Baby Shower Venues for Rent in New York City, NY

Baby Shower Venues for Rent in New York City, NY

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Top Baby Shower Venues in New York City, NY

Are you seeking the best baby shower venues in New York City to host your private event? Congratulations are in order! We know that having a child is cause for celebration and at Tagvenue we’re all about savoring life’s special moments. We’ve put together a solid selection of great spots around the city for you to choose from. So whether you have somewhere colorful and quirky in mind - a green backyard or an elegant restaurant - you will find a perfect setting for a family event on our platform! It's easy! Simply scroll through our platform and book a fantastic baby shower venue today!

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Baby Shower Venues Rental Guide

Anyone in an expectant mom’s life can host a baby shower : a best friend, a relative and even a spouse! Very often it’s the mom-to-be who decides to be in charge of throwing a fun and unique event for herself. Are you hosting a baby shower in NYC but have no idea where to start? Here are some tips that will help you organize a fabulous and memorable party:

How do I organize a unique and successful baby shower?

  • Choose the date of your party carefully. The first factor determining the success of your event success is its date. Why is it so important? You must remember that when pregnant, you won’t be able to function the same way before you’ve been blessed - after all, you are growing a new life in your body! We recommend you don’t throw your party too late in the final trimester as your energy levels and mood may not be at their highest. Hosting the shower in, let’s say in the second trimester, will give you the time to buy the essentials you might still need after the party. 
  • Guests. First, set your guest list and decide what kind and size of venue you need to rent for your party in NYC. If it’s an intimate affair with your closest friends and family, we suggest you go for a cozy cafe. Smaller venues also tend to be cheaper!  But if you’re thinking of celebrating with a big bash, go for a bigger restaurant or a loft offering lots of space. Once the guest list is ready, you should send out the invitations well in advance. It will allow your guests to decide whether they’re coming or not and mark the date in their calendar. Another important thing: don’t invite only your female friends, it is increasingly common to include men and entire families in the entire celebration.
  • Decorations. Decorations play a big part in the baby shower’s party success. It’s totally up to you what you will choose: pastel banters, boho decorations or put up huge binkies and rattles everywhere. Flowers will elevate any family party, so think carefully about purchasing your favorite ones but remember to, ideally, stick to the color scheme. Since we’re talking about the colors, we suggest you choose a simple color scheme. You could narrow it down to two colors and coordinate everything, from tablecloths to balloons and banters. Remember, don’t stick to pink for a girl and blue for a boy! Think outside the box and choose a color that is your favorite or reflects the season the event will be held in, for example, sunny-yellow for summer and silver for the winter.
  • Games and other optional activities. If games and other extra activities are not your cup of tea, you can easily skip this step in your baby-shower planning. But we've got you covered if you can’t imagine yourself at a baby shower without some classic activities! Let’s start with guessing games. Set up a station where guests must write down who will do nighttime diaper changes. Another station can be about the baby’s gender and date of birth. Another cool idea could be having a photo booth in the corner of the rented venue where you and your guests could take photos to commemorate the occasion. Regarding games, pick two people to compete in a diaper change race or ‘dressing the baby’ race. You could also play the game where people are blindfolded and asked to guess what kind of baby food they are being fed. 
  • Serve good food and drinks. Remember full guests are happy guests! Depending on the time of the day and the type of event you are having, decide whether you will be serving only snacks or full meals. A cool idea is hosting a brunch baby shower event. Serve little breakfast treats, freshly squeezed orange juice, and something sweet. When it comes to drinks, you could serve mocktails that have baby-related names. But depending on your personal preference, you don’t have to go alcohol-free for your family party. Serve classic drinks for those who wish to drink and let them enjoy this special time with a mimosa in their hand.
  • Request books instead of cards. Let’s face it, most cards end up in the trash at some point. So instead of writing a card, ask each guest to bring their favorite childhood book. To ensure they are as special as a card could be, tell them to write a short message to the baby on the first page of the book they are bringing. Additionally, it’s a great way to start a book collection for your child that will be filled with classics and fantastic books that you had no idea existed. Remember to specify in the invitation to please bring a book with a dedication in lieu of a card!

We hope you’re ready to celebrate this exciting day! With the above tips you will be able to throw a great baby shower for the mom-to-be and her new bundle of joy.

FAQs about Baby Shower Venues in New York City, NY

How much does it cost to rent a baby shower venue in New York City?

Rental prices in New York will suit every budget as prices for venues range from the affordable to the pricey. Most places charge per hour with rates ranging between $65 and $2000 per hour. Another popular option is choosing an event package from the venue. These packages are charged on a per person basis and rates in NYC range from $30 to $65 per person. (Based on data from Tagvenue.)

What is the best way to get around New York?

The most convenient way to get around New York is the subway. Wherever there is no subway, you can always catch a bus or a yellow taxi. For anyone travelling from outside of the city, Penn Station and Union Station will be the best choices as they both offer railway service to Long Island and New Jersey.

Which NYC areas have the best venues to host a baby shower?

Manhattan’s SoHo, Chelsea or Midtown, to name a few, are great areas filled with venues of all sizes, that are ideal for a successful baby shower. In the East Village, Upper East Side and Harlem you will also be able to find fantastic places for your event. We suggest you also check out Brooklyn for a great selection of spots. Areas such as Williamsburg, Carroll Gardens or Brooklyn Heights boast restaurants, cafes, backyards and lofts where you could host a unique baby shower. We also can’t forget about Queens’ areas. Flushing, Astoria, Corona or Jackson Heights are all home to fantastic venues ideal for diaper showers.

What are the best venues in New York to host a baby shower?

To help you with your choice and perhaps inspire you a bit, we are happy to share some of our favorites:

  • Designer Soho Loft Space at The Farm Soho - This space near Canal Street is ideal for a special intimate gathering, with plenty of flexibility to set it up as you please! You can organize your own catering to keep the baby shower fully personalized.
  • Gran Morsi - Gran Morsi’s main dining room will be ideal for your unforgettable baby shower in the heart of Tribeca. The restaurant will provide you and your guests a dining experience like you’ve never had before.

Guest Reviews of Baby Shower Venues on Tagvenue

Linda A.
Booked Event Space at Prive
We hosted our baby shower here and it was the perfect event. Lily and the team at Prive went above and beyond to meet our specific needs and fulfill all our wishes. The party was everything we could've dreamed of!
Heidi C.
Booked 2nd Floor at Xu's Public House
Xu's Public House was the perfect venue to host my baby shower. Hinman and the manager, Raymond were accommodating to my requests for seating, menu choices and time to set up/down. My guests were impressed by the venue space. It's a beautiful, private space even without your own decorations but I was also able to bring and add decorations that day. Raymond made sure that my guests with dietary restrictions and food allergies were accommodated for, and everyone was able to enjoy a delicious meal. There was enough food (and more) for everyone. My husband and I had eaten at Xu's Public House a few times before the event and the food quality at our baby shower was no different from our amazing private dining experiences. (We specifically chose this venue for the food. The beautiful venue space was an added bonus!) My guests also enjoyed and complimented the food and many were able to take leftovers home, which they appreciated. Overall, I highly recommend Xu's Public House for your next private event, for the space, food and service.

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