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Top 21st Birthday Party Venues in Singapore

Your big day is here - it’s your 21st birthday - and it’s time to take your first steps into adulthood! Here at Tagvenue, we’ve got a fantastic variety of unique 21st birthday party venues in Singapore to help you mark the occasion, so don’t worry about any party planning stress. From stylish boat parties on Sentosa Island to quirky games rooms in Geylang Serai, there’s loads on offer to commemorate your coming of age in style. Want to see more? Check below for an in-depth selection of Singapore’s best venues and prices!

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21st Birthday Party Venues Hire Guide

Celebrating your 21st birthday is a big deal for young adults. That’s why it needs a proper celebration! How about taking your favourite crowd for an outing to one of Singapore’s cool venues? Perhaps to a funky restaurant or a hip bar? On Tagvenue, you’ll find a wide selection of spaces that suit your needs and budget. So hop on our platform, take our smart engines for a spin and pick the best location for the birthday bash you’ve always dreamed of.

A guide to venue locations in Singapore 

Singapore boasts a number of fantastic locations where you can find great venues. We’ve listed them all below, so buckle up and start reading now! 

  • Sentosa Island - Known as Singapore’s luxury island of beaches, hotels and forests, this is a great place for celebrating in style. Boats are by far the dominant venue type in this area, with a large variety of different yachts available at Sentosa Cove. These are high class, and come packed with added extras, including water games, built-in trampolines, catering, and BYO policies. If you’re celebrating with a group of close friends, there are few better settings in which to open presents, enjoy drinks, and play games than on the beautiful waters of the Singapore Strait. In addition to boats, Siloso Beach is a picturesque location with an abundance of beautiful beachside venues, decks, and open bars. With their strong emphasis on luxury, these venues are suited more to larger groups and budgets, providing a classy backdrop to your celebration. 
  • Downtown Core - Singapore’s historic city centre, with huge skyscrapers flanking famous landmarks such as the National Gallery and Raffles Landing Site, Downtown Core is an area of immense activity. It is quite popular among people looking to make their 21st a memorable occasion. With versatile bars on Circular Road and Battery Road, as well as relaxed dinner spots on Craig Road this district works great if you’re looking for a high quality, convenient, and fun celebration of this birthday milestone. 
  • Geylang Serai - With a thriving bazaar selling interesting and diverse goods, as well as a variety of fantastic street food stalls. Geylang Serai is an incredibly vibrant and colourful district which also has many unique and customisable party venues. With art galleries towards the waterfront, and games rooms or function halls on Ubi Avenue 1, there’s plenty of room for manoeuvre. Many of these venues offer internal and external catering, BYO alcohol, and free WiFi or media equipment. Great for smaller scale celebrations, these venues are completely flexible. Whether you’d like to celebrate the landmark day by playing a variety of games, watching your favourite film, or just having relaxed drinks with friends, this is the area for you. 

Now that you know the best areas where you can find fab venues, let’s jump into the key elements to consider when picking the ideal birthday party space! 

How to pick the perfect venue for your birthday party

Set a budget - It’s important to know how much you’d like to spend for the whole party organisation before you take any steps to make it happen. Otherwise, you can end up paying much more than you expected! Take some time to decide how much you’d like to pay for the venue rental, as well as other party elements. It will guide you to search within your price range and lower your chances of overspending. 

Choose your party style - An elegant dinner in a fancy restaurant? A big bash in a private lounge, or a laid-back celebration in a funky bar? The options are endless! To make the process of finding the ideal venue much smoother, take some time to envision your dream event. You will know straight away if the venue will match the party’s atmosphere, which means you’ll save precious time that you can dedicate to nailing down other details.  

Pick a great location - Downtown, Geylang Serai or Sentosa Island? Each location has a lot to offer when it comes to venue options and entertainment. However, you should pick one that has the best transit options. Ideally, the venue should have decent access to public transport and parking lots in case your guests would like to travel by car. It will make it more convenient for everyone to come, which means that less people can say no to your party invitation!

Make a guestlist - Even an estimated number of guests will help you figure out how big of a space you need for your celebration. You will easily rule out spaces that won’t fit, and decide between ones that will accommodate your crowd. 

Decide on food and drink options - Knowing what food (sit-down dinner, finger food or buffet) and beverages (open bar, or BYOB) you’d like to serve will also help you decide if a restaurant, a bar or a blank canvas venue will work best for your event. So make sure you know that before starting your search! 

21st Birthday Party Venues in Singapore FAQ

How much can I expect to pay for a venue for my 21st Birthday party?

Venues in and around the city centre offer a number of flexible pricing strategies, including minimum spend from S$300 to S$7000. You can also find per-person fees that start from as low as S$15 to S$118 per person, and full buyouts with rental fees from  S$500 to S$2000. Pricing depends on the style and nature of the venues, with plenty on the cheap and cheerful side, as well as luxury and chic areas.  Boats are the commonly offered venues in Singapore, and while they don’t come cheap, there are still good deals to be found. For weekday rental, the highest prices are around S$3400, while the lowest can be as little as S$750. For weekends, prices will rise to a maximum of S$4000, with the cheapest being S$850. In general, boat rental stays consistently around the S$1000 to S$2000 mark. If your budget is tight, see if everyone can be free on a weekday to save costs. Also, bear in mind that these are straight rental fees, meaning you can slash the price per person with a large group of people. (All data from Tagvenue.com)

Where can I find great venues for my birthday party in Singapore?

You can find an array of great venues in Chinatown and the Civic District. Apart from fantastic entertainment options, they have great public transport as well, making them ideal spots to consider for your bash.

Can you recommend some venues for my birthday party?

That’s what we’re here for! Viva Loca is the perfect option for cosy gatherings featuring luscious food. Knots Cafe is known for its beautiful, lush scenery and is an ideal space for anyone who’d like to add some style to their event. In case you’d like something more laid-back, check out The Common Good and its funky backdrop which you can transform into something more epic. 

Can I book a venue two weeks before the party?

It’s doable! However, we suggest doing it much earlier, around 8 to 6 weeks in advance. You’ll have much more venues to choose on your desired date and greater chances to find the perfect match to your price range and needs.

Guests Reviews of 21st Birthday Party Venues on Tagvenue

Booked Restaurant at Palms Bistro
Michael, the bistro owner is a gem of a person. He patiently accommodated and arranged all our request to make our daughter’s 21st birthday event a great success. Convenient location. The bistro’s ambience is nice and cozy. Their house pour red wine is a must try. Very drinkable. Overall an excellent place to hold any event.
Lee Zheng Jing
Booked Karaoke + Event Room at All In One (BGL)
The place was spacious enough for a party of 20, the hosts were really helpful and readily helped with my requests and responded to my many questions prior to the event at late hours. There were many activities available so you don't have to plan as much things to do, wish I had more hours booked but the place was already booked out for the night sadly.
Booked Studio & Space at The Teahouse Studio
Space super cozy, staff super nice and helpful! Sorry that I keep asking questions and even need to extend hours in last minute, but thanks so much for answering my questions so fast and being so nice to me!!! My friends all like the place very much :D
Claire Ong
Booked Lower Ground+Play Room (Lvl 3) at The Common Good (TCG)
The venue was very well stocked, lots of tables and chairs and decorations for us to use! It was also very clean and spacious, and a great value for the amount of amenities we got. Venue managers were also quick to respond to any queries :)
Booked Entire Venue at Host Events Pte Ltd
The venue is excellent, great for birthday parties! Value for money, everything is amazing. The design of the venue is also very nice, very chill and very cozy! High recommend for anybody who is looking to host events! ??
Effie Tan
Booked Hive Café & Event Space at The Hive Lavender
The space looks awesome. Every guest who came was in awe. Felt exclusive as there wasn’t anyone else around. Toilet was also within the space. Erin was very helpful and nice to allow us time to set up too.

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