Graduation Party Venues for Rent in New York City, NY

Graduation Party Venues for Rent in New York City, NY

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Top Graduation Party Venues in New York City, NY

Are you on the search for a unique graduation party venue? Congratulations! Your senior is graduating and such a special occasion calls for a memorable bash! And what’s a better place to celebrate than New York (aka, the greatest city in the world)?! Get ready to choose from among the city’s plentiful venues of various shapes and sizes across the city, from restaurants to bars, clubs and backyards. Find a place that meets all of your needs and celebrate to the fullest in one of New York City’s amazing graduation party venues!

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Graduation Party Venues Rental Guide

You’ve been working really hard and you’re finally graduating, so it goes without saying that you deserve a fantastic party! Celebrate your success with your friends in one of New York’s exciting venues. A cool space will definitely make your celebration unforgettable, but why not go a step further and make the whole event even more unique? Have a look at some of the ideas that we’ve jotted down to help you get inspired and organize a graduation party the whole city will be talking about!

Great ideas for a memorable graduation party:

A theme. Choosing a great theme for your party will help elevate it without a doubt. Since it’s a graduation party, it goes without saying that the main focus will be on exactly that: graduating. Prepare all of the things that remind you of this special occasion: caps with tassels, diplomas, class photos and put everything on display. If that isn’t enough, go for a cool theme! Two of the most popular ones are sports for athletes and arts for any creative soul. But if you were a fan of the Wildcats and spent your youth watching their adventures, why not go for a High-School-Musical-themed graduation party! Play songs from the movies, recreate the dances and decorate everything in red and white (the school’s colors).

Photo booth. Taking plenty of photos during a graduation party is a must! You can either rent out a professional photo booth or simply prepare one yourself. Create a fantastic backdrop by hanging a colorful foil curtain and take photos in front of it. You can use DIY props or buy some ready-made to use in the photos: signs, caps, small cardboard cutouts or big balloons. You can also get some clothing items that aren’t necessarily related to graduating, but they will make you laugh and have a lot of fun. These could be crazy hats, such as a cowboy hat or a furry bucket hat, or colorful boas. The decision is all yours! Photos are the best source of the best and most timeless memories, so definitely think about a way to take as many of them as possible throughout the party.

Decorations. Even though you’ve chosen the most beautiful venue, it still needs decorations - it’s a graduation party after all! Start with putting up confetti balloons and tassel garlands. You could also DIY with a banner featuring class photos. They don’t have to be recent ones - how about taking it back to those kindergarten years? Since we’re already on the topic of photos, how about preparing a photo display in the centre of the room? It’s fun, sentimental and will allow you and your friends to reminisce about those old, good days. One thing to keep in mind when getting the decorations ready: make sure they are all in your school’s colors!

Food. You don’t want to keep your guests hungry, do you? That’s exactly why you should take care of the catering and prepare a real feast. First, think of the kind of party you’re about to throw and then determine whether there will be a full dinner served or only snacks displayed on the table for your guests to grab at any time. We also suggest you set up an extra station with all things sweet (and obviously related to graduating). How about preparing a cookie spread, cupcakes with the year of your class on them, Ring Pop versions of your class ring or a candy spread with sweets named after memorable moments that happened during your education and particularly remind you of those times?

Entertainment options. Keep the party popping by offering more than just food, drinks and a photo booth. We suggest you have a few entertainment ideas up your sleeve so that there is not even a second of stillness during the party. Why not create a trivia quiz about the grad and offer a prize for the most right answers.

Get a guestbook. Photos are one unique way to keep those memories alive, but a guest book could be another. Prepare a dedicated station where each of your guests will be able to sit down for a second and write down something special. It could either be a favorite memory together, the first impression they had of you, a condensed story of your friendship or perhaps some advice for the future. No matter what the message is, it’ll stay forever with you in a guestbook that you’ll be able to get back to over and over again. 


It’s easy to find a great graduation venue in NYC but making the party a unique experience may be slightly more difficult. Hopefully, our tips will help you a lot and your event will be a smashing success that all of the guests will be reminiscing about for years to come.

FAQs about Graduation Party Venues in New York City, NY

When should I host a graduation party?

June or July are the best months for hosting a grad party! August might be too late as most people are already in school mode. Remember not to leave the search until the last minute and book the place you like with plenty of time in advance.

How much does it cost to rent a graduation party venue in NYC?

Prices vary greatly and the main reason for that is the size of the venue and your party. A lot of the places in New York charge hourly fees. Rates start at $75 and can get as high as $2000 per hour. Some of the city’s venues offer packages for all kinds of parties - usually prices of those range from $20 to $70 per person. (Based on data from Tagvenue.)

Where should I throw a graduation party?

In a city like New York the options are limitless! If you want to celebrate with your closest family and friends over a delicious dinner, go for one of the restaurants or diners. For more intimate affairs, consider renting a cafe or cozy studio. If the weather is nice and you’re in the mood for throwing an outdoor party, check out the city’s backyards, terraces, patios and rooftops.

What are some of the best graduation party venues in New York?

Celebrate with family and friends in one of New York’s coolest venues:

  • Stone Street Tavern - Warm hospitality paired with delicious food and spectacular drinks - all within the walls of Manhattan’s Stone Street Tavern. 
  • Radegast Hall - A staple of the Brooklyn bar scene. Celebrate your success and have the time of your life in this Williamsburg gem.

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