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Organize the baby shower of the year in one of the city's top locations

Top Baby Shower Venues in Houston, TX

Looking for baby shower venues in Houston? You have certainly arrived at the right place, because Tagvenue is here with the city’s top locations. Soon enough, you will have the perfect place to celebrate the birth of a new human being who is about to change your lives forever. Whether you’re hosting the party for a good friend or a family member, you’re bound to find locations perfect to suit anyone’s baby shower dream. That’s exactly why at Tagvenue we pride ourselves in helping with the search for magical event spaces. Keep scrolling to book one of the best Houston baby shower venues!

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Baby Shower Venues Rental Guide

Hi there! Are you tired of searching for baby shower places in Houston yet? We feel you, really. The baby shower venues are all so beautiful, but there’s just so many things to take into consideration before booking the perfect place. Well, don’t worry too much, because we are here to help you find the ideal event space that will knock everyone off their feet. And thankfully with such an array of baby shower event spaces on Tagvenue it won’t be such a hard thing to do! Venue hunt doesn’t have to be such a chore if you know exactly what you’re looking for. Keep scrolling for some helpful information and pro-tips for booking baby shower locations in Houston.

Pro-tips for hosting baby showers in Houston 

As always, there’s some important things to keep in mind before choosing the ideal baby shower venue, such as:

Price of a baby shower venue

The cost of the baby shower will depend on each venue. Here at Tagvenue, we checked out the event spaces, and it turns out that the price range of baby shower locations starts from $500 to around $3500 minimum spend per session. As always, make sure to check out the venues which charge per person. Having a small baby shower might mean that the location will be much more affordable with this type of rental payment. 

Location of a baby shower venue

Baby shower spaces in Houston come in all different shapes and sizes. When you search for one on Tagvenue’s site make sure to filter out the things you need, and keep our venue rental guide in mind. We have wonderful indoor and outdoor event spaces, perfect for any time of the year. Perhaps the first question that you should ask yourself is: which district of Houston will be the one for you? What part of the city would you like to have the baby shower in, and is it important to you that the venue is easily accessible? Would you like to have anything in a close proximity to the venue - like a park or a specific attraction? Talk it through with the other guests and contributors.


As with many special occasions, baby shower celebrations are best when they are utterly original. This is why having a BYOB option (not necessarily wine, but some good food perhaps) may be an important aspect. A cake or a personal dish might add a very nice touch to the party. So make sure to contact the venue manager before you book, and ask if they allow bringing your own food. If possible, order a cake or make it yourself, and bring a tear to the eye of the mom-to-be. 

Baby shower theme and decorations

A baby shower is a great occasion to put your Pinterest skills up to the test. Who doesn’t like searching for pretty party themes and putting up beautiful baby shower decorations? Go ahead and try some lovely pastel colors that remind us of innocence, babies and happiness. Get some beautiful flower arrangements, blow up some balloons, or create little gift bags for the attendees. A baby shower is a wonderful place to get creative, bring some joy to the party, and show the future mom that they have a beautiful support group, always. Out of ideas? Make sure to swing by our blog posts about baby shower ideas for boys and girls

Other important aspects to consider

Have you thought about how many people you are going to invite? Or maybe a more important question should be - who are you going to invite? Make sure that everyone gets along during the party, contact everyone beforehand and remind them to RSVP as soon as they can. A nice etiquette rule for a baby shower is not to force the future mommy to open the presents. Let her do everything in her own time and only if she wants to. This day might be quite an emotional one for her. Take good care of her!

Baby shower venue recommendations in Houston

Even after reading our little guide, you still might need some help with venue ideas. We come to you with some venue recommendations, so take a look before you book!

  • Have you seen a venue this gorgeous? With The Rooftop at Z on 23 Rooftop Bar you’re going to make this mom and baby feel like they’re on an experience of a lifetime. The spacious venue, delicious cuisine and perfect placing right in the center of Houston Skyline District is going to be very hard to say no to. Check out the elegant decor, and be prepared to take pictures in the most Instagrammable venue of the whole city. 
  • Is the weather beautiful, and you want to celebrate outside? Then check out the Courtyard at Heights House Hotel, which absolutely stuns with its stylish decor for bigger outdoor parties. The coloured chairs outside add just that extra touch of pizzazz to the celebration, and after eating the food you will only think of sending compliments to the chef. Have you seen the cocktails? We’re totally hooked, that’s for sure. Excuse us, where can we sign up…?

FAQs about Baby Shower Venues in Houston, TX

When should I host a baby shower?

Baby showers are typically hosted at around six to eight weeks before the baby is due. The mother will be far along in her pregnancy, but the baby will still have some time before he or she is born. Try not to prepare it too late, just in case the baby decides to say hello a little sooner!

Where can I find baby shower venues in Houston?

Explore the historic charm of the Heights, or dive into the artsy vibes in Montrose. For upscale options, the Galleria area beams with luxury, while Downtown offers a bustling backdrop for your joyous occasion. Don’t forget the scenic beauty of venues near Memorial Park, or the trendy, innovative spaces flourishing in Midtown. Navigate through these delightful districts, and you’ll discover the ideal spot to celebrate the upcoming arrival in true Houston style!

Who typically pays for the baby shower?

The baby shower is usually paid for by the host of the party. Or in this case, most likely the hostess. In some cases, family members or friends can chip into the party. If you feel like your relationship allows it, have a conversation with them about co-hosting. Baby shower etiquette suggests that you don’t ask the mom-to-be for money.

How long should the baby shower last?

A baby shower should last around two to three hours. This gives enough time for everyone to eat, chat, have fun and give gifts. The mom of the baby is also bound to be quite exhausted after these couple of hours, after all she is carrying the little one (who is actually not so little anymore!). Feel out the situation, just in case the mom starts to feel unwell, but doesn’t want to make anyone leave too early.

What type of venues can I rent for a baby shower in Houston?

Houston’s heart beats with a rich diversity of baby shower spaces sure to make any mom-to-be feel special! From charming event halls and lush gardens to chic restaurants and elegant hotel suites, there’s a place for every kind of celebration in the city. Immerse in the warmth of southern hospitality in cozy banquet spaces, or elevate the experience with a touch of sophistication in a modern art gallery. The variety is as wide as the Texas sky, making sure your baby shower is as unique as the mom-to-be! 

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