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Do you have an upcoming event to plan in Singapore? We know that it can be a daunting task to plan and organize a party or event, and finding the perfect venue can often be the most stressful thing of all. That’s why we’re so glad you’ve made your way to Tagvenue! Here you can find all of Singapore’s best function rooms! From birthday parties, and business meetings to baby showers and anniversaries, with our help you’ll be able to plan any event you’ve got in your mind! Hop on our platform to discover an ideal function space that suits your needs.

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Function Rooms Hire Guide

How to pick the perfect venue for your function in Singapore? 

We know what you may be thinking: finding the perfect function room is no easy feat. Well, that might be the case when you don’t know what you need to know before starting your venue-hunt. Luckily, you’ve got us! Below, we’ve shared all the key things you need to think about to make the whole process short and sweet. So start reading now, and thank us later! 

Draw up your budget - Once you decide on how much you can pay for the venue hire, selecting spaces that fit your budget will be easier. . This will save you from overspending and ensure you get the most out of your money.

Make a guestlist - Will it be a huge event for over one hundred people, or something more intimate? Estimating the  number of guests you want to invite will help you decide whether to choose a spacious venue or a more intimate setting. Again, you'll know what to look for, and you'll be able to set your eyes only on those venues that will fit your number of guests. 

Choose an event style - Ask yourself what type of event you’d like to throw. Will it be a workshop, a corporate meeting or a birthday party? Are you planning to serve food? If so, would you rather have a sit-down dinner, or a buffet? Will your event have a theme? Once you have a clear vision on the overall setting, you’ll get a clear idea of what type of venues you should look for - restaurants, bars or conference centres. You’ll also be able to decide if the particular decor of your first-choice venue will match your expectations.

Pick a convenient location - When choosing a location, consider how accessible it is by public transport and car.  Check for parking lots that are nearby in case you expect people to drive. It’s also a good idea to pick a venue based on what types of entertainment options are nearby. For example, if you're hosting a birthday, you can pick a space near clubs so that you can have an after-party option.

Try to be flexible with the event date - If it’s possible, pick your event date based on the best venue offer that you find. To do so, check the offers on different dates - it will give you an idea of what venues are available. You will be able to compare the offers that catch your eye and pick the one that matches all your needs at your price range. The point is that when you browse for a specific date, you won’t see venues that could be a better fit because they may be booked at that time. When browsing other dates, you’ll get more insight! 

What kind of occasions are perfect for function rooms? 

Birthdays - Hiring a function room to celebrate your birthday is a great way to have fun without having to worry about the set-up or aftermath. All you need to do is pick a venue that meets your price range and vision, and they will take care of everything else! You won’t need to worry about the cooking and the cleanup. You will be able to fully focus on spending quality time with your guests and enjoy the moment. To pick a great function room, check if it has a good menu, and a decor that you like - all elements which contribute to making the occasion even more memorable.

Meetings - All kinds of meetings can be held in function rooms. From board meetings and annual general meetings to team-building meetings and brainstorming sessions.  A function room will give you plenty of space, and flexibility, and provide you with all the necessary facilities, such as high-speed internet, screens, and writing boards. However, ensure that your first-choice options offer everything you need to avoid any setbacks.  

Holiday parties - During the Christmas season, function rooms are a popular choice for hosting any type of holiday parties -from corporate to private ones. You can easily book this type of space to spend some time with your family and friends or coworkers. To make the most of such an event, try searching for a space that either has a holiday atmosphere or can be transformed to fit your Christmas party theme. 

Intimate wedding receptions - Function rooms are great alternatives for people who would like to have a fairytale wedding on a limited budget. They are usually cheaper than classic wedding venues and give you the freedom to build a dream reception setting from scratch. If you have specific requirements or would like to enjoy full privacy, you can easily do so by booking the function room during off-peak times. Some function rooms slash their rates if you book their services in advance or at off-peak times, so be sure to discuss that with the venue manager.

FAQs about Function Rooms in Singapore

What are some of the most popular kinds of function venues in Singapore?

There are three popular trends for function room venues in Singapore, and we’ve gone ahead and listed them below.

  • Affordable function rooms - These small rooms are perfect for a family gathering with your closest relatives or an intimate business meeting on a budget. You can find these types of event spaces in hotels, small restaurants and the back rooms of cafes.
  • Large dining venues - When planning for a large party, many hosts rent out entire dining rooms or event venues for their functions. This type of space rental typically includes cocktails and a meal. 
  • Private boats - Singapore offers dozens of boat rentals for your functions; whether you want to stay at the dock or head out onto the water for your event, you’ll find some great options on Tagvenue. Although this may cost you a little more, what better way is there to stand out and make your event one to remember?

Where can you rent the best function rooms in Singapore?

When it comes to function rooms in Singapore, you’re spoilt for choice! There are plenty of fabulous locations that can add a special touch to your event. Here are some of our favs: 

  • Rochor — Rochor is a district within the central area of Singapore. It also offers some great event venues with a relaxed atmosphere, including a number of small and large function rooms perfect for any party.
  • Sentosa – Sentosa is an island off of Singapore’s southern coast with a plethora of beaches, scenic architecture, and dozens of event venues. It is also a trendy area in which to rent function rooms. The options are plentiful! Here you will find a variety ranging from full-size private yacht rentals to small meeting rooms that charge by the hour.

How far in advance should I book a venue for my function?

Based on our experience and data, we suggest booking your venue no later than 2 weeks prior to the event. However, it is better if you start looking even earlier (8 to 6 weeks in advance) so that you can compare offers and find a venue that's right for you.

How much does it cost to rent a function room in Singapore?

Hourly rental fees in Singapore range from around S$40 to S$220 per hour. Some venues offer special packages that start at S$50 and reach up to S$170 per person. Depending on your needs, you can also rent out a place for the whole day. Buyout rates in Singapore vary from S$1000 to S$6000 per day. (Based on data from Tagvenue.)

Guests Reviews of Function Rooms on Tagvenue

Sophie G.
Booked Entire Venue at Central Indoor Kids Party Venue
This place is a nursery/school during the week and it is rent during the weekends. It has the school set up. Its clean and feels very nice for kids to party and run around. There is a small fridge. Owner is welcoming and very accommodating. If you are on a budget, its definitely a place I recommend. Clean, convenient and good price.
Shohaida S.
Booked Restaurant at Palms Bistro
The location is great as it is centralised, the seating capacity, flexible room setting, a raised platform as a stage and AV equipment. Did not use all the facilities this time.
Della N.
Booked Craftsforgreen breakout area at Cratsforgreen Pte Ltd
Thank you, Felicia Yang for coordinating the use of space at Craftsforgreen. We found the location convenient, a short walk from the Marymount MRT Station. The venue booked was found to be clean, neat and well organised. It was great for our team project and we benefited from the use of space for just 3 hours. We received warm hospitality and staff were at hand to assist or answer questions. They practised flexibility when we wanted to extend our booking. We will certainly consider Craftsforgreen again for our future projects and workshops.
Stephanie C.
Booked Event Space at The Teahouse Studio
We reached there about 5 mins earlier than our booking time to receive our external caterer, and the staff from Teahouse Studio were already there, making sure that the place was clean and neat. Lucas suggested a spot for our catering, and also checked in with me several times to make sure that everything was in order before the party began. The venue was well lit, speakers were easy to connect too, and our friends helped to play some ambient music. We also opted to add in microphones and was able to figure them out quickly (I personally forgot to ask about setting up beforehand!). We set out the tables and all the chairs, and it felt just nice for about 60 guests altogether. Clean up was also easy because of what was provided (e.g., vacuum cleaner, wet wipes). Thank you so much for such a beautiful space where we made such great memories with our loved ones for our gender reveal party, highly highly recommend this venue!!
Booked Event Space at The Teahouse Studio
Teahouse team was really responsive and patient ( we asked a ton of questions). We had some technical hiccups like how to on the speaker, how to lock the door and Ian was able to give us some guidance. The team had a great time and loved the warm lightings and cosy vibes. Easily accessible from MRT too. Will definitely booked with them again!
Mint L.
Booked Wings of the Dawn Meeting Room at Wings of the Dawn
Beautiful venue :) The space was brightly-lit, spacious and really clean. I also like how natural lighting was shining into the venue, making the learning space chirpy and comfortable for my participants. The learning studio was also well-ventilated with the air smelling fresh and nice. An aromatic scent welcomed me the moment I stepped into the space and I instantly felt cosy. I noticed that my participants settled rather quickly into the space too. The contact person and his friendly team was responsive and helpful from the moment I confirmed my booking with them. From the seating arrangement to preparing drinking water for my participants, the wifi setting and offered to do the light setting for me during my presentation even though they could've let me do it. Thank you for attending to my needs to the best you could. My participants and I could also order drinks like hot coffee for a small fee from the co-working lounge next to the studio, which was pretty cool as we didn't have to travel down. Even though the studio was located within a co-working space with parents, students and other members of public walking pass once in awhile, there was still enough privacy as the studio was divided by full glass panels. Also, there are blackout curtains that could be drawn if we like. I'm looking forward to book this space again for my next workshop!
Stephanie L.
Booked Entire Hall at Into The Woods
The venue was clean and well maintained. The unique decorations, designs and lightings provided a romantic and fairytale-like atmosphere, which left my guests singing praises for the venue. An ideal venue highly recommended for any occasions! The manager and staff were extremely friendly, helpful and prompt in their replies. Customer satisfaction is definitely 100%!
Jerald T.
Booked Stage & Music Studio at City On A Hill
1. Service was great and they supported me in everything I needed for my event. 2. Venue was near KAP mrt and bus stop All in all, I am very impressed by this venue and event space and I highly recommend to anybody that is looking to do an event to work together with them. The price you are paying for is for the comfortable space and the top-notch quality service that the staff can support you with.

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