Christmas Dinner Restaurants for Rent in Los Angeles, CA

Christmas Dinner Restaurants for Rent in Los Angeles, CA

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Christmas is not only a time of giving - it’s also a time of feasting! And what’s a better way to celebrate this special time of the year than with a delicious dinner in a great restaurant?! Even though the weather in Los Angeles may not bring the sounds of sleigh bells ringing, you still may want to celebrate the holiday to its fullest. With Tagvenue’s help, you will be doing that in no time! All you need to do is enter some crucial details about your event into our search engine, hit the “search” button and scroll through our great selection of Christmas dinner restaurants in Los Angeles!

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Christmas Dinner Restaurants Rental Guide

Loosen your belts, it’s time for a Christmas extravaganza! We don’t really know too many people who aren’t excited for this special season! It’s time for indulging in comfort food, spectacular desserts you say no to at any other time of the year, out-of-this-world cocktails made with the best liquor and quality time with your family. 

Christmas is, without a doubt, the most wonderful time of the year. It’s a time of giving, sharing love, happiness and joy as families and friends come together to spend time with one another. They set up beautiful Christmas trees and decorate them with gorgeous ornaments. Some go slightly further and don’t limit the decorations to just trees - they decorate their whole houses, inside and outside, to create the festive atmosphere. To ensure you celebrate this Christmas season properly and don’t forget about anything, we have written down some of the essentials that could help you get into the holiday spirit.

What are some of the Christmas essentials? 

A Christmas Tree. It seems obvious but let’s be honest: isn’t the Christmas tree the biggest essential of the holiday season? There are plenty of beautiful decorating ideas to choose from, all-white, silver, and more eclectic styles. A wonderful idea is to DIY your tree decorations and maybe even go one better - do it with your children and create unique ornaments that will be family treasures for years to come. Once you’ve prepared the decorations, why not throw a Christmas tree decorating party? You could invite your closest relatives and friends, have each person bring their own ornament, festive food and an ugly Christmas sweater. To make the party even more special, play some Christmas tunes and, if you feel like it, sing along to the classics! 

Movies. Can anyone imagine themselves having a Christmas without putting on comfy clothes, making a mug of hot cocoa (or a mulled wine), snuggling up on the couch and putting on such classics as “Home Alone” or “Elf”? We may be getting slightly ahead of ourselves, but we think the answer is a big NO. There aren’t many things that can top watching a heartwarming holiday flick with your nearest and dearest. In fact, it is a part of the Christmas celebration for many families to sit down together and immerse themselves in the magic of festive movies. We’re sure you have your favorites but in case you are looking for something fresh, have a look at your favourite streaming platform’s offer and find something you’ll love! 

Candy Canes. What started as sugar sticks to keep young singers quiet during a ceremony is now one of the sweetest Christmas symbols. It comes as no surprise that candy canes are the number-one-selling non-chocolate candy during December in the United States. Some love to eat them, others prefer them as an ornament on the Christmas tree but either way, candy canes are an essential part of Christmas. If you’re a massive fan of these sugary goodies, you can also rock the symbol on festive jumpers or socks!

Christmas Cards. There are a few other holiday traditions as important as sending Christmas cards to your close family members, friends and even business partners. It allows people to communicate with one another - especially if they live far away and haven’t seen each other in months. It is also a great way to show your loved ones that you are thinking about them and to wish them well. There is a huge variety of Christmas cards for you to choose from: ones with traditional images of the Nativity, modern designs or personalised cards with family photos on the front. One thing is certain: thoughtful Christmas wishes will definitely spread some love and holiday spirit, so don’t hesitate any more and start thinking of the ones you’ll be sending this season.

Nearest and dearest. No matter how beautiful your Christmas tree is, no holiday celebration is complete without your loved ones. Let’s be honest, it’s the people that create the warm, festive atmosphere, not the decorations or the delicious meals. Christmas is a perfect time to see loved ones who live far away or catch up with childhood friends that are visiting their homes for the holidays. You get to spend some quality time with them without any rush as everyone is probably on a little break and has no work-related excuses. Take advantage of it, set the date and have as much fun as possible! 

Christmas is an amazing opportunity for a family reunion and many generations to meet, talk or even play some games together. They could also exchange fascinating stories about their ancestors, meanings behind household traditions or update each other about what's happened in their lives since the last time they saw each other.

And if you're organizing a corporate Christmas dinner, no worries: we've got plenty of holiday meal ideas that will leave your colleagues merry and joyous

Since we’ve just mentioned people you will be spending Christmas with, we should probably mention briefly some dishes that have to be part of your festive meal. We all know how important and beloved the Christmas dinner is, so without further ado, have a read and start thinking of the food list for your feast!

What should be included in a Christmas feast:

If you're looking for Christmas restaurants, Los Angeles has much to offer! Many venues offer set holiday packages, filled with seasonal classics and unique dishes, but sometimes you might need to create a menu by yourself!

In case you’re making last-minute adjustments to your Christmas menu or it’s the first time you’re hosting a Christmas dinner and are in need of inspiration, we have written down some dishes:

  • Baked or smashed potatoes. Potatoes in any form will steal the show. You could go for a traditional recipe with just salt or alter it and cook them with thyme, lemon, duck fat, or balsamic vinegar, to name just a few. Potatoes are not only beloved by many but, in fact, some people can’t imagine themselves having a Christmas meal without a side of potatoes - especially served with well-cooked meat. What’s the best about either roast or smashed potatoes? They are both easy recipes that you can change and modify to suit your and your guest's preferences.

  • Meat. Ham is the stereotypical Christmas Day meal, though it’s not nearly as ubiquitous as turkey on Thanksgiving. Since these two holidays are not too far from one another, some families choose to have turkey whilst others decide to prepare ham for Christmas dinner. For example, the most traditional main course in the South is beef but some hosts serve ham, lamb or even duck. The choice of meat comes down to you and your preferences.

  • Stuffing (to go with the turkey). Stuffing is traditionally served with turkey on Thanksgiving, yet some families opt for it on Christmas Day as well - after all, your holiday meal can take all sorts of forms. There are actually plenty of stuffing recipes that you could prepare this year: sage, dried fruit, nuts or wild mushrooms, to name a few. The most traditional stuffing (probably made in your family for generations) is the one made from bread, butter, eggs, broth, fresh herbs, celery and onions. Some may say it’s old-fashioned but we say: it’s the taste and smell of the holidays.

  • Rolls. If there is one dish that has to have a special spot on a table for every Christmas meal, it is nothing else but freshly baked rolls! They don’t have to be made from scratch, yet it’s super important that they are freshly baked and, ideally, served warm. Although homemade yeast rolls bring lots of aroma to your home, there is a twist to the recipe that will make it truly memorable: Christmas rolls in a festive wreath shape! It’s nothing complicated and could be a statement dish on your table that could truly surprise your guests. All you need to do is put small rolls of dough just around the rim and leave the middle empty. If you’re worried the dough will grow too much and ruin the wreath shape, put an oven-safe measuring cup in the middle to make sure it maintains the desired shape.

  • Cornbread. Cornbread is bread made with cornmeal. It’s a quick and easy recipe (takes up to 30 minutes), yet it’s delicious. You can’t really beat the crisp golden crust and moist, fluffy center, so it should come as no surprise that it’s an essential for many Christmas feasts. Cornbread tastes amazing on its own, but if you need more carbs, it goes well with a number of things as well, such as chilli or beans. Some like to crumble it and add to their chilli, mix it and then sprinkle the dish with cheddar. If you’re thinking of making your cornbread slightly different this year, there are a few great toppings that will make it taste divine: honey, maple cream, butter, jam or jelly, or ham and cheese. 

  • Yams. Yams, also known in the USA as sweet potatoes, are a beloved dish served for the holiday celebrations. There are many ways you could prepare yams for your Christmas family dinner. Everyone knows the good old fashioned candied yams! You could modify the traditional recipe a bit and instead of serving just yams, prepare a sweet potato casserole or mix a few Christmassy goodies to create a sweet potato eggnog casserole.

  • Pumpkin or apple pie. Pumpkin pies have been a part of American culinary history for many, many years - the first mentions date back to even the late 17th century. Pumpkin pie is not only tasty but also good for your health: pumpkin is rich in vital vitamins and minerals. You may have your trusty recipe that is loved by the whole family but if you’re looking for something new, there are plenty of great pumpkin pie recipes online. Keep in mind that not everybody is a fan of pumpkin which doesn’t mean you have to skip a pie for Christmas dinner! A great idea would be to make an apple pie instead! Apple pie originated in Europe but quickly found its way to Americans’ hearts as well. Google away some fantastic recipes that will mesmerize all of your guests.

  • Eggnog. For many people, a big part of the Christmas celebration is a glass (or a few) of eggnog. Ideally, it should be a homemade one, but if you feel like preparing all of the other dishes will take too long, go for store-bought eggnog. There are obviously plenty of different recipes and every person will have their favourite but in case you need inspiration, we have linked our go-to recipe for you to check out. Have a look and relish this Christmas delicacy with your loved ones.

Don’t worry if you won’t be able to see some of your closest friends during the Christmas break. You could always meet up with them for a holiday celebration prior to December 25th and have a delicious Christmas dinner in a rental restaurant! It doesn’t matter what your choice will be, one thing is certain: if you’ve read our lists of Christmas essentials and what should be part of your festive meal, the meeting will be a blast!

FAQs about Christmas Dinner Restaurants in Los Angeles, CA

Can you host a Christmas celebration in a restaurant?

It doesn’t matter if you are planning to host a festive dinner for your close friends or a corporate holiday party in LA, there are plenty of Christmas restaurants that offer a holiday ambiance and delicious seasonal menus. Some restaurants won’t be open on Christmas Day, but if you are interested in celebrating prior to the 25th of December - either with extended family, friends or colleagues - you shouldn’t have a problem finding a great place. Just make sure you start your venue search early enough and make a booking as soon as possible - December is a busy time of the year in Los Angeles and the best eateries might book out quickly.

How much does it cost to rent a restaurant in Los Angeles for a Christmas dinner celebration?

The City of Angels is full of great spaces where you could host a Christmas party of any size. Many restaurants charge per person with prices ranging from $30 to $75. It is also possible to rent a place and pay based on time you will spend there. Hourly rates start at $95 and can go up to $195. If you wish to rent a restaurant for the whole morning or evening, rental fees per session vary from $ 2,000 to $ 4,000. Los Angeles offers a great mix of Christmas restaurants, from affordable venues to premium locations. The final costs might vary depending on how close you are to Christmas Day and how much food you want to serve - a simple buffet will be much cheaper than a three course Christmas dinner! (All data from Tagvenue.)

Which are some of the best restaurants in Los Angeles for a Christmas dinner?

Whether you are planning a festive feast with friends or an annual celebration with colleagues, and you have no idea which place to choose, have a look at our top picks in LA:

  • The Green Room at Santuari - Celebrate the holidays with a delicious meal in Hollywood, on the iconic Forest Lawn Drive! Possibly one of the most unique restaurants for a holiday party, Santuari provides you with a summer vacation feel all year round.

  • The Hidden Gem - The weather is flawless, so why not have a Christmas dinner outside? Minutes from DTLA you can find The Hidden Gem, a multi-level venue with a wooden terrace and spectacular setting.

  • Main Dining Room at The Dal Rae - How about a classy meal at this elegant and top-rated Christmas restaurant? Here, you'll feel the holiday spirit immediately - for the season, the space is decorated with twinkling lights and Christmas trees! Head to Pico Rivera to check out this venue!

Is it possible to rent a Christmas restaurant with a harborside or beachside view?

In short: yes, it is! After all, we are talking about hosting a Christmas dining experience in Los Angeles! There are plenty of great spots that offer a charming setting and finger-licking food. One of such places is Shutters on the Beach, located just a few sandy steps from the Santa Monica State Beach. If you dream of having dinner with a harborside view, check out Ballast Point Brewing overlooking Long Beach Marina. This restaurant is sure to impress your guests!

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