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Top Christmas Restaurants in Houston

Ho ho ho! The wonderful holiday season is coming! Unwrap yourself a joyful Christmas and create precious memories in one of the best restaurants in town! Forget about daunting dinner preparations and take your loved ones for a festive feast in a restaurant that will leave everyone wanting more! Just set your budget, draw up that guest list and hop on our platform to explore a curated list of the top Christmas restaurants in Houston. And get ready to sparkle and shine, because you will spend an amazing meal chatting, laughing, and singing carols with those closest to your heart! 

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Christmas Restaurants Rental Guide

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, no doubt! And Houston surely has a fantastic range of activities for you and your favorite crowd to get that festive feel flowing. Hunting for holiday lights on Main Street, taking in the views of the Tomball German Festival and Christmas Market, and showing off these skating skills at the Discovery Green Ice Rink are only a few out of a plethora of great holiday attractions that you can enjoy with your loved ones.  

But how about making this year’s celebrations, even more, holly and jolly? Spoil yourself and everyone you love by organizing a Christmas dinner in one of the au courant restaurants in Houston! Just imagine not having to bother with all the cooking and cleanup, but still experiencing the energy and festiveness of a great feast with the ones you care about the most. Hosting a holiday dinner in a restaurant will not only contribute to everyone’s festive mood, but it will also leave each one of your guests with precious memories! So whether you’re an eager foodie, a bad cook, or simply want to spend some quality time with your loved ones, rent a Christmas restaurant today for your festive celebrations! Take our smart filters for a spin, and with Tagvenue’s help, you’ll be booking the ideal restaurant in no time!. 

How to plan the ideal Christmas dinner in Houston?  

Yes, planning a Christmas dinner in a venue might sound a bit overwhelming, but it’s nothing like that! You just need to plan a few key elements and the rest will be taken care of by the restaurant staff. And to help you make the planning process as quick and enjoyable as possible, we’ve made a short list of the essential questions that need to be considered while organizing a Christmas dinner. 

What’s the date and time?

Try to be flexible and pick at least three dates that you like. That way you can compare the offers and decide if you’ve picked the best one in your price range. Generally, the holiday season is super busy, so to avoid missing out on all the best offers, remember to act fast and book your first-choice venue as early as you can!

What’s the event type?

A dinner in an upscale restaurant with fancy decor, or a more casual get-together in a less-formal setting? Determine how you envision your Christmas dinner and what type of event will help you make it happen. It will help you rule out venues that don’t match your party vision and shorten your search for the perfect space. 

What’s your budget?

How much can you pay for the dinner? Determine your budget capabilities and how much you are willing to pay for packages, decorations, invitations, etc. Know your limit! Be reasonable, and don’t make on-the-spot decisions. Calculate all the expenses and try reaching out to venue managers for individual offers.  

How many people are you planning to invite?

Make a guest list and think of the seating layout before you start your venue hunt. It will increase your chances of finding the most comfortable space that will help everyone feel relaxed and make the most out of the event. Also, ask the venue manager about the layout, because some restaurants will not allow you to arrange it as you like. 

What’s your desired location? 

A good location will encourage your guests to come! Whether you’re planning a feast in a local area, or across the city, make sure that your first choice option has good access to public transportation, or at least offers a private parking lot. Streets tend to get busy at Christmas time, so think of your guests and spare them some time on reaching the location by picking the most accessible option. 

A classic Christmas menu or one with a twist?  

Do you want to keep the menu in traditional, holiday style or add an unexpected twist to some of the dishes? During the Christmas period, Houston restaurants craft special menus or offer delicious treats a la carte. So consider your options and go for the one that will get everyone full and joyous! Everyone gets excited when the food starts to appear on the table. So make sure that each guest, no matter their food restrictions or allergies, has something they can eat and enjoy without feeling they’re missing out.

See? Organizing an event in a restaurant isn’t that difficult, is it? So now take your time to consider the essential elements we’ve covered above and get ready to start your venue hunt with Tagvenue! With our curated listings, you’ll find the ideal space and make your dreams of having festive Christmas celebrations come true!

Christmas Restaurants in Houston FAQ

How much does it cost to rent a Christmas restaurant in Houston?

During the holiday season, Houston restaurants often offer attractive festive packages with prices varying between $50 to $100+ per person. The price usually includes multi-course meal options, as well as beverages, but the final cost may increase depending on what package option you choose, as well as the venue’s reputation and location. We suggest asking the venue manager directly about the individual offer once you’ve found the perfect space. (All data from

How early should I book a Christmas restaurant in Houston?

The sooner, the better! The holiday season is one of the busiest times of all, so make sure to start your venue hunt as soon as you’ve agreed on the important details such as the date, time, and number of people. The ideal timing for securing the space would be around 2 months before the dinner event.

Where can I find the best Christmas restaurants in Houston?

For the best culinary experience at Christmas time, make sure to head over to Uptown! You’ll find a plethora of restaurants along Westheimer Rd. And in case you’re looking for something in the center, you’ll find something to your liking in Downtown and Midtown.

Do some Houston restaurants offer Christmas packages on Christmas?

Of course! Restaurants prepare special menus specifically for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. So you can organize a festive brunch, or a dinner with your favorite holiday treats or get a little wild and make it a chance to discover traditional dishes from distant cuisines all over the world.

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