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If you’re looking for a space where your imagination can run wild, you’re in for a treat in Chicago! The Windy City offers a wide selection of creative art studios, from studios to stages, galleries, and plenty of other unique spaces, so no matter what kind of project you’re working on, you’ll have a chance to bring your ideas to life. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or taking your first steps in the art industry, we encourage you to check out Tagvenue’s shortlist of creative art studios in Chicago and make your booking today!

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Creative Art Studios Rental Guide

Chicago is a world-famous hotbed of culture, so it comes as no surprise that art can be found everywhere in the city, from galleries and museums to street corners. You’ll love the Windy City’s unique ambiance and find creative ideas no matter where you go.

There are an abundance of art museums in the city, showing all kinds of collections from every century. One of the most-known museums not only in Chicago but also in the whole country is The Art Institute of Chicago. Discover its over 260,000 works of art from cultures around the world. If you’re a modern art enthusiast, check out the Museum of Contemporary Art where you’ll be able to experience some of the most interesting art.

If you’re after impressive street art, you’ll be in heaven when you come to Chicago. Walk down any of the streets in the city and you’ll come across some form of art, be it a sculpture or a mural. They are an authentic representation of the city, as well as the local artists. To see some of the impressive street art, we suggest you have a walk around The Loop and Pilsen, as well as Lincoln Park and Hyde Park.

Whether you’re a solo artist or a group of passionate creatives, you’ll find a unique place to bring your project to life, whether it’s a loft space, a workshop hall, or a creative studio! Check out our list of rental tips and tricks to make sure you make a great choice and end up in the perfect venue!

Guide to booking a creative art studio

Here are a few hints about what you should consider when looking for the perfect creative art studio:

  • What’s your budget? Let’s set this straight and get the money out of the way so that we can focus on more pleasant details. You’re going to have to pay for renting the place, so calculate how much you’re ready to spend. Settling this issue first will make your planning process much easier - when you already know the price range, you’ll be able to narrow the search results and speed up the booking process. To make the whole thing a piece of cake, use our smart search filters.
  • Date and time. Do you have some free time on a specific day and can only pursue your creative endeavor on that day? Or are you flexible when it comes to the date? If the latter suits your calendar, you’ll have many more rental options and will be able to choose from among many offers. Most creative spaces in Chicago charge hourly rates, so you can rent yours for however long you need. Some of them also have a minimum booking duration, for example, three hours. Just don’t forget to check the venue’s opening hours and pick the time that’s most convenient for you. And if you’re working with a limited budget, check whether the place of your choice has time slots that are more affordable than others.
  • How much space will you need? Have you already thought about how much space you’ll need to comfortably work on your project? Well, we suggest you do it before booking the space of your choice! Will you be working on your own or there will be a bunch of people joining you? What kind of project are you planning to pursue? Will you need some extra space to set up all of the necessary equipment? If you need a place that will comfortably fit a specific number of people, we recommend you use our search engine to filter the results and browse only those venues that meet your requirements.
  • Do you need extra facilities? Do you have anything specific in mind that will help you bring your creative vision to life? Will you need large floor-to-ceiling windows that will let plenty of natural light in? Or perhaps you’ll need studio lighting that will light up each corner of the space? Are you missing any gear and you’d like the venue to offer basic equipment rental? Or you’re planning a photo shoot and some props would come in handy? We suggest you make a list of all the features you’ll need and keep everything in mind when you are looking for the ideal place.
  • Food. We’ve already mentioned the time when you’ll be renting the creative space. In case your session will last many hours, we suggest you consider hiring external catering. It doesn’t have to be a full dinner but what about some snacks and beverages? Depending on your needs and budget, you can either rent a space that provides in-house catering or lets you bring your own food. If neither of these options sounds good for you, check whether there are any cafes or restaurants near the venue, so that you can pop out for a quick lunch in the one you like the most.

FAQs about Creative Art Studios in Chicago, IL

Which Chicago neighborhoods have the best creative spaces?

In Pilsen, you’ll find plenty of art galleries, as well as creative spaces, so finding inspiration in that neighborhood shouldn’t be a problem. Wicker Park and Bucktown, thanks to their variety of theaters, live music venues, and gallery spaces, are both home to some of Chicago’s most beloved places where artists meet. The areas also offer plenty of photo studios, film studios, and unique event spaces ideal for all kinds of creative workshops.

How much does it cost to rent a creative space in Chicago?

Depending on the venue’s type and capacity, rental fees in Chicago can range between $500 and $8000 per session. You can also find places that charge hourly fees, starting at $40 and rising to $500 per hour. No matter which pricing structure the venue of your choice offers, always ask the venue manager what is included in the rental price to avoid any extra fees in the future. (Based on data from Tagvenue.)

What kind of equipment should creative spaces have?

This will vary depending on the type of space you want to rent. When it comes to photo and film studios, you will probably find lighting equipment and some backdrops. Workshop spaces should have some basic furniture on-site, such as chairs and tables. Some places may also offer a kitchen, break room, or a changing room. But to be extra sure of what comes with the venue of your choice, and, remember, it’s always best to ask the venue manager whether the space will suit the particulars of your event.

Will I receive a refund for a cancellation on the day of the booking?

Unfortunately no. If you’re planning to cancel your reservation, you should let the venue know in advance so that they can free the slot. Even if you cancel a few hours in advance, chances that you’ll get a refund are very low, so simply think twice before you make the booking and try not to cancel your reservation! Always read the terms and conditions before signing the contract so you know what your options are.

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