Christmas Party Restaurants for Rent in Miami, FL

Christmas Party Restaurants for Rent in Miami, FL

Explore our list of festive event spaces and book a fab location today!

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Top Christmas Party Restaurants in Miami, FL

Santa Claus is coming to Miami! It’s finally the most wonderful time of the year - are you ready to get into the holiday spirit? If you’ve been searching for some Christmas party restaurants in Miami, then you’re going to love the beautiful venues we have in store for you today. Planning a Christmas dinner is going to be your new favorite activity, especially with our fantastic search engine, thought-out rental guide and one-of-a-kind restaurants which offer the most delicious Christmas cuisine you’ve ever had. Now go get your checklist ready, and get exploring!

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Christmas Party Restaurants Rental Guide

Celebrating Christmas or not, you won’t need much convincing when it comes to having a fun get-together to celebrate with your favorite people, right? Whether it’s a family gathering, friendly drinks or company holiday party - you’ll be dining in style and in a great atmosphere soon enough. Get the party going with some fun decorations, cool alcohol options (for those of you that are of age, of course), and maybe some dress up if you’re into that type of thing. Miami is all about having fun, so don’t worry about looking silly - it’s time to enjoy yourself after all!

When planning the ultimate holiday bash, you may want to spice things up with some cool Christmassy plans. If you’re out of ideas then take a look at our little party checklist to get you started! And if you just want a simple rental guide and some recommendations, then keep scrolling for more.

Christmas party fun checklist

  • Secret Santa! Who doesn’t love a gift exchange? Especially if it’s done in a group where you all know each other well (and even if you don’t, it’s still a great way to get to know each other!). Draw your names out of a hat, or through an online generator if you happen to live quite far away from each other. Decide on a spending limit, and have fun pretending to be one of Santa’s secret elf helpers! 
  • Christmas movies after dinner? Alright, this might sound like an unconventional idea for a party in a venue, but hear us out. If you happen to throw a Christmas bash for a larger gathering with kids, you might want to consider having some peace and quiet, so you get a chance to eat (wink wink). Putting on Home Alone in the background is not such a bad idea to get the kids in a circle and gasping in awe as their favorite movie is played. If the venue offers a larger TV or a projector, it could be some way to have a bit of entertainment, and let the adults off the hook for the holidays too. Browse Miami's restaurants with private rooms if you're looking to create multiple spaces during the Christmas party! 
  • Have yourself some merry Christmas punch. And this option is not necessarily just for adults. Get yourself a mix of cranberry and apple juice, some lemon and lime, and add a splash of your fav percentages to make the drink for over 21s. Leave out the alcohol, and there you have the perfect drink to make the youngsters not cry about wanting the colorful drink that mom and dad has too. Just be careful not to mix the glasses - the kids might not be too fond of your personal funky mix. 
  • Make everything smell like Christmas. It’s going to hit you on your way in, and you know you’ll love it just as much as we do. The typical orange, chocolate, gingerbread and cloves. Who doesn’t love such a mix? A nice Christmas decoration which brings out  a lovely smell is an orange with cloves stuck inside. Also, get the peels twisted and dried, and of course use the fruit itself to put into some mulled wine or hot tea. A win-win for everyone. And we wouldn’t be ourselves if we didn’t recommend some amazing Christmas candles. Yankee Candle Christmas Eve or Crisp Campfire Apples anyone?

Christmas restaurants rental guide

So now you have a party to remember. But what about the venue renting process? What will you have to keep in mind before booking the perfect location?

When searching for the ideal space, don’t forget about setting a budget. Remember you still have all those presents to buy! Thankfully, at Tagvenue we have affordable options as well. When booking an event space, ask the manager what’s included in the rental fee. If you want to reduce the cost, you can always ask for a BYOB option, and bring your own wine. Just don’t forget the corkage fee. If you’re renting a private space, you’ll likely be able to bring your own decor, should you wish to have the place even more festive. Send out invitations to your guests ASAP, and have them respond quickly. Booking a place especially around Christmas time is a tricky business, since so many people opt to celebrate in venues. Additionally, not all restaurants in Miami are open on Christmas day, so your selection will be narrower! We recommend booking at least two months in advance, this gives you plenty of time to prepare for the festive dinner. 

Have you decided if you want to have traditional Christmas food? If so, then check if the venue offers this option in December - some restaurants change their menus for the season and even offer special holiday packages. If not, you can always check whether getting external catering is allowed. Last but not least, check the cancellation policy - just in case you’ll have to opt out at the last minute. Some restaurants allow cancellations up to a certain date before the event. But we really do hope you won’t have to use this option at all! And of course, if you need any extra amenities during your time, have a phone call with the manager - they’ll be more than happy to help out. Now go and book your fab holiday venue before someone else gets their hands on it!

Finally, know what you're looking for! Searching for the best restaurants in Miami for an office party or Christmas lunch? Or perhaps on the hunt for a private dining room for family Christmas dinner? 

FAQs about Christmas Party Restaurants in Miami, FL

What’s the price range of Christmas party restaurants in Miami?

The average price of holiday packages in Miami is around $45 per person. You can expect some offers at as low as $16 per person, as well as venues which go up to $70. If you wish to rent a restaurant for Christmas, fees usually start around $100 per session and reach up to $5,000+ per day. Minimum spend restaurants are a great pick for Christmas Eve dinner with friends and family. Most eateries require between $500 and $5,000 spent on food and drinks during your event, depending largely on the size of the venue. When it comes to parties, Miami treats you well with prices, so that’s one less thing you’re going to have to worry about! (All data from Tagvenue.)

What types of restaurants can I book in Miami for Christmas?

You can expect to book indoor as well as outdoor venues in Miami. It's a lovely option, since the city gets quite warm in the month of December! You can expect to find terraces and patios, and even skyline view rooftops. For indoor Christmas parties, there are full buyout restaurants, private and semi-private spaces, and bar-restaurants. If you're planning a very large party, for example a company holiday dinner, hotel restaurants often offer large suites and banquet halls. In Miami's most spacious restaurant venues, you can host over 300 guests seated

Can I book a unique restaurant for a Christmas party in Miami?

Actually, if you want something completely out of the ordinary, then we have a venue for the occasion! Check out 94th Aero Squadron Restaurant, which offers indoor space as well as an outdoor one if you want to sit outside. In general, the whole venue’s theme is merriment. If you’re a fan of airport runways, this venue will be just facing the Miami International Airport one! Accompanied by good food, this will be the place for you!

What type of event can I host in a Christmas restaurant in Miami?

Christmas is that lovely time of the year, when you can invite anyone for a party and nobody would find it strange. An extended family gatheringChristmas drinks with friends? A networking holiday party? Expect to enjoy yourself with any company you please, this is after all, the most wonderful time of the year! Miami is popular for outdoor Christmas parties, but also wonderful themed bashes. If you're not celebrating the holidays, how about a celebration with a winter theme?

And if you really want to, you can always combine some birthday, engagement or other party with Christmas dinner to save money and effort on organizing separate events!

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