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Top Christmas Restaurants in Atlanta

Jingle bells, jingle bells! Jingle all the way! Oh, what fun it is to dine in the best Christmas restaurants! When it comes to Noel, nothing beats classic comfort food, being with people you like, and listening to some carols. Known as a southern food hub, you can expect to find every kind of specialty in Atlanta, from ethnic foods to the famous local fried chicken. Restaurants in the heart of Georgia offer the best fine dining experiences and many casual BBQ spots. So, if you’re one of those hosts who enjoys a chilled backyard party or an opulent dinner at a luxurious eatery, Tagvenue is here to serve you the top restaurants in ATL on a silver platter. 

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Christmas Restaurants Rental Guide

We all know how excited everyone gets when it’s time for the Christmas feast! No matter how many times you’ve tried traditional festive dishes, having a scrumptious feast never gets old. Whether you’re planning a family gathering or a dinner with your mates who are just visiting, a good restaurant is the way to go! But how do you go about planning a dinner for the perfect Yuletide? 

Why should you pick a restaurant as your Christmas dinner venue? 

If it’s your first time playing the host, you’re probably freaking out and excited about the whole idea of a Christmas dinner. You also might be new to the area, which is why your best bet is to host the event at a restaurant. Since you will have to prepare different dishes, including the dessert, attend to all your guests, and clean up after them, you are bound to lose the holiday spirit and beat yourself up for having guests over. Hosting a dinner party at a restaurant means you won’t have to worry about anything except dressing up and looking your best for the photos! Imagine having to find the right crackers, holiday napkins, table runners, candleholders, and gifts for everyone. It sounds like an ordeal, doesn’t it? Fortunately, restaurants usually have this sorted out for you to have a fantastic experience in a merry ambiance.

How can you plan a Christmas dinner?

Restaurant dinner parties are inclusive by default; whether it’s the holiday music playing, the sweet smell of pine trees, the eggnog, or the fairy lights, there’s something about Christmas dinner parties at restaurants that’s simply magical! So if you’re thinking about throwing a restaurant party, here are a couple of things to help you plan the event!

Plan in advance

First things first. Nothing is more stressful than planning an extravagant party a week in advance! If you’ve been planning to host a dinner party for Christmas for months, it’s best to start organizing the event as soon as possible. This means writing down your guest list and browsing for possible venues in Atlanta. Since the city is known for its vibrant nightlife, you can find a perfect spot to host the merriest Christmas dinner party with ease. Once you have a general idea of what you want your party to look like, you can move on to the next steps!

Choose a theme

Whether you’re planning a tropical theme or a traditional Christmas party, think of possible themes to spice up your party. A fun theme can always make the dining experience unique. 

Set your budget

Christmas is the season of gifts. However, if you’re hosting a party, you’re likely to treat your guests or agree to split the bill. If you have a general idea of which restaurants are best for hosting a dinner party, you can easily come up with an average cost for the event. If not, you can always browse for restaurant venues on marketplaces like Tagvenue, where you can use the filters to find the best venue. Once you know the cost of renting a venue, it’s easier to set a party budget and stick to it. Assign yourself an amount that you’d like to spend on the meal. This includes various things such as the venue, food, and beverages, among other expenses. If you feel like spoiling your guests, you can always opt for some entertainment provided by the venue or hire a professional photographer to capture those special moments.

Pick a date

In an ideal world, everyone would make it to your dinner on the eve of Christmas. However, things don’t always go as planned, and many of your guests might have plans with their families and be unavailable for your event. Think about being flexible when picking a date for your party.  To avoid any disappointment, it’s best to invite your guests at least one month in advance so that they can RSVP and you can avoid overspending on reservations. 

Make a guest list 

Now that you know who’s going to attend, it’s time to finalize your guest list. By limiting your number of guests, you can ensure that your guests will interact with each other and that you’ll have enough time to talk to each of them. Since it’s Christmas time, it’s essential to invite the people you’re closest to and whose company you enjoy the most! After all, you wouldn’t want to ruin the holiday cheer! However, if you’re planning a corporate event, make sure that everyone is invited and confirms their availability at least a month in advance.

Think about menu options

Is Uncle John allergic to pine nuts? Has your cousin Jane recently switched to a vegan diet? If so, make sure to check that the menu offers a variety of options for everyone. Too complicated? Get in touch with your invitees to confirm whether they all agree on the menu options. Once they confirm, you should let the venue know in case they need to accommodate some special dietary restrictions. Most of your guests are vegan, so why not host a vegan dinner party with some delicious cranberry and lentil bake or a vegan Christmas wreath prepared by your favorite restaurant in Atlanta? 

Christmas Restaurants in Atlanta FAQ

What should I expect from a venue for a Christmas celebration?

Expect a variety of Christmas packages at restaurants. These venues will not only work on the decor but also on the ambiance, meaning you might have some free entertainment options on-site, such as a live band or a musician. Whether it’s a buffet or a family-style dinner, most dinners will have the table set as expected for the occasion. You may benefit from affordable menu options for a delicious dinner at this time of year.

Will the venues provide parking spaces?

The only way to ensure that you have ample parking space for your guests is to hire the venue in advance and let them know the number of cars that will require parking facilities. Since it can be tough for restaurants to keep up with the number of parking spaces during Christmas time, you might want to consider other options, such as paying for parking lots nearby.

Do some restaurants offer special Christmas packages?

Yes! Plenty of restaurants, ranging from five-star restaurants to casual eateries, have special Christmas meals at cheaper prices during the holiday season. Who knows? Maybe you could even enjoy a free glass of welcome champagne. A variety of restaurants also plan Christmas buffets, which are ideal if you wish to try a variety of foods without breaking the bank! If you’re planning to rent out a restaurant, chances are you can personalize the menu or work with the chef to provide you with a meal package at a reasonable price. Other restaurants will provide you with a special Christmas dinner that will include lots of traditional foods like roast beef and Christmas pudding, but at a budget-friendly price. 

What are some of the best locations in Atlanta for hosting dinners?

Atlanta is made up of diverse neighborhoods when it comes to food, the vibe, and architecture. Do you love upscale atmospheres and fine-dining restaurants? Check out the locations, such as Lenox Square in Buckhead. More of a family guy? Or why not pick a venue in a family-friendly neighborhood like Peachtree Heights East or the West for some antique infrastructure and the epic Atlanta History Center. If you're more of a foodie and nature lover, head to Midtown around Piedmont Park to experience the botanical gardens of the city and some local food trucks to fancy restaurants. We highly advise checking out venues all over Atlanta if they are easily accessible to everyone. For instance, one of the less famous locations in the city with an adorable name known as Cabbagetown is an artsy area where you can enjoy a handful of cozy restaurants and bars! It’s also a fab spot for hosting an exquisite dinner party with your folks!

Can I ask for the restaurant to be decorated in a specific way?

While most restaurants with private rooms might agree that you set the table in a specific way, it can be tough for restaurants to accommodate your decor needs since the restaurant might already have a theme in place. However, if you book a venue many months in advance, you can hire a venue decorator or work with the restaurant to personalize the venue as you prefer. 


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