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Get that mic set and press record. It's time to hire a podcast studio! With choices all across the city, great accessibility and a range of prices and studio sizes, London is a great place for hiring a podcast studio. Start browsing the best studios on our platform today, and you'll be booking in no time!

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Podcast Studios Hire Guide

Take your search for a podcast studio to the city streets! London is a favourite for podcast makers as its exciting range of studios all across both the city centre and Greater London. Recording studios with podcast packages and dedicated podcast studios are great options for your next session. Simply decide where you want to book your hire and start planning your podcast today.

Podcast Studios in London FAQ

How much does it cost to rent a podcast studio in London?

For a short-term hire, expect prices to start around £25 per hour and reach as high as £50. A four-hour half-day hire will start at £400 (£600 on the weekend) and a full day at £800. Hire packages including production and post-production options are also available, starting at around £150 per hour. If you wish to hire an audio engineer to assist with your production, expect to pay around £50 per hour. 

Which London districts have the best podcast studios?

Podcast studios are located all across the city. On the North Bank, studios are available in Soho, Wimbledon, Tower Hamlets or around Shoreditch. Outside the Inner Ring Road, check out the studios around Kings Cross to the east. You will find more options around Shoreditch, Bow Street station, and Lower Clapton. Further afield, more options are available near Hackney and Tottenham. On the South Bank, check out studios around London Bridge, Clapwick and Peckham.

What equipment should a podcast studio have? 

When checking out podcast studios, it can be a good idea to stop by and look at the space. Check out the recording area and see if it is large enough for your needs. There should be a seating area and mics on either a boom or a stand. The walls should have soundproof panelling and/or foam blocks. Make sure the mic is designed for podcasts and comes with headphones that will block out the sound. There should be a mixer and audio interface for effects or perhaps an all-n-one board such as a Rodecaster. If you want to add a video element to your podcast, many studios will offer extra equipment for flat hire. If you are unfamiliar with the recording process, most studios offer an audio engineer for a fee who can help with the kit. Some studios will even provide post-production services.

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