small for your party. After all, you want your guests to have enough room to have fun. You should also think about how convenient it will be for your guests to reach the venue of your choice. What should you take into consideration? For example, we suggest evaluating how far it is from nearby subway stops. 
  • Christmas Costumes. It’s a holiday party after all, so why not make the most of it and plan a fun event with even cooler outfits? You can go easy on your guests and simply tell them that the party is black-tie. But if you and your guests want something more unique and don’t want the event to be like any other, go for some costumes! Ugly Christmas jumpers could be a theme. Or make it a Florida-style holiday party and dress in the most summery shirts you own. You can also go a bit extra and make the event a dress-up one. What are you dressing up as? It’s all up to you! Need some inspiration? Go for characters from your favorite Christmas movies or people from pop culture that you associate with the holidays!
  • Christmas Photo session. You obviously want to capture the unforgettable moments of your holiday party and there’s no better way to do so than hiring a professional photographer! After all, you don’t want to be bothered with taking photos and missing out on any of the fun (not to mention the amount of pressure you could feel from other guests to take amazing photos). New York photographers offer both photo and video services so you’ll have those special moments saved in different formats. You may either show them off on your social media feeds or keep everything to yourselves and perhaps organize another party where you can reminisce, exchange comments and continue the fun online.
  • Christmas Decorations. It is a truth universally acknowledged that a holiday party can’t do without fantastic decorations. Your theme will truly come alive with great decorations - at least, as long as they match it. You don’t have to go over the top - you could simply hang up mistletoes, string lights, put up a Christmas tree and the setting will already be special. Decorations could especially elevate those blank canvas venues. In New York, you can rent lofts or penthouses for your holiday party and you guessed it right - they will probably need a bit of a Christmassy touch to make them look festive and magical. We’ve already talked about the food so we should also mention the table decor. Definitely go for it! Prepare holiday napkins, a table cloth, then throw some tiny trinkets on the table and you’re ready to go.
  • Christmas gift exchange. Christmas is the season of not only celebrating but also of giving (and receiving) presents. And your party shouldn’t be different from all the others when it comes to this special aspect. We encourage you to organize a gift exchange with your nearest and dearest. You can set a budget so that your presents don’t differ too much. But if you don’t feel like exchanging presents (no pressure!), you can do a donation exchange! We assume that you will be celebrating with people you know well so why not draw names, think carefully about the cause “your” person would like to support and donate to the charity you think suits their beliefs and personalities the best?
  • Christmas Entertainment. New York is home to a lot of talent. So why not make use of it and provide live music for your holiday party? You could go for an acoustic set, an acapella singer to serenade you and your guests with Christmas carols or a big band that will entertain everyone with a wide selection of festive hits. And how about renting a dance band? Those musicians are magicians when it comes to reading the room, so if you want to hit the dancefloor during your holiday party, this is an idea you should seriously consider. If you wish to celebrate without any major chaos but at the same time prepare something extra for your guests, why not rent a hot cocoa stand?
  • Send guests home with holiday treats. It’s the festive season, after all, so don’t forget about that when thinking of some thank-you gifts for your guests. Homemade gingerbread cookies could be a good idea. There is also an option to buy some fancy chocolates, for example, packed as little presents or in the shape of Christmas trees. If you’re known for your love for baking, consider sending the partygoers home with muffins decorated with holiday icing. It could be a thoughtful way to thank them but also make sure they remember the party fondly. Some people want their gifts to last longer than a few hours, so they may give an ornament with the date of the party. To make it even more special, pack the treat in a cardboard pillow envelope adorned with cute holiday pictures, seasonal greetings or simply the guests’ names.

Many of these ideas can be easily used in a virtual setting. Who said that you can’t dress up, decorate your apartment, prepare some finger-licking dishes and jump on a video call with your friends or family? No matter your options, get ready to throw the merriest holiday party ever!

Since you already know how to make your party a smashing success, you should now consider the location. New York, one of the greatest cities in the world, has a number of great areas and even better venues in which to host your party!

  • Manhattan. When you hear ‘New York’, we can bet that the first thing you think of is Manhattan. The city’s most famous borough is visited by millions (if not billions) of people each year - and rightly so! It’s home to some of NYC’s biggest attractions: Empire State Building, Central Park, Rockefeller Center or the Met, to name just a few. We also can’t forget about Broadway and its fantastic theatres – where you will be able to see both new gems as well as long-running classics. Times Square is within a walking distance from the Theater District and a place where you can get lost between the crowds of tourists and colorful billboards. If you wish to see the city from a different perspective, One World Observatory or High Line will give you exactly that. Manhattan is a fantastic area where you will find everything you are looking for. Thousands of restaurants, quirky bars, charming cafes with hidden gardens - they are all ready to welcome you and your guests for a delicious holiday lunch or an unforgettable Christmas dinner.
  • Brooklyn. When planning your xmas party, make sure to check out Brooklyn! When talking about this neighborhood, we can't miss mentioning its dining scene! Brooklyn is home to plenty of fantastic restaurants and bars serving dishes and drinks from all over the world. The cuisine is one thing but the unique decor and the views from the dining spots’ windows are to die for! If you’re planning to rent a venue for your holiday party in one of the city’s areas, you should definitely check out what Brooklyn has to offer! The one thing that people associate with Brooklyn the most is the Brooklyn Bridge! You and your closest family and friends can enjoy a holiday dinner in one of the city’s restaurants offering views of this iconic structure. And we all know that food tastes better with a spectacular view! Be sure to rent the space that stole your heart ahead of time since the best venues get booked very fast and you may miss your chance. If you are looking for some peace and quiet after a big family dinner, we suggest you step into the gorgeous Prospect Park for some downtime. But if you’re in the mood for something completely different, why not go for a Christmassy walk around Coney Island?
  • Queens. Home not only to Peter Parker but also to many well-known places and great dining spots. This is why the neighborhood will satisfy anyone, starting from food to entertainment and leisure. Queens’ charm lies in the area’s wonderful ethnic diversity, contemporary art museums, world-class sports venues and many more. Jackson Heights is a paradise for every foodie - you will be able to rent there a place serving finger-licking holiday dishes from Asia, South America and beyond. For an international crowd of family and friends, we encourage you to check out Corona for some authentic Cuban cuisine, Astoria for amazing Greek spots and many places in Flushing for your dream Christmas party. The lively nightlife scene in Queens is every partygoer’s dream - you can be sure that you will find there a bar or pub where you can throw a small Christmas party for your closest friends. 

FAQs about Holiday Party Venues in New York City, NY

How much does it cost to rent a holiday party venue in New York City?

New York City offers a wide range of venues that are ideal for your next holiday party. Hourly rates in the city range from $75 to $2000 per hour, depending on the type of venue, location, and other factors. Plenty of places charge for each guest, with prices varying from $30 to $85 per person. These are often all-inclusive holiday packages, which feature a set food and drinks menu so you can enjoy your night with a delicious feast! Whether you're looking for cheap holiday party venues in NYC or something more premium like luxurious christmas party locations , you'll surely find it on Tagvenue! Just use our smart search filters to browse through venues that fit your budget. (All data from Tagvenue.)

What kinds of holiday parties can I throw in New York’s venues?

The sky is the limit! Thanks to the wide range of fantastic venues for special celebrations in all types and sizes,that will perfectly match with your plan about your dream event. If you’re organizing a company holiday party, there are plenty of classy and elegant spaces that will fit all your needs. You can also host a festive family gathering or fun Christmas party with your friends. Any holiday bash will be merry and joyful if celebrated with your closest ones!

Holiday dinner parties are a trendy option, so you can feast on seasonal specialities and enjoy NYC's unique ambiance during that time of the year. More formal occasions often call for holiday banquets or galas, while a fun dress-up Christmas party is a great pick if you're celebrating in a casual setting! You can also throw a themed bash, like a Winter Wonderland party or an ugly sweater competition!

What kinds of venues can I rent for my holiday party in New York?

New York is a large city and so is its selection of various types of ideal venues for xmas parties!  Holiday restaurants are an amazing choice if you’re thinking of throwing a sit-down Christmas dinner with your extended family, while private dining rooms will serve more intimate events well. If you wish to throw a not-so-traditional festive event with your closest friends, why not rent out a bar or a private room in your favorite pub? For a holiday party with colleagues, we recommend a winery or a nice cocktail bar where you will be able to comfortably socialize and mingle. Big Apple’s apartments and lofts are a great choice for parties of bigger sizes as you don’t have to worry about other guests and time restrictions when you should leave. Additionally, they are some of the best quiet holiday party venues in NYC, so you can really feel the Christmas spirit. And if you're looking for an even larger holiday party venue in NYC, why don't you check out our selection of grand and luxurious banquet halls and ballrooms?

What are some of the best holiday party venues in New York?

Looking for a Xmas party location in New York can get quite overwhelming, which is why we’ve put together a few special recommendations:

  • Velvet Brooklyn - This classy private party room in one of Williamsburg's best venues is perfect for small to medium-sized Christmas celebrations. With an impressive, rich ambiance, this space will turn any party into a night to remember. You can also pick one of their exclusive Christmas offers and enjoy the time without worrying about a thing!
  • Mustang’s Harry - This legendary gastropub in Midtown will make any party a smashing success - especially a holiday bash! Featuring handcrafted cuisine, an extensive selection of cocktails and unique decor, this space will satisfy all of your guests. 
  • St Tropez West Village - St Tropez West Village is both a restaurant and wine bar. It celebrates food, wine and life in a truly South French style! If you’re looking for a place to celebrate a special occasion, there is nowhere better for your upcoming event than this eatery, located moments away from 8th Avenue Station.

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