Recording Studios for Hire Manchester

Recording Studios for Hire Manchester

Fine-tune your creativity in one of the best recording studios in Manchester!

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Top Recording Studios in Manchester

Manchester, the heartbeat of Britain's music scene, has long been the go-to place for artists of all calibres. Here, you'll find an eclectic mix of recording studios dispersed across its culturally rich streets. Whether you're a singer, in a band, or starting a podcast, there's a space somewhere in this city that’s just right for you. The recording studios in Manchester offer the perfect setting for every creative soul. So if you’re seeking the perfect venue for your next project, let Tagvenue be your guide. Dive into our listings and get ready to discover the  Manchester studio that's music to your ears.

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FAQs about Recording Studios in Manchester

Can I book recording studios in Manchester for long-term projects?

Manchester's music studios cater to both short-term and long-term needs. However, before beginning, it's essential to figure out your budget. If you're on a tight budget, you'll want to look for more affordable recording studios. Keep in mind that many professional music and photo studios charge by the hour or session. The more time you need, the more it might cost. Plan wisely and let Manchester's musical magic work its charm on your project.

What are the average rates for hiring recording studios in Manchester?

The cost of hiring recording studios in Manchester varies depending on the type and equipment they offer. Prices can fluctuate whether it's a music studio, podcast studio, photo and video studio, or orchestra studio. The average rates for all of these types of studios range from around £20 to £130 per hour. However, many professional recording studios, such as the HQ Studio, are available for under £50. (All data from Tagvenue.)

Do the recording studios in Manchester offer equipment, or should I bring my own?

For those just starting in the creative industry, using the studio's on-site gear is a good start, especially if you're undecided about which instruments or equipment to invest in. Typically, a recording studio will provide a central workstation for live audio mixing, a soundproof booth for clear vocals, and microphones. Additionally, professional music studios will have a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), a mixing board, and the necessary software to capture and refine your work. Many studios even include an on-site engineer in their fee, ensuring you get the best out of your session. So, feel free to bring along your cherished gear, but rest assured, these studios are stocked with all the essentials you could wish for.

Can I find recording studios in Manchester suitable for both solo artists and full bands?

Of course! Two of our top recommendations are:

  • Vibratone Sound Studio. With hire fees starting from just £23 per hour, this studio can comfortably accommodate bands of up to 15 members. Designed for optimal natural sound, Vibratone follows the 'room-within-a-room' principle. Every detail has been considered, from its acoustically tailored control room to the hidden bass traps ensuring accurate low-end sound. With its warm and inviting ambience, artists can truly relax and immerse themselves in their work. 
  • Outset Studio, nestled in the lively Northern Quarter and within a 5-minute walk from Piccadilly Station, offers a spacious setting of 800 sqft. It can easily host up to 20 people, making it excellent for larger groups. If you're recording solo or just starting out, don’t worry; seasoned technicians are on hand to guide you, ensuring a seamless experience whether you're podcasting, live-streaming, or producing other content. The studio boasts top-notch facilities, such as 4 x 4k cameras, immediate audio and video syncing, various LED lights, and live streaming and editing capability. All this comes at a hire fee of $129 per hour.

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