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Top Christmas Restaurants in Chicago

Do you hear the bells ringing? Yes, Christmas is coming to town! The most magical time of the year, filled with joy, love, and gratitude is around the corner. Then why not celebrate and take your loved ones out for a fantastic feast in a restaurant! Chicago’s dining scene is like no other, and you will find an amazing range of options offering just what you need – delicious food and a truly cozy and warm atmosphere that reflects the Christmas spirit. And here on Tagvenue, you will find Chicago’s best Christmas restaurants that live up to the hype. So don’t wait any longer, check out our curated list, and book your favorite space today!

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Christmas Restaurants Rental Guide

Although Christmas is a fantastic time that everyone is waiting for with excitement and anticipation, we know how all the preparations for a Christmas dinner can get overwhelming. Planning the menu, calculating how much food to prepare, going shopping, setting the table, and cleaning up after. There are a lot of things to do! And we know how everyone tends to be busy nowadays, so while some may even be terrified at the thought of hosting a Christmas dinner there are plenty of restaurants waiting to come to the rescue. 

Organizing a Christmas dinner in a restaurant lifts the weight of all the preparation off your shoulders and gives you the time to enjoy moments with your guests without missing out and going back and forth to the kitchen. Just imagine that you can spend some quality time with your family and friends relaxing, laughing, and simply enjoying delicious food prepared and served just for you! Isn’t that a fantastic vision? 

Also, hosting a Christmas dinner in a restaurant is the perfect solution for any guest number. Whether you’re planning a great and big family feast, or an intimate gathering for a family of four, be quite sure that you will find the ideal space in Chicago - the foodie city. So why not make yourself a present and organize a Christmas dinner in a restaurant! Here on Tagvenue, we’ve rounded up a list of the best Christmas restaurants across the city that you can discover with the help of our smart filters. So hop on our platform, because an ideal space that will cater to your needs, guest number, and budget is only a click away! 

How to pick an ideal Christmas restaurant?

Decided to host a Christmas party in a restaurant? Then let’s dig into the process of finding the perfect space! We know that Chicago and its endless and fantastic dining options can make it a little bit difficult to find your number one venue (there are so many fantastic options!), so we’ve made a helpful list of tips to take into account when picking your perfect Christmas restaurant. It will smoothly guide you through the journey of finding the ideal restaurant space for your dinner party, making it short, sweet, and successful.

Determine your event type - What kind of event do you want to hold? It will have an immense impact on what type of restaurant you will go for. Would you like an upscale meal experience in a premier restaurant or one in less formal surroundings? Is it going to be a family-only gathering where you can easily kick back and relax over comfort food or a large feast with family and friends? Would you enjoy a traditional sit-down dinner or a buffet where everyone could mingle? Take some time to determine what type of event you would like to host, it will be worth it! 

Decide on the guest number - Roughly calculate how many people you would like to invite. An estimated guest number will help you rule out restaurant spaces that won’t accommodate your crowd. Also, at this point, it’s worth figuring out which table layout will be the best fit, as some restaurants offer one type only. So keep it in mind while looking for the space that matches your expectations.  

Set your budget - This is one of the most crucial factors that you will need to consider. Determine how much money you can afford to pay for the party organization and decide how much of that sum can go on the restaurant rental and other attractions you would like to incorporate. To find the best offer that will match your needs and price range, directly ask managers about the offer and discuss any late fees and unexpected costs. This will help you keep your budget within limits and avoid exceeding it. 

Pick a date and book ASAP - We recommend picking a few dates and comparing which one has the best options available in your price range. Once you’ve picked your first-choice offer, don’t linger and secure it as soon as possible! The holiday season is the busiest time of all, and you’re not the only one thinking of having dinner in a restaurant. So to avoid losing out, book as early as you can! 

Think of the menu - Honestly, there is no Christmas dinner without delicious food! And determining whether you would like to serve traditional Christmas dishes only, or spice up the menu with less-obvious options will narrow down your restaurant search. Maybe a space offering a menu with a Mediterranean twist, or in fully Mexican style? You’re the boss! However, make sure that whatever food option you pick, it will be according to any dietary restrictions and respect your guests’ food allergies.

Christmas Restaurants in Chicago FAQ

How much does it cost to rent a Christmas restaurant in Chicago?

To rent a restaurant in Chicago for a Christmas party, expect to pay from $35+ per person. However, the final costs may vary depending on the package option you choose. In many restaurants, it is also popular to charge per minimum spend. The prices range from $1000 up to $5000. (All data from

Which areas of Chicago have the best restaurants?

We won’t stop recommending the all-time foodie-neighborhood West Loop! It has fantastic restaurant options with most of them located on famous Restaurant Row aka Randolph Street. Everyone will find something to their liking there. But if you want a little bit more of an upscale feel to your Christmas celebrations, then head over to River North. Want something with a more eclectic and quirky soul? Then the areas of Logan Square and Bucktown will definitely cater to your needs.

What are some of the best restaurants for a Christmas dinner in Chicago?

All Chicago is dotted with restaurants all food-lovers will enjoy, but here are some of our favs:

Rooftop Lounge at Workbox - River North - Take your guests for a getaway to this simple yet elegant space and enjoy truly amazing views under the stars on the rooftop. 

Nightshade at Moonflower - A cozy and candlelit private space where everyone will enjoy themselves over the fantastic food is the perfect answer to an intimate Christmas affair.

Are Chicago restaurants open on Christmas Day?

For sure! Plenty of restaurants across Chicago are open on Christmas, both for dine-in and dine-out. And many of them offer fantastic and special menus to honor this truly special time. On our side, we can recommend the ones in River North, near the Grand subway station, and in Chicago Loop.

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