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Podcast Studios for Hire in London

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Get that mic set up and press record because it's time to hire some podcast studios in London! Whether you’re looking for a small studio to record a podcast with your friends, or need a creative space for an ambitious new project, London is a fantastic place for that. With great recording equipment, as well as a wide range of prices and space sizes, you will definitely find a studio that suits your podcast best. Start browsing the best options on our platform today, from professional studios in Central London to cheap podcast rooms in North London, and you’ll be creating your dream show in no time!

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Podcast Studios Hire Guide

Take your search for a podcast studio to the city streets! London is a favourite for podcast makers as it offers an exciting range of venues all across both the city centre and the entire Greater London. Search among our amazing list of recording studios for podcasts, then decide where you want to book your location and start planning your big project today.

Hiring a professional podcast studio has many potential advantages over trying to record it at home. It is very likely that you won’t have the equipment necessary for achieving that high quality sound without huge spendings and a lot of effort. And while you can buy some microphones and set up a simple home studio, picking a dedicated venue is often the more cost-effective and promising choice. Podcast studio hire in London will enable you to learn if you actually enjoy recording podcasts and try your hand at it without any need to invest in a bunch of studio equipment. Setup time is also a thing to consider - when you hire a space, everything will be ready to go, all you need to worry about is writing the script, inviting the guests, and delivering your lines!

Our top tips for hiring a podcast studio in London:

  • Consider your podcast hire options - depending on the amount of people you want to record with, your budget, and the level of quality you’re looking for, you may have different priorities when it comes to the type of podcast studio you want to hire. Remember that a lot of London’s music and recording studios, some meeting rooms, and even small multi-purpose studios can be used for this purpose depending on your specific needs. If you’re hosting a vodcast, you might need to look for a podcast studio with a camera and lighting equipment.
  • Search inside out - while Central London is full of great podcasting studios and sets, make sure to consider other options outside of the strict city centre. In areas such as Soho, Hackney, and Islington, you’ll find plenty of top-rated spaces! Venues outside the centre of  London are often more affordable and with just a short tube ride, you’ll be pressing that record button in no time at all.
  • Check the studios out for yourself - when planning your podcast, always do some field research - get to know your potential locations, talk with the managers, and ask questions. It’s good to be familiar with your production studio before you start the recording session, that way you’ll be able to get started quickly and avoid any issues.

How to start your own podcast in London in 3 steps

Plan. Once you have hired a podcast studio, start by creating either an outline or a list of bullet points that you want to talk about during your podcast. It’s very important that you never run out of things to talk about while recording. Your goal is to have between 20 and 40 minutes worth of material, as that timeframe is considered the best for podcasts. While you can talk about pretty much anything, it’s good to have a consistent theme to your podcasts if you want to build an audience. Schedule a meeting with your co-hosts and guests and make sure you arrange your London podcast studio rental for an appropriate amount of time.

Record. If this is your first time doing a podcast, the most important thing to remember is to have patience. If you are feeling pressured to get it right on your first try, you are setting yourself up for stress. After you make sure your studio equipment is working properly and everyone is seated, it’s time to press ‘record’. It might feel overwhelming finally sitting in that podcast recording booth for the first time, but you’ve got this! At the start, you should introduce yourself, your guests, and inform the audience on the subject you’re going to be discussing. Then you can start going through the notes you made earlier as you discuss subjects and interact with your co-hosts and guests.. Towards the end, it’s a good idea to summarise what you spoke about and ask the listeners to subscribe to your channel for further episodes. 

Edit and publish. After you get the audio files from your studio, you can use professional post-production services or edit the recordings by yourself. Once that’s done, your podcast can be uploaded to many different platforms! While dedicated podcast hosting platforms such as Buzzsprout, Spotify, or Podbean are definitely an option, you can also easily upload your podcast to your social media pages for your friends and family to check out.

Most popular podcast genres:

  • Science podcasts - fun facts and interesting stories with a scientific focus work very well for podcasts as they can engage your listeners for hours while also being very educational.
  • Self-improvement podcasts - these types of podcasts usually involve very inspiring people and coaches who provide valuable input on how to improve your life.
  • History podcasts - whether you’re a history teacher or just like learning about humanity’s past, history podcasts are very well received on the internet,  so feel free to give them a try!
  • Comedy podcasts - if you want to just crack some jokes with your friends during your podcast, an entertaining comedy podcast may be the perfect fit for you. Podcast listeners love hearing entertaining life stories to get them in a good mood.

How to organise, promote, and execute a live podcast recording session in London

Organising, promoting, and executing a live podcast recording session in London is an exhilarating opportunity to engage with your audience, share insights, and create memorable content. This guide will navigate you through the essential steps to make your live podcast recording a resounding success, focusing on selecting the perfect venue, effective promotion strategies, and seamless execution, all while highlighting the rich tapestry of London's locales and landmarks.

Step 1: Choosing the Ideal Podcast Studio

London has several podcast studios, from high-end recording suites in Soho's creative heart to cosy, bespoke spaces in the artistic enclaves of Shoreditch and Hackney. When selecting a studio, consider the size of your audience, the technical requirements of your live recording, and the ambiance you wish to create. Studios like "Podcast Studio at AIP Studios" in London's East End or "Podcast Room at Finch-ley Studio" in Finchley Central offer modern recording equipment, comfortable seating for guests, and professional production services, ensuring a high-quality recording experience.

Step 2: Promoting Your Live Podcast Recording

Effective promotion is key to ensuring a packed studio and an engaged audience, both online and offline. 

  • Utilise social media platforms, email newsletters, and local event listings to spread the word about your live recording. 
  • Create engaging content that highlights the uniqueness of your event, such as behind-the-scenes looks at the chosen podcast studio, interviews with upcoming guests, and teasers of the topics to be discussed.
  • Partnering with local businesses and cultural institutions in iconic neighbourhoods such as Camden or Notting Hill can amplify your reach, allowing you to tap into their established audiences. 
  • Consider leveraging London's rich calendar of events by timing your podcast recording around major city events, such as the London Podcast Festival, to attract a broader audience.

Step 3: Executing a Seamless Live Recording

  • On the day of the event, ensure everything is in place for a smooth execution. 
  • Arrive early at the podcast studio to check the technical setup, from microphones and headphones to live streaming capabilities, if applicable.
  • Coordinate with the studio staff to address any last-minute adjustments and ensure a comfortable environment for your guests and live audience.
  • Engage with your audience before, during, and after the recording to create a lively and interactive atmosphere. 
  • Encourage live questions, offer exclusive merchandise, and perhaps host a meet-and-greet with the guests post-recording. 

These touches not only enhance the live experience but also foster a deeper connection with your audience.

Leveraging London's Locale

Incorporating elements of London into your live podcast can enrich the content and appeal to local and international listeners. Discuss topics relevant to the London scene, invite local experts or celebrities as guests, and reference the city's landmarks and cultural heritage. Whether it's a debate on the latest exhibit at the Tate Modern, a discussion on the city's tech startup ecosystem, or stories from the bustling streets of South Bank, London offers an endless well of content inspiration.

Organising a live podcast recording session in London requires meticulous planning, from choosing the right podcast studio that resonates with your brand to effectively promoting your event and executing it flawlessly. By leveraging the unique venues, vibrant culture, and dynamic communities within London, you can create an unforgettable live podcast experience that captivates your audience and leaves a lasting impact. Preparation, engagement, and weaving the essence of London into your storytelling are the keys to a successful live recording.

Interviewing Guests in a Podcast Studio: Tips for a Successful Session

Pre-Interview Preparation

  1. Studio Equipment and Acoustics: Ensure the studio is equipped with high-quality microphones, headphones, and soundproofing. Studios with the latest equipment and acoustically treated rooms will deliver the crisp, clear sound quality that listeners appreciate.
  2. Familiarise yourself with the Space: Visit the studio beforehand. Familiarity with the studio layout, the control room, and the recording space will help you plan your session better, from seating arrangements to the placement of notes and water glasses.
  3. Technical Check: Before the interview, conduct a technical run-through to check the microphones, headphones, and recording levels. This prevents any technical glitches during the actual interview, allowing a smooth flow and an enjoyable moment with your guest.

During the Interview

  1. Create a Comfortable Atmosphere: Make your guests feel welcome and comfortable. A relaxed guest is more likely to open up and share insightful stories. Studios in areas like Soho or Camden, known for their lively and artistic vibes, can add an informal and cosy feel to your session.
  2. Engaging Conversation: Prepare your questions, but be ready to go off-script if the conversation flows in an interesting direction. The uniqueness of London, from its historical roots to its modern-day cosmopolitan character, can serve as a rich setting for  engaging stories.
  3. Utilise the Studio's Features: Many London podcast studios have multi-camera setups and live streaming capabilities. These features can add a dynamic visual element to your podcast session, making it more engaging for audiences who follow your content on platforms like YouTube or Spotify.


  1. Editing and Post-Production: Take advantage of the studio's post-production services if they have any. Professional editing can enhance the audio quality, remove unwanted noises, and add music or sound effects that elevate the listening experience. If the studio doesn't offer this service, you can hire a professional podcast editor to quicken the process.
  2. Promotion: Leverage the location of your recording session in your marketing efforts. Mentioning that your podcast was recorded in a studio located in a trendy London neighbourhood or near a famous landmark can attract more listeners due to the city's global appeal. You can also discuss promoting your podcast on the venue's social media pages with the venue manager to help increase your reach.
  3. Networking: Many podcast studios in London are part of larger creative communities. Engage with these communities to network with other podcasters, share experiences, and potentially collaborate on future projects.

Recording your podcast in a London studio offers more than just high-quality audio; it's an opportunity to immerse your guests and audience in the vibrancy and diversity of one of the world's most dynamic cities. Whether it's a studio with panoramic views of the Thames or a cosy basement set up in the heart of Shoreditch, London's podcast studios are equipped to bring the best out of your interviews. By following these tips and leveraging the unique features of your chosen studio, you can ensure a successful and memorable podcasting session.

FAQs about Podcast Studios in London

What are the best podcast studios in London?

Based on the London podcast studios reviews on our platform, here are some of the top picks:

  • Podcast Studio at AIP Studios - located in the Isle of Dogs in East London, this video podcast studio offers a cosy recording room suitable both for high-quality audio and video webcasts.
  • Podcast Studio at Creators House - a professional recording space for hire right in Hilldrop Estate near Camden Town, suitable for all sorts of recording endeavours, including live podcasts!
  • Podcast Studio at Paddington Works - a modern podcast recording studio with top-quality audio equipment and easy access to Edgware Road and Paddington Stations.

How much does it cost to hire a podcast studio in London?

For a short-term podcast space hire, expect prices to start around £25 per hour and reach as high as £50. A four-hour half-day hire will start at £400 (£600 on the weekend) and a full day at £800. Podcasting packages including production and post-production options are also available, starting at around £150 per hour. If you wish to hire an audio engineer to assist with your production, expect to pay around £50 per hour. (All data from Tagvenue.)

Which London districts have the best podcast recording studios available?

Podcast studios are located all across the city. On the North Bank, fantastic studios are available in Soho, Wimbledon, Tower Hamlets and around the vibrant Shoreditch. Outside the Inner Ring Road, check out the spaces around Kings Cross to the east. You will find more options around Bow Street Station, and Lower Clapton. Further afield, top podcast rooms are available near Hackney and Tottenham. On the South Bank, check out studios around London Bridge, Clapwick and Peckham.

What equipment should a podcast studio rental have?

When looking for podcast studios, it can be a good idea to stop by and look at the space. Check out the recording area and see if it is large enough for your needs. It should include a seating area and a set of studio mics on special stands or arms. Ideally, the walls will have soundproof panelling and/or foam blocks. There should be a mixer and audio interface for effects or perhaps an all-in-one board such as a Rodecaster. If you want to add a video element to your podcast, many studios will offer extra equipment such as cameras and lighting. If you are unfamiliar with the recording process, most studios offer an audio engineer for a fee who can help with the kit. Some studios will even provide post-production services!

Guests Reviews of Podcast Studios on Tagvenue

Steve M.
Booked Podcast Recording Studio at Premiere Podcast Studios
Roger the engineer was incredibly helpful and made us both feel at ease. Went above and beyond to give us, completely unexperienced in this field, a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Thank you!
Becs C.
Booked AB Studio at AB Studio
William is so amazing at what he does making us feel very welcome and be in a safe environment when recording our podcasts.
Tom M.
Booked Podcast Studio 1 at Bison Podcast Studios
Amir was accommodating, professional and friendly. It's a brilliant use of the shipping container format. FYI we didn't record but used the space as a location for filming.
Booked AB Studio at AB Studio
I loved this podcast studio! William was there on hand and was really kind, and made me feel at ease.
Mr B.
Booked Podcast Room at PODCAST ROOM
These guys were so helpful considering it was our first time using them, walked us through the process step by step. Highly recommended.
Saint B.
Booked Podcast Studio inc.technician at OrangeBow
We were a bit late, but Michael was understanding and we were able to book short notice with no problems also. Located in South London which was great for us. Video and audio recording included.
Ada B.
Booked Podcast Studio at Creators House
Very kind and attentive staff. Venue is gorgeous. Camera set up and recording was easy to use. Quality of recordings are excellent. I will be back.
Anna J.
Booked Lounge at CIEE London
Fantastic space and Michal was a pleasure to work with. We filmed in the Lounge and our Director was very pleased with the location.

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