Birthday Party Venues for Rent in Las Vegas, NV

Birthday Party Venues for Rent in Las Vegas, NV

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Top Birthday Party Venues in Las Vegas, NV

Someone’s celebrating another trip around the sun? Why not honor it by throwing a memorable bash in one of Las Vegas birthday party venues?! Sin City is an entertainment hub like no other, and it’s all ready to spoil you with a wide selection of fantastic places of all shapes and sizes: from exquisite restaurants, vibrant cafes, and quirky bars to trendy clubs and charming terraces, to name just a few. And what’s even cooler - you’ll find what you need on Tagvenue! So give our search engine a spin and browse our short list of top birthday party venues in Las Vegas! We’re certain you’ll be booking your dream space within minutes!

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Birthday Party Venues Rental Guide

Some love them, some hate them, but let’s be honest: there is nothing cooler than a birthday party! It’s a great way to celebrate while being surrounded by those who are closest to you. Whether you are planning to throw a birthday party for your kid or planning a big birthday dinner to celebrate your friend’s anniversary, Las Vegas will not disappoint! And what’s even better, finding the right spot will be quite easy thanks to Tagvenue’s carefully curated collection of top party venues in Sin City. So, are you ready to start?!

A birthday party in a unique venue sounds like a fantastic idea! To make the special occasion even more special, we’ve decided to list a few tips and tricks that can help you with the planning and make it an unforgettable celebration. 

Guide to planning a birthday party

Whether you’re planning a splendid birthday party or a lowkey gathering for a small group of your closest friends, we’re certain you’d like everyone to have a great time. Check out our tips to ensure you know exactly where to start when planning a party everyone will keep everyone talking for months to come!

  • Set the budget - To make this celebration a memorable one, remember to set a  budget. Tracking all of the party costs will increase your chances of not overspending and, what’s even better, finding the best venue that falls within your price range. 
  • Find the ideal location - The venue location should be accessible to all of your guests, so before booking it, make sure there are public transportation stops and parking lots nearby. Also, the place you end up renting should comfortably accommodate all of your party guests, so keep in mind the number of guests while looking for your dream party space.
  • Sort out the catering - Whatever food and drinks option you choose, it should cater to all of your guests’ dietary restrictions and food allergies so that everyone can enjoy themselves - that’s the most important aspect. When it comes to the dishes, you can choose either finger food or a full-course dinner. Simply make sure that nobody leaves your event with a rumbling stomach.
  • Set the right mood - For starters, pick the right venue: do you envision your party in a place with lots of natural light or somewhere dimly lit? Apart from the light, think of the venue’s decor: will it match your style or the event’s theme ? Another thing to consider: decorations! If the venue allows it, put up decorations that will transform the space. And finally: music! Have something playing in the background throughout the whole event to ensure there is no awkward silence at any point.
  • Sort out the entertainment - Parties are not all about just sitting at the table or drinking (although they can be, we don’t judge)! But if you want to spice the event up a bit and organize something memorable, we suggest you prepare some fun games and activities to do during the event! If games are not your thing, how about hiring a live band or a DJ to entertain you and your guests with the greatest hits of all time? We guarantee that there will be plenty of great fun!
  • Add personal touches - The birthday party should be all about the birthday person! So forget about others (to a certain extent, of course), and think of where the birthday person would like to spend their special day, the cuisine they love, the theme, favorite music, etc.

To sum it all up: organizing a birthday party can be a fun and unique experience, no matter which year on planet Earth the birthday person is celebrating. First things first, come up with a great idea and an even better plan. You can get inspired by their hobby, an idea found online, or go for something completely different. Consider what kind of party would make them the happiest: a classic dinner with their nearest and dearest, a wild night out with friends, or a unique experience followed by a meal. Think about the theme, the number of guests, the kind of venue that will be perfect for the party, decorations, food, and obviously, the cake. No party is a proper one without the cake! Once you’ve found the place that suits all of your needs and requirements, schedule a meeting with the venue manager to discuss the details, perhaps see the location in person, and finalize everything. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that everything goes your way and that you have a blast!

And we have one more tip (perhaps the most important one) for you: when the day finally comes, enjoy every single minute and have the time of your life!

FAQs about Birthday Party Venues in Las Vegas, NV

How much does it cost to rent a birthday party venue in Las Vegas?

Final costs for hosting a birthday party in Las Vegas may vary depending on the venue’s popularity, capacity, and location, as well as the package offer you choose. But generally, rental fees range anywhere between $1000 up to $1700 per day. Many places offer special per-person packages with prices ranging from $15 up to even $200, but some of them may also charge minimum spend with rates starting at around $600. (Based on data from

Where in Las Vegas can I find the best birthday party venues?

Las Vegas simply screams PARTY, so finding a cool spot for a birthday party won’t be a problem! For a celebration with a view, we suggest you book a place in Downtown Las Vegas. The Arts District is home to party venues of all shapes and sizes, so whether you want to celebrate in an independent restaurant, a quaint art gallery, or a lively club, check this area out without a doubt. And last but not least, consider heading over to The Strip! Put on your dancing shoes and hit one of the exciting night spots there!

How far in advance should I rent a party venue for my birthday

We suggest starting your search at least 2 or 3 months before the date of your event. This way you’ll have a chance to check out as many venues around Las Vegas as possible and compare offers to eventually book the place that meets all of your criteria.

Do all birthday party spaces in Las Vegas provide birthday packages?

Many party venues in Las Vegas do provide special event packages that not only suit your budget but also assist you in every part of the planning. Some venues might only provide the space and you will have to take care of everything else but the city is filled with plenty of venues that will be ready to cater to your birthday needs!

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Kay Moore went over everything via text. I was out of town at the moment. Once I've seen the venue, I was amazed. I had access to the entire site( three rooms). Two well maintained bathrooms and the speakers; AWESOME! If you have a Playlist, then you're set. Awesome value for the money and everyone in attendance had no complaints. I was able to have a DJ, 360° Photo Booth and a photographer( we used an area that was perfectly set up for pictures. Thank you Kay Moore for the experience. Much success with your venue in days and years to come!

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