Special Occasion Restaurants for Rent in Houston, TX

Special Occasion Restaurants for Rent in Houston, TX

Make your event even more special and book one of H-Town's unique eateries

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Top Special Occasion Restaurants in Houston, TX

Did you know Houston is where stars like Beyonce once lived? H-Town is one of the places that many celebrities call home! That being said, it’s also one of the most unique cities in the US. With cultural landmarks, museums, diversity, and an exceptional culinary landscape, you will find plenty of special occasion restaurants in Houston where you can throw the most exclusive party ever. Wondering what a special occasion restaurant is like? Check out the super special list of venues that will blow your mind and rent your favorite one right away!

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Special Occasion Restaurants Rental Guide

What is a special occasion restaurant?

Special occasions mean different things to different people. For some it might be a family gathering on Christmas, for others, it might be anniversary parties, or just a means to reward themselves for any milestone achievement. Besides that, many consider dining at fine restaurants a means to spice up their monotonous daily routine. While others may opt for flowers or chocolate, people like you and me know that there’s nothing as pleasurable as a scoop of your favorite dessert or savoring a glass of Dom Perignon. A special occasion restaurant is anything that makes you feel good and serves delicious food. This doesn’t mean you have to break your piggy bank to have a good time. Whether it’s the neighborhood restaurant serving delicious crepes or a posh Italian restaurant, the definition of "special" is totally up to you!

Types of cuisine in Houston

Houston is known as a melting pot and it’s one of the most diverse places you’ve probably been to. It’s not only cowboys and hot summers, Hustle-Town has indeed hustled pretty hard in the restaurant area to bring you the very best food from all parts of the world. Here are some of the cuisines that you’ve got to try in Houston. Old-timers and rookies, time to discover the magic of Houston eateries!

Southern Cuisine 

Southern cuisine is like melting gold for your tummy if that makes any sense. Southern dishes are probably the tastiest and most flavorful you’ll ever taste in your life. A mix of Creole, Cajun, and Floribbean cuisine, you will find numerous Southern eateries serving delicious Kentucky burgoo and banana pudding in Louisiana, Pasadena, and South Houston

Italian cuisine

Have you tried the best penne alla vodka in H-Town? Well with the unlimited Italian restaurant options in Houston. You’ll be shouting delizioso at the top of your lungs after dinner. Moreover, you’ll find Italian restaurants that specialize in pizzas, or that offer excellent selections of wines to pair with your meal. Tired of the old-fashioned Aglio e olio? Houston offers many spots on Alabama Street and Richmond Avenue that offer fusion options such as capellini with a dash of Indian flavors.

Indian Cuisine

Westheimer Road is the road to spices and perfect aromas. India is made up of more than 500 cultures, so it’s no surprise that there’s a range of cuisines within the Indian cuisine category. If you love spicy food, head to any South Indian restaurant in the area. Maybe you love the sweeter things in life? Gujarati cuisine might be just what you need to satisfy your cravings. From sweet potato samosas to delicious saag paneer, your guests are about to live the Bollywood dream! (Particularly if the place provides some live entertainment!

French Cuisine 

Bonjour Houston, what do you have for dinner today? Plenty, Monsieur! Temples of fine dining, cafes, and brasseries are the few common types of eating places you will find in the city. If you love delicious meat and runny cheese, we recommend treating yourself to a lunch or dinner in Louisiana or Uptown Boulevard where you’ll find the top French restaurants for a feast. Some bakeries even offer larger spaces for you to host an event with your friends and enjoy some delectable croissants and chocolate mousse. 

Local Cuisine 

As we’ve mentioned earlier, Houston is a melting pot of cultures and cuisines. If you love the taste of delicious local cuisine that reminds you of your grandma’s famous pies, you’ll love eating at restaurants serving local dishes. There’s a lot to explore around Almeda Road. So if you’ve been craving crispy fried shrimp and delicious fajitas, you’ll find several spots to rent out and throw a dinner party!

Wineries (almost a cuisine!)

Not a cuisine but certainly a favorite of many! In case you didn’t know, wineries frequently serve food and are, in several aspects, much like restaurants. You will find plenty of venues that are both wineries and restaurants and serve luscious dishes and excellent wine. These places are fantastic for occasions like get-togethers and a dinner party for two. Wineries often serve five-course meals and provide recommendations for the perfect pairings. A thrilling experience for anyone who has never tried it before!

Among other restaurants to try are Asian ones which offer a range of cuisines from Thai classics to Mongolian ones.(Talk about something special!) Or from Spanish cuisine to contemporary fusion cuisine, there’s all you will ever need in Magnolia City. Whether you’re hosting a party for two or a larger event you can surely find the perfect spot in Houston.

Here are a few things to consider when renting a special event restaurant:

  • Venue location

 A faraway location that requires your guest hours to commute to is worse than a shabby venue. Consider renting a party venue that’s close enough for your guests to get there on time. Make sure that they can conveniently use public transportation in case they don’t have cars. 

  • Guest size

Once you confirm the availability of your guests, you can go ahead and book the venue based on your capacity requirements. It’s critical to check the availability of your guests a week before the event to ensure that you don’t overspend when renting the venue.

  • Venue atmosphere

One of the key elements that affect an event’s success is the atmosphere of the place. While some people love an opulent space with chandeliers, others prefer a laid-back atmosphere where they can relax without worrying about work or other responsibilities. Keep in mind the feeling you wish to convey when organizing your event. For instance, an overly relaxed atmosphere at a restaurant for a corporate milestone might be perceived as inappropriate. 

  • Food options

 Consult your guests before finalizing the menu. You may collaborate with the chef or venue to provide a customized menu for your event. Or you can always host a buffet for everyone to serve themselves and keep the expenses within reasonable limits.

FAQs about Special Occasion Restaurants in Houston, TX

Can I host a corporate event at a special occasion restaurant?

Yes, absolutely! If you’re throwing a party or celebrating a milestone, special occasion restaurants are the way to go. To make your event even more special, and ensure the comfort of your guests, rent out a semi-private or private space or even the whole venue, depending on how much privacy you require.

Can I bring food to the special event?

Not so fast! You may not always be allowed to bring food to the venue. It depends on the space’s rules and restrictions in place. Many restaurants are usually reluctant to allow outside catering as they are in the food business. However, it won't hurt to ask the manager.

What are special occasion restaurants good for?

These venues are perfect for any event that requires a little bit of extravagance or a touch of sophistication. Fortunately in Houston, you will find amazing restaurants with great food but a laid-back atmosphere for those who dislike luxurious spots. Wedding receptions, baby showers, bridal showers, and graduation parties among others are all events that require a special place. However, these spaces are also excellent picks for treating yourself for no special reason!

How much does a special occasion restaurant cost?

If you are planning a big event, you can host a party for around $ 1000 to $7500 for a session, which is around five to six hours. If you are planning to rent a semi-private or private room in Houston, you’ll find many options for under $100 for a special occasion. (All data according to Tagvenue. )

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