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Top Birthday Party Venues in Singapore

Are you planning a birthday bash in Singapore, but aren’t sure where to start? The city offers an abundance of interesting and fun venues that are eminently suitable for a birthday party! From Tuas to Changi, we’ve found and listed the best party spots in the city so you can have a stress-free special day. Whether you are looking for a laid-back restaurant to celebrate your milestone, a venue for your child’s upcoming birthday, or a high-energy club for your special 21st, Singapore has it all! Use our smart filters, pick out one of our available birthday party venues and book it with ease!

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Birthday Party Venues Hire Guide

Are you considering spending your birthday in the bustling city of Singapore?  This island in Southeast Asia is one of the world's most densely populated areas and it is renowned for being a hub of international finance. But don't be misled by your first impression. Despite the fact that it prioritises business during the day, Singapore transforms into a spectacular party destination at nightfall. It is a thriving, energetic place that is known for providing a variety of venues across the city. Why not check out some of the best venue types that you can choose from for your birthday party: 

  • Boats – Since Singapore is an island nation, it shouldn't come as a surprise that there are many boats for hire at the docks. What is more fun than celebrating your birthday on the waves of the Singapore Strait? Take a look around the resort islands Sentosa and Keppel Island, because that is where the best deals are when it comes to renting a boat.
  • Cafés – Wish to celebrate your birthday in a more relaxed fashion? No problem! If you rent a café for your birthday party, you can keep it laid-back and family-friendly without a hitch. Especially if you pick a spot that already has all your favorite cookies and cakes! Downtown Core is home to many interesting cafés where you can enjoy a low-pressure celebration.
  • Bars and restaurants- There are many venues available in vibrant Singapore if superb beverages and cuisines are a priority for your birthday party. The ideal venue match is waiting for you, whether it's a glamorous rooftop bar party at the Barouv Rooftop Bar for up to 150 standing guests, or a private dining room at Cafe Tailor Made for your closest loved ones.
  • Customizable spaces- This venue type can be an ideal fit if you're looking for a location where you can let your inner birthday party planner loose. This type of venue has the significant advantage that you may transform it into your ideal birthday venue, personalising the catering, the entertainment, and the decor in general. Studio space fees start at roughly S$100 per hour and can go up to S$5000 per session.
  • Activity-based venues- Are you a cheerful, energetic birthday person who needs a place to be creative? Whatever the activity, a location can be picked that meets everyone's requirements. What about putting your singing abilities to the test in a karaoke room showdown? Or perhaps planning the best pool party you've ever dreamed of? Or maybe the most adventurous should visit a virtual reality arcade. Numerous opportunities exist! We advise you to take a look at the karaoke venue at All In One (BGL) along Kallang Way, where fees per person start as low as S$39.
  • Other unique venues – If you want your birthday party to have a little spunk, opt for an unusual and extraordinary venue. What about a celebration in an aquarium or an art gallery? If that sounds like something up your alley, try looking around Newton or Tuas for your venue.

Tagvenue offers a wide selection of excellent venues in Singapore, whatever your preferences or your budget. Here are some of our top recommendations for birthday party venues in Singapore:

  • Are you a daring individual seeking the ideal source of birthday thrill? If so, you might want to shift your focus from the venues on land to Singapore Bay! For your upcoming birthday celebration, the untamed open water will offer a breathtaking backdrop! Your desire for a private and personal environment can be combined with your love of freedom and adventure in a unique way by choosing a gorgeous boat venue like the one at SG Yacht. This particular one can board up to 14 seated people and hire fees begin at S$599. Always keep the weather conditions in consideration while organising a boat birthday party! Book the perfect one for you and pursue the birthday voyage of your dreams!
  • You might be interested in reserving a cosy café if your ideal birthday environment is one that is very unhurried and uncomplicated. On your special day, not only will you spend time with your closest loved ones in a relaxed and stress-free atmosphere, but you may also meet new people in such a social setting. Cafés in Singapore serve a variety of mouthwatering delicacies, including cakes, cookies, and other tasty snacks. They also offer steaming coffee and other beverages to soothe your thirst. One of our favourites is the Central Mall Cafe
  • If you enjoy spending time in nature, a private outdoor dining venue will be able to provide you with a much-needed moment of peace and tranquillity. For example, for you and your guests, dining at the Private Outdoor Space at Siri House amidst Dempsey Hill's lush foliage will be an unforgettable experience. You can choose between a charming brunch during the day and a stunning dinner under Singapore’s night sky. Everything about the occasion, from the flower arrangements to the meals and beverages, may be made as private and personalised as you like. Reserve your dream outdoor venue and treat your loved ones to the greatest birthday meal while taking in the magnificent scenery.
  • The perfect blank slate, where you can select every detail of your celebration might be the best possible match for the event planner in you.  A wonderfully stunning and fully-customizable venue can provide the perfect space for spectacularly grand birthday celebrations. Seating up to 80 people, HAUS217 on 217 Lavender Street will definitely become a picture-worthy location for your celebration.
  • You don't want to celebrate your birthday at a typical seated event again, do you? A birthday celebration with a variety of artistic pursuits—how does it sound? If you want to commemorate your big day in a distinctive way, a pottery and dinner experience can be the best option for you. Our suggestion is the Pottery + Food Bundle at Am I Addicted. During this once-in-a-lifetime experience with your loved ones, your inner foodie and creative spirit will come together in perfect harmony. 
  • If having arcade game machines and a tennis table as part of your birthday celebration sounds like the perfect fit, a party games venue is what you need to consider booking for your next celebration. These locations are absolutely hassle-free because everything is already set up and waiting for you to make your birthday memorable and exciting. Check out this wonderful venue at City on A Hill.


Birthday Party Venues in Singapore FAQ

How much does it cost to rent a birthday party venue in Singapore?

Don't worry, we did the research for you!  When renting a birthday venue for a hire fee expect prices to range between S$100 and S$3400. This means you will only pay for using the venue, while other services - such as food and drinks - are not included in the price.  Venues that offer a minimum spend will start at around S$300 but can reach as high as S$7000 and higher. With minimum spend you avoid paying a set hire fee, and you only agree with the venue to spend a set amount on food and drinks at the venue. Per person packages in Singapore are a great option for birthdays, as they often come with a set menu and some beverages. You can find venues offering this option starting at S$15 but depending on the offer the cost may rise as high as S$50

How do I choose the perfect venue type for my event in Singapore?

There are numerous things to consider when choosing a venue for your birthday party. Prior to choosing the venue, consider the following questions to make sure that you rent a space that satisfies all of your requirements:

  • How many guests will I invite?
  • How much do I want to spend?
  • Do I want to have an event outdoors? What will the weather be?
  • Does the venue have event spaces for indoor and outdoor use?
  • What type of catering will I need? Does the venue have a preferred vendor or can I do it myself? 
  • Will the birthday party be a sit-down dinner or a standing event?
  • Is there available parking?
  • Does the venue serve alcohol?

Once you know the answer to these questions you will be ready to select the type of venue you want to rent. Also, make sure to use our platform’s smart filters to narrow down your choice and search only among the venues that meet your needs.

Does Singapore have birthday venues for younger kids?

Indeed, there are. You can host a child's birthday celebration at several locations in Singapore. You will have many great options to choose from depending on the age and preferences of your children, the number of attendees, and the desired theme. There are several types of venues that are perfect for children’s parties:

  • Customizable venues like this one at Host Events Pte Ltd where your theme can truly shine through with decorations, personalised snacks, and yummy beverages, are a lovely option. 
  • However, if you don't want to do any extra preparation, a party location with indoor entertainment may be ideal for active children. Check out the venue at HERE!
  • Play spaces for the youngest are always sought after and provide an extra sense of safety. One of our personal favourites is at Agora Colearning

These are just a few recommendations. Tagvenue has got you covered no matter what you're looking for.

What type of activities are offered in birthday venues in Singapore?

You don't want to have a typical birthday, do you? We’ve got your back! Singapore does indeed have a plethora of activities that are suitable for a birthday!

  • If you enjoy sports and want a birthday celebration, look no further than an outdoor lawn venue. The Netted Area at Agora Colearning provides breathtaking views of Sentosa that will live long in the mind of both you and your company.
  • Are you in the mood to stir up some birthday fun? The Palate Sensations Culinary School  is a venue match made in heaven! You could even make your own cake since you are the birthday person. Singapore offers countless opportunities in this area to sate your cravings for food and entertainment.

Do you want to dance the night away on your special day? The dance studio at A&J Creative Danceworld might be a surprisingly good venue for you! These types of places are spacious, usually provide lighting and music, and can make for the perfect disco getaway for you and your pals! You can plan a unique workshop of your choosing and party all night long!

Guests Reviews of Birthday Party Venues on Tagvenue

anny wu
Booked Entire Venue at Central Indoor Kids Party Venue
The space was clean and comfortable for my guests. -We could easily change the environment settings -We were able to use things around that made the whole experience wonderful! -The space was children friendly and I did not have to worry about children getting hurt due to simplicity of the space. -It was easy to communicate and transactions were seamless with the spokesperson of the space. -Service was tiptop when my caterer early an hour reached. There was quick response (even though it was Sunday) and reach the venue earlier to help assist. Sandy and her team are very responsible and honest. -Highly recommended place and service.
Lalaine Batobato
Booked Entire Venue at Central Indoor Kids Party Venue
This place is perfect for our year end party celebration. The size is just right for 30pax and the place is clean. Both our young and not so young guests enjoyed the place. Moreover, the transaction was a bliss! Thanks to Sandy. She is very accommodating and quick to respond. We’ll definitely book this place again.
Joey Ong
Booked Studio & Space at The Teahouse Studio
We held our son’s 3rd birthday party in this beautiful space, and we’re so glad we found TeaHouse Studio! The space is homely and nice, very kid-friendly (shoes-off policy), and a refreshing space to hold a birthday party! Spacious enough for a bouncy castle, catered food, and really nice furniture for lounging too. Thanks for also providing folding chairs and a table :) staff were super helpful and made sure we had everything we need to organise our party! Will definitely use this space again!
Lindsay Strickland
Booked Lower Ground+Play Room (Lvl 3) at The Common Good (TCG)
Great communication from Stefanie and flexibility. Space is perfect size for a party! Good sound system, extra decor touches make it feel special. Useful to have the kitchenette. Loved the white chairs, plenty of them and they are very sturdy but aesthetically pleasing too. Great to have the option to decorate the place beforehand with free 1hr setup time.
Christine Teoh
Booked Entire Venue at Host Events Pte Ltd
We held our baby’s 1st birthday party at Host. The venue caught our attention as we liked the high ceiling and bright space due to the daylight streaming in. Planning the party was a breeze. We only had to let Emma know the theme we were going for and she organized everything for us - food, cake, decor etc. We only had to show up for the party without having to stress over anything. This is a main draw to us as we do not want to busy ourselves with the decor & planning when we have a young baby to tend to. Emma is very responsive and easy to talk to. You can feel that she put her heart into what she’s doing and want to plan the best party for you. She even went out of her way to source for additional decor items to accentuate our decor further, which was out of our expectation. We had a very memorable and totally fuss-free party all thanks to Emma. We will definitely recommend Host to anyone!
Booked Entire Venue at Host Events Pte Ltd
Host was the perfect venue for our cocktail party. Emma was friendly, responsive and went above and beyond to help us with set-up. Additionally, the table decoration and flowers which Emma did were absolutely beautiful and admired by all our guests. Overall, the space, facilities and excellent management all worked perfectly and resulted in us having a brilliant night. Thank you!

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