Christmas Restaurants for Rent in Dallas, TX

Christmas Restaurants for Rent in Dallas, TX

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Top Christmas Restaurants in Dallas, TX

Playing the host when you don’t feel like cooking? These Christmas restaurants in Dallas will literally save you from losing it. Along with the obvious advantages, like hosting a stress-free event while making sure everyone is well-fed, you can find a venue that fits your style and mood like a glove. This cultural and historic location has some of the best eateries for a holiday meal, together with classy entertainment options such as ballet or opera. So, if you love an elegant celebration, check out Tagvenue’s curated restaurants for your festive dinner!

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Christmas Restaurants Rental Guide

Everyone dreads spending hours baking in the kitchen while playing the host. It might sound like a fun idea at first, but you’ll be quick to lose the festive spirit once you have to take care of ten things at a time. Imagine having to deal with that pecan pie in the oven, the silverware on the table, the Christmas tree, and cleaning up and dressing up all at once? Sounds like a lot of fun? Surely not. Dallas' Christmas restaurants are not only decorated with a jolly atmosphere that will instantly revive your inner child, but they will also ensure that their guests have an amazing experience. You will only have to worry about making conversation and looking damn good!

What type of cuisine can I find at a restaurant in Dallas?

Dallas is known as a trendy city, and when it comes to dining, you’re guaranteed to find the very best of BBQ spots, seafood eateries, pizzerias, burger joints, and countless fine-dining restaurants. Make sure to try some of the city's specialties, such as good ol’ Tex Mex classics like fajitas, Cinco leches cakes, or brisket, if you haven’t yet! Known for its cozy dining atmosphere since the early 1900s, this feature of the Dallas dining landscape has surely remained unchanged despite boasting many fancy restaurants in the city. Whether you’re craving French cuisine, a classic onion soup with croutons, or top-quality American steaks, you’ll find everything you desire in Dallas. If you’re planning a big event like a corporate Christmas party, think about renting the whole venue so that you can personalize the food options and add some non-traditional foods to Santa’s menu! Planning a smaller event and hiring a semi-private room? You’re in for a treat with delectable dinners such as roast pork or other mouth-watering à la carte items. 

How can you plan a Christmas dinner party?

With plenty of all-inclusive Christmas packages, throwing a party at a Christmas restaurant is a piece of carrot cake! While the venue will take care of everything from the decor to the entertainment, there are few things you should bear in mind when hosting a party.

Make early reservations

A Christmas legend says procrastination is the biggest enemy of flawless party planning. Bet you didn’t know that one! Starting with the obvious: reserve that venue. Do it as early as possible after receiving confirmation from all of your guests. If it’s too late for that, prepare to be flexible with the choice and date of your venue rental. 

Expert tip: Consider hosting the dinner party a week or more before Christmas Day to save some money! Sure, a Christmas Eve dinner sounds magical, but the best holiday restaurants in Dallas might book out early. The first half of December can be a bit less busy! Throwing a lunch party or Christmas breakfast is also more affordable than dinner since restaurants tend to attract more customers in the evening.

Keep the venue updated on changes

Though Christmas is the season of celebration and gathering, sometimes, your guests will simply turn down that invitation at the last minute! Be prepared for any changes and let the venue know ASAP so that they can adjust the meal accordingly. The same goes for extra seats! There’s always a possibility that a friend-of-a-friend might want to join you, so be sure to let the restaurant know ahead of time so that they can lay the table for your extra guests or simply reconfigure the dining room!

Make it unique

Christmas doesn’t have to rhyme with classic or pinecones and snow, particularly if you're planning a larger event. Whether it’s the decor or other things like the room, there are many ways to add your signature to the event. You may want to be the center of attention and host the party in the main room of the locale, or maybe it happens to be an occasion to celebrate two things at the same time, such as an engagement and Christmas - make sure to tell the restaurant so that they can assist you in the best way possible!

Be punctual 

Nothing’s worse than showing up late at your party unless you're Leonardo Di Caprio. Your guests will be dispirited if you are late for dinner. It’s best to arrive a few minutes ahead of your reservation time, if not more. You can sit at the table while waiting for everyone else to arrive and let the waiter or restaurant manager take care of the guests once they reach the restaurant. If the whole group is likely to be late, let the restaurant know so that they can be prepared. What about canceling the event? Let the venue know as soon as possible. You can always postpone the event to avoid losing all your deposits or simply use them for some other occasion. Remember to discuss the rental options with the venue manager.

Pick a head of the table

It’s always tempting to be the head when throwing a dinner party, but you may consider other factors such as the age of your guests or the guest of honor when picking the head of the table. The designated person will also be responsible for the table, so if Aunt May is a shy one, it’s better not to choose her as the head! However, once your restaurant knows who’s the host you can still be reached anytime and still choose someone else as the head! It’s often a symbolic gesture more than playing the ringleader. So let the waiter or waitress know who to bother for their at-the-table needs.

FAQs about Christmas Restaurants in Dallas, TX

Do restaurants in Dallas provide all-inclusive packages for Christmas?

If by all-inclusive you mean the starter, the main course, and the dessert, then yes! Most alcoholic beverages will not be included in the Christmas package, though. You may have one bottle of wine or champagne as part of the package, but you will still have to pay for any additional bottles. If you’re hosting a large event, such as a company holiday dinner party, consult the venue manager to assist you with the decor, entertainment, and all the preparation. Dallas offers a range of restaurants with special offers for Christmas dinner, so you'll surely find something for yourself!

What are some of the greenest neighborhoods in Dallas to host a Christmas lunch?

If you love nature, think of renting a Christmas restaurant at White Rock Lake, where you can take your guests to the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden after lunch. Downtown and Uptown Dallas also have much to offer, such as Klyde Warren Park, surrounded by the glistening Dallas skyline. Missing the beach? The sandy shores and meadows of Lake Grapevine, located northeast of Fort Worth, will certainly make you feel better!

Can I bring my own alcohol to the restaurant?

Alcohol doesn’t come cheap, and while you may be tempted to sneak in a couple of bottles, it’s best to check whether the restaurant accommodates such options. You can use the 'BYO alcohol allowed' filter to find Dallas restaurants for Christmas dinner that offer this option. If you can't find anything fitting, it’s best to simply respect their policy and buy alcohol at the spot.

How can I spend less money on the drinks?

While alcohol plays a huge part at Christmas gatherings, it can cost a lot. A simple way to cut costs is to select a few affordable options or simply restrict the number of bottles for the event. Consider small but effective changes, like swapping champagne for prosecco. 

Can the food options be customized despite the Christmas packages?

Good question! Consult your guests to know if they have any dietary restrictions and let the venue manager know at the earliest. Most restaurants will be glad to provide some options for your guests despite the existing Christmas menu. So make sure to communicate openly!


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