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Top Christmas Restaurants in Washington, DC

There is nothing more charming and delightful than Christmas time in DC! So why not organize a holiday feast for your nearest and dearest in a restaurant? Make it a December to remember and forget about the cooking, the cleanup, and other time-consuming activities! Sweep everyone away and take them to one of the best restaurants in town that offers just what you need – a delicious, holiday-inspired menu and ambiance reflecting the Christmas spirit. Interested? Start planning your holiday celebrations now, because with Tagvenue’s list of Christmas restaurants in Washington, D.C., soon you will be spending a wonderful holiday time singing carols, eating luscious food, and enjoying the time with your closest ones!

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Christmas Restaurants Rental Guide

Who doesn’t love Christmas?! It’s the most wonderful time of the year, filled with love and joy (and good food)! But such an intensive holiday season always comes with extra responsibilities that might get you out of steam pretty quickly. But don’t worry! In case you’re afraid of losing your holiday spirit in the process of preparing a holiday dinner all by yourself, or you’re a clumsy cook, here’s the expert solution: allow the professionals to take the plunge and rent a restaurant for your Christmas meal in DC!

After all, Christmas is the time to spend with your loved ones, so say goodbye to all of the extra obligations! And enjoy a gracious moment with your loved ones by talking, laughing, and singing carols in between eating delicious treats without missing out! Spend a truly fantastic holiday in one of the Christmas restaurants in Washington, D.C, and make it one to remember. With Tagvenue’s help, you’ll find the ideal one catering to your needs and budget in no time.

How to find the perfect Christmas restaurant in Washington, DC?

Are you interested in taking your Christmas celebration to one of the city’s fantastic restaurants? Great! Then now it’s time to begin the planning process and find the perfect space! But before you throw yourself into the search for “the one” Christmas restaurant, take a look at our expert tips. They cover all the important matters that should be considered to reach the goal of finding the perfect Christmas venue, as well as make the experience enjoyable and successful!

Budget - This is one of the most important factors that you need to consider. Think how much you can pay for the whole party organization and what sum of that money you can allocate on the restaurant rental. Whether you’ve got unlimited funds, or have to keep it reasonable, nobody likes overpaying! So once you know your limit, track all the expenses. It will help you avoid overspending! Also, try reaching out to venue managers for individual offers and, if you’re planning a big feast for family and friends, don’t hesitate to ask for discounts. And remember, if you need to save money, a bash in early December will be much more affordable than Christmas Day Dinner at a restaurant!

Guest number - How many people would you like to invite? And how would you like everyone to be seated? Having an estimated guest number will help you find a comfortable space that will contribute to everyone’s enjoyment. And when it comes to layout, some restaurants offer one type only, which means you won’t be able to arrange it as you’d like. So keep it in mind while looking for the best space that caters to your needs. 

Date - Be flexible! Pick at least three dates that you like and compare which one has the best options available in your price range. You’ll get an insight on whether you’ve picked the best restaurant. Once you’ve got an offer that piqued your interest, secure it ASAP! The holiday season is the busiest time of all, so to avoid missing out on all the best offers, try to book your first-choice venue as early as you can.

Event type - How do you envision your Christmas dinner? In a premier Washington restaurant with upscale decor, or in a more casual eatery offering an informal setting? Maybe you’d like to splurge on the celebration and guarantee everyone a palate-spoiling experience in a Michelin-star restaurant? Determine what type of event you’d like to host. It will help you pick a venue that will cater to your needs and contribute to bringing your vision of the ideal Christmas party to life! You can also pick one of our favorite holiday themes and have a truly festive dinner party.

Location - An accessible location can win you some more guests. The holiday season can cause terrible traffic, so maybe it’d be a great idea to leave the car in the garage and use public transportation instead? Not only you and your guests will help the environment, but also save some precious time by avoiding the traffic! So make sure the location of your first-choice restaurant has decent access to metro and bus stops. 

Menu - To many, Christmas celebrations equal delicious food. So make sure there’s something everyone will enjoy and eat with eagerness. We know that roast turkey is the king of every Christmas table, but if your cousin or sister-in-law is vegetarian, make sure to offer them appropriate options so they don’t feel like they’re missing out. Many restaurants craft special holiday menus during the Christmas period, and renting one allows you to some extent modify the menu to your liking. Maybe it’d be a great occasion to add some unexpected French or Mediterranean twist to the feast and surprise everyone?  

And now you’re good to discover your ideal Christmas restaurant! So merry up and take our search engines for a spin! After typing all the details, you’ll see a curated selection of restaurants all over the District. And on that list, your ideal space that can bring a certain unmistakable element to your celebration is waiting to be discovered. 

FAQs about Christmas Restaurants in Washington, DC

How much does it cost to rent a Christmas restaurant in Washington, D.C.?

The final costs may vary depending on the restaurant’s reputation, location, and popularity. But generally, during Christmas, most restaurants offer attractive packages that include a full-course meal, dessert, and beverages. The prices for such packages range between $60 to $100+ per person. But a full buyout is also possible, and for this type of rental expect to pay from $1000+. Private dining rooms for Christmas parties in Washington, D.C. can be a bit more affordable, with minimum spend rates starting around $1,000. (All data from

Are restaurants in Washington, D.C. open on Christmas Day?

Myriad restaurants are open on the 25th of December, both for dine-in and dine-out. Some venues might also be closed for the general public, but will provide services upon prior booking - just make sure you start your search early!

Additionally, most of them offer fantastic holiday menus that will get you and your guests in a festive mood! But it’s also possible to order delicious treats a la carte if you’re not into holiday dishes.

How early should I rent a restaurant for a Christmas party in DC?

A general rule of thumb states: as soon as possible! Holidays are the sought-after season when all the best District restaurants are booked well in advance. So to have the best options available on your preferred date and time, start your venue-hunt at least 3 months in advance.

Which areas of Washington, D.C. have the best Christmas restaurants?

The areas of the Federal Triangle and Penn Quarter have many great restaurants for the holidays in close proximity, but they can get a little crowded because of their huge popularity among tourists. Nevertheless, they’re a fantastic choice if you don’t mind a bit of noise. If you feel like splurging for holiday festivities, then you should take into consideration Georgetown or Shaw, which are filled with more upscale options. To rent one of the best Christmas dinner restaurants in Washington, D.C., check out Downtown, which offers a plethora of options that will provide you with a festive setting. Additionally, there are plenty of fantastic private dining rooms around Dupont and Logan Circle. They are perfect both for small corporate holiday parties and family dinners!

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