Recording Studios for Hire in Bristol

Recording Studios for Hire in Bristol

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The city of Bristol is full of professional recording studios that can provide you with the right atmosphere and equipment for you to create. Whether you are looking to record your next musical masterpiece or any other audio project, we can help you find the right spot for you. There are many studios in Bristol that can help you create the music you've always dreamed of. See our selection of recording studios below, pick your favourite one, and book with just a few simple clicks.

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Recording Studios Hire Guide

Recording a track in a professional studio can help you experiment and get to know your sound differently. Bristol offers a wide variety of recording studios that will help you record and edit your next passion project. With the help of professional equipment, the final result will be incomparable to an amateur recording.

FAQs about Recording Studios in Bristol

How much does it cost to hire a recording studio in Bristol?

Prices for recording studios in Bristol vary based on size and equipment and if the services of a sound engineer are included in the cost. Usually, the city's studios can charge anywhere around £24 per hour or £150 per day. Many studios require a minimum of a three-hour booking. However, it is not a general rule.

Which areas of Bristol have the best recording studios?

The city is full of recording studios, whether in the city centre, Spike Island or in Bristol's suburbs. The eastern side of Bristol has by far the largest selection of studios in the area, so you should consider hiring a venue there, whether in Easton, Redfield or Montpelier. If you are looking for something further away from the big city rush, consider hiring a space in Brislington or St George.

What equipment should a recording studio have?

Hiring a professional recording studio can offer many advantages over amateur home-studio recording. The sound's high quality is ensured by isolated walls, professional microphones with pop filters and headphones. Additionally, there is usually a sound engineer in the studio that can help you bring your final product to another level. A recording studio will also usually have a mixing board, a DAW and software for recording and production.

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