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Top Birthday Party Venues in New York City

Celebrating a birthday in New York? There’s a reason why people often refer to it as “the city that never sleeps:” its vivid party scene and thrilling nightlife make it the perfect destination for a memorable birthday party! From raving dance clubs and live music venues to extraordinary restaurants and cozy bars, there’s a space for any type of celebration! Take a look at our selection of some of New York City’s most fabulous birthday party venues and start planning a night to remember.

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Birthday Party Venues Rental Guide

When the sun goes down, New York becomes party central. The city’s countless party venues come alive with music, laughter and drinks. No matter if you’re looking for something special for your own birthday or want to rent a space to throw a party for a friend, you’ve come to the right place. Browse our listings to discover some of the best birthday party places New York City has to offer. Read our party planning tips, create your vision and use Tagvenue’s smart filters to book the perfect venue fast and easy!

What are the most popular venue types for birthdays in New York?

New York City boasts a multitude of electrifying venues ready to host all kinds of birthday parties. Whether you want to go all out and party until dawn or host a simple gathering for just a few friends, there’s no doubt the city has everything you’re looking for - from refined cocktail bars to neighborhood watering holes. Check out the rundown of the most popular venue types you’ll find all over the city:

  • Bars - A classic choice for a birthday celebration. New York’s bars range from sophisticated to casual, with everything in between. There are bars with dizzying selections of craft beer, elegant wineries, where you can taste some world-class wine, and a variety of quirky places that put an inventive spin on cocktails. And if you’d like to sip on your favorite drinks against the backdrop of the city’s skyline, why not rent a rooftop bar?
  • Dance clubs - Renowned for its vivid nightlife, the city abounds in dance clubs. Some guides name the East Village, the Village and the Lower East Side as the neighborhoods with the best party spots. In fact, you can find alluring clubs in most parts of Manhattan and Brooklyn.
  • Live music venues - A live music performance can take your party to a whole new level. There’s nothing like feeling the bass pounding in your chest and moving with the crowd. New York neighborhoods popular for live music venues include Greenwich Village and Greenpoint. If you’re into hip hop, The Bronx is your place. Jazz music fans can find some jazz clubs in Hell’s Kitchen, Flushing or Corona.
  • Restaurants - If a wild party is not your vibe, you can keep things low-key and celebrate your birthday by hosting a dinner party at one of New York’s many fantastic restaurants, some sophisticated and others more laid-back. Great eateries are dotted all over the five boroughs and offer culinary experiences from all around the globe. Italian, Japanese or Korean - pick whichever taste you fancy and invite your guests for a celebratory feast. 
  • Cafes - Similarly to restaurants, cafes can make great venues for relaxed birthday celebrations. If you want to host a small birthday party, check out some of the cafes in your neighborhood and see if they can be rented out for private events. From intimate and cozy to hip and artsy, New York’s cafe scene offers a range of options to suit all styles.
  • Private event rooms - If you want more privacy, look for party venues that feature private event rooms. Renting a private room gives you a chance to enjoy your favorite bar or restaurant from a different perspective and keeps you away from the eyes of other customers.
  • Outdoor terraces, patios and backyards - How about taking your birthday celebrations outside if the weather allows? The city offers a variety of outdoor venues, such as terraces, patios and backyards. So host your birthday party against the backdrop of some greenery, with an open sky above your head and some fairy lights to set the mood.

How to choose a birthday party venue

Now that you know what types of party venues are waiting for you in New York, it’s time to consider a few other factors before you make your final choice. Here are some key questions that will help you find and book the perfect place for your party:

  • What type of party are you going for? First and foremost, ask yourself what type of celebration would suit you best. Do you want to dance all night long, listen to some live music or have drinks with your friends in one of the city’s trendy bars? If you're not super keen on partying and would rather opt for an easy-going celebration, you can always host an intimate dinner party with just a few closest guests.
  • What is your budget? The amount of money you can spend on throwing your birthday party will probably be the most determining factor. Estimate your spendings on space rental, catering, party supplies, etc. Sometimes external catering can be cheaper than the food options provided by the venue. However, some venues offer all-inclusive party packages with attractive deals. Once you’ve settled your budget, the easiest way to find party venues which you can afford is to use Tagvenue’s smart filters to set your price range.
  • How many people are you inviting? Make a list of all the guests you’d like to see at your party. Once you’ve got the estimated number of people, look for venues with the right capacity. Tagvenue also enables you to choose the seating layout, for example boardroom or cabaret-style. If you prefer, you can also go for a standing cocktail party.
  • Does anyone on your guest list have any dietary restrictions? This is a crucial question when considering your catering options. Whether you’re going for in-house or external catering, always make sure your chosen food provider can satisfy all your dietary requests. It’s also a good idea to include some non-alcoholic beverages for any non-drinkers or designated drivers.
  • In which area of New York City are you hosting the party? Decide in which part of the city you want to host your birthday celebration. You can choose your own neighborhood or explore a different area. Take the location’s accessibility into consideration. With New York’s traffic, it would be best to find a venue located near a subway station. If you’ve got guests coming from other cities, also consider the venue’s distance from popular train stations (Penn Station or Union Station) or airports (JFK or LaGuardia).

How to make your birthday in New York exceptional

Since we’ve got choosing the perfect party venue out of the way, we can now focus on other ways to make your birthday in New York one to remember! Check out some of our fun birthday ideas for adults:

  • Go to a Broadway show. How about taking advantage of the city’s countless cultural offerings? Get some really good seats to a Broadway production. It’s your day, you deserve to splurge. You can then book a nice bar or restaurant for some dinner and drinks after the show.
  • Do something touristy. Why not let yourself be a tourist for one day only? Perhaps you’ve lived in New York for a long time but never had a chance to experience the city’s popular attractions? If there’s anything on your list that you’ve always wanted to do, make some time for that on your birthday! Visit The Met, look at the city from the Top of the Rock or take a walk along the High Line.
  • Watch a baseball game.  Grab some beer and hotdogs, and head to Yankee Stadium to catch a game! There’s nothing like being among the crowd of fellow sports fans cheering for your favorite team at a fever pitch.
  • Book a spa day. Give yourself a well-deserved break, escape the busy city life and wind down. Get a good massage, spend a day in a jacuzzi or sweat it all out in a sauna. No matter what age you’re turning, you’ll look at least a year younger after a proper spa day.
  • Treat yourself to a birthday dinner. New York City is known for its fabulous and diverse dining scene, so pick and choose from the tumult of restaurants you’ll find on almost every corner. You can even pick a country and take a culinary trip!
  • Throw a theme party. Choosing a theme is a great way to spice up any party. Since this is your birthday, make it all about you. Pick your favorite movie or decade, or better yet - take the first letter of your name and make everyone dress up as something/someone starting with that letter!
  • Escape a room. Escape rooms are a popular party attraction, and New York is home to some of the best ones! If you’re ready to play detective, look for clues and solve riddles, book an escape room for your birthday party and see if you can get out in time!
  • Host a game night. This one’s a party classic: invite your friends over and have fun with some games. Alternatively, you can book a restaurant, bar or cafe that offers some board games to entertain their customers. Or you can even design a game of your own!
  • Go to a wine tasting. A wine tasting is a great idea regardless of whether you’re a connoisseur or an amateur. Knowledgeable staff will introduce you to the world of fine grapes and teach you to distinguish the different flavors and aromas. We can recommend St Tropez West Village, a restaurant with a selection of over 40 French wines.
  • Book a mixology event. Spice up your traditional cocktail hour! Get behind the bar, learn some secret tricks and mix up some drinks to enjoy with your guests. You can learn how to make your favorite cocktail or come up with your very own invention!
  • Sign up for a workshop/class. Is there anything you’ve always wanted to try? Your birthday is the perfect time to do that! You could find a fun group activity to try out together with your guests, such as a dance or pottery class, or maybe even a mindfulness workshop. If you’re organizing a birthday surprise for someone in your life, something like this could also work as a fantastic gift!
  • Invite your friends for a movie night.  Another classic. Host a movie night at your place or, to make it more special, rent out a room at a movie theater! Get some popcorn and beverages, and pick a favorite movie to screen with your friends. If you don’t want to stop at just one, make it a marathon!
  • Go for a bar crawl. Decide on the type of drink you want to try, then create an itinerary of bars you want to visit during your birthday night. Ideally, they should all be located at a walking distance from one another.
  • Have a slice of luxury. We’ve already mentioned that you deserve to splurge on yourself for your birthday. So why not book one of New York’s most exclusive restaurants? Think Michelin stars, three-course meals and glamorous interiors. For one day only, nothing is too much.
  • Sing your heart out at karaoke. Let loose and belt out some of your favorite tunes! The city is filled with fantastic karaoke bars that feature state-of-the-art equipment and are fully-stocked with drinks to lend you some liquid courage.

Ideas for a kids birthday party in New York City

Last but not least, here are some ideas if you’re throwing a birthday party for your little one!

  • Stay the night at a museum. What could be more fun than a sleepover? Actually, we’ve got an answer - a sleepover at your kid’s favorite cultural institution! Famous places that host birthday pajama parties include the American Museum of Natural History, the Bronx Zoo or the New York Aquarium.
  • Have a picnic. New York City is filled with parks perfect for having a little picnic. Check out Nature Discovery Playground in Washington Heights, Nelson A. Rockefeller Park in Battery Park City or Prospect Park. Besides ample picnic space, many parks also have playgrounds for the kids to play in.
  • Rent out an amusement venue. We’re talking arcade games, bouncy castles, bumper cars, laser tag, and more! Apart from all the fun activities, there will also be time for pizza and ice cream.
  • Don’t forget about the cake! Actually, this should be number one on your list. What’s a birthday without blowing out the candles on a cake? If you want to take it a step further and order a custom cake, there are bakeries in New York City that can create anything you could dream of! The list is long, but a few of our favorites include Empire Cake in Chelsea, Huascar & Co. Bakeshop in Midtown or Du Jour Bakery in Park Slope.
  • Invite a professional entertainer. Having a professional to keep the kids entertained during the party is a great idea. Impress your little one by inviting a magician, a comedian or an artist to paint the children’s faces!
  • Get crafty! How about some creative time? Organize an arts and crafts party for your kid. There are a number of art centers and studios in New York with great birthday party offers. Children can try their hand at making jewellery, painting, sculpting, decorating tote bags, making origami and more!
  • Be a mad scientist at Liberty Science Center. Conduct experiments in the decorated lab, enjoy lots of interactive activities and get a bag full of free goodies! There will also be a cake and kid beverages waiting!
  • Spend a day of fun at Luna Park. Coney Island’s iconic amusement park is a great place for a child’s birthday! Get ready for some thrilling rides and, to conclude the unforgettable adventure, have a birthday celebration in your own private party room.
  • Embark on an adventure at the Prospect Park Zoo. Perhaps your kid would like to have some animal guests at their party? When you book a birthday party at the Prospect Park Zoo, the kids will have a chance to meet its inhabitants face to face, learn some cool facts and work on science projects.

Birthday Party Venues in New York City FAQ

Where can I throw a birthday party in New York?

Have a look at some of the best birthday party venues in New York City:

  • Monk McGinn’s - A craft beer and cocktail bar located in Tribeca, boasting a 1920s tavern vibe. High, beamed ceilings and exposed bricks on the walls give the place its unique character. A great venue for a big birthday party with up to 140 guests.
  • Greenpoint Beer & Ale Co. - A brewery/restaurant located at the northern end of Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint, toward Newtown Creek. The indoor space features a stage area for live performances while the rooftop patio enables you to admire premier views of Manhattan.
  • 142 Sullivan Bar | SoHo Cocktails - A secret SoHo location with great wine-based cocktails. Enjoy the bar’s artsy interior or host your birthday party at the small outdoor patio.

Where can I buy some birthday party supplies in New York?

There are numerous party supplies stores in the city. For example, you can try Party City near Madison Square Garden, Village Party Store near Washington Square Park or Brooklyn Party Glitters on Debevoise St. Alternatively, you can shop online on websites such as, or Amazon.

Which areas of New York City have the best birthday party venues?

You can find fabulous party spaces pretty much anywhere around Manhattan (notably Midtown, the Lower East Side and the East Village) and Brooklyn (try Bushwick, Williamsburg or DUMBO). Queens and The Bronx may not have as many raving nightlife spots, but the restaurant and bar scene is still strong, for example, in areas such as Astoria, Flushing or Belmont. Though Staten Island is sometimes called “the forgotten borough,” it features some good restaurants suitable for a more peaceful birthday celebration.

How much does it cost to throw a birthday party in New York?

Birthday party space rental fees in New York City typically fall anywhere between $400 and $2000 per hour. If you want to rent a venue for an entire day, expect to pay around $15000 per day. Fixed rental fees usually don’t include catering or decorations. However, some venues offer all-inclusive packages, whose prices can range from around $30 to $85 per person. (All data from Tagvenue.)

Guest Reviews of Birthday Party Venues on Tagvenue

Sarah Rosa
Booked Back Lounge at Crystal Lake Brooklyn
I loved absolutely everything about this venue! The people were great and attentive and they really made my birthday event feel very special! The lighting system, projector and the disco ball was a great addition and definitely enhanced my experience! The catering was also really wonderful, from the people (who were also very super awesome) to the incredible tasty food, my guests could not get enough of. Thank you to everyone who helped in the event! I really appreciate it!
Karla Rivera
Booked Entire Studio at Studio 1418
Jorg was very helpful and responded very quickly whenever I needed any information. He was very nice and the location was exactly what I needed. I would 100% book again!
Lenore M Skomal
Booked Main Bar & Balcony at Slattery's Mid Town Pub
John is super accommodating and easy to work with. The venue is charming, spotless and spacious. We used an outside karaoke vendor who has nothing but positive feedback. I would definitely book again, as it is central to public transportation. And in the heart of the city.
Carla Marrero
Booked Elixir Room at Pekarna
The staff were amazing and so accommodating to my party. I hosted a costume birthday party at Pekarna and everyone was so welcoming and made sure that only invitees were in the party space, the bartender took care of every single guest with such attention & the rest of the staff made sure everything was taken care of seamlessly. I couldn’t have asked for a better venue or better people to celebrate with. I highly recommend hosting your event here!
li xiaoyue
Booked Velvet Room at Velvet Brooklyn
Phillip was so nice through out the whole communication. Thanks to him I had my best Birthday Party ever!!! And the venue looks amazing, loved every corner. Me and my friends had a great time. Would def come back for him. I am super satisfied with everything!
DeAnna Lyon
Booked Sotto Lounge at Gelso & Grand
Absolutely loved the sotto lounge ! Beautiful space & great food. Loved the disco ball and the fact that we could play our own music. Definitely would recommend to others!

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