London’s Corporate Playground: 19 Ideas for Unforgettable Events

16 mins read
London’s Corporate Playground: 19 Ideas for Unforgettable Events
Written by: Jaya Ramchurn
March 8, 2024
16 mins read

Bored of the same old quarterly parties and corporate retreats? It’s time to shake things up with fresh ideas for corporate events in London that your team will love. From family-friendly fun days to mindfulness workshops, we’ve got the inside scoop on venues and activities that are anything but run-of-the-mill. 

Get ready to wow your colleagues. The countdown is on, so let’s dive right into the exciting possibilities waiting for you and your team in London!

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Fun Corporate Event Ideas in London 

There are countless ways to entertain your team and show your appreciation for their hard work. Whether you plan a trip to some escape rooms, rum-making masterclasses, or even bringing their pets to work, fostering a healthy work-life balance can significantly boost employee morale and productivity.

1. Weekly Happy Hour 

‘Work hard, play harder’ is our motto at Tagvenue. We firmly believe in fostering a tightly-knit team through weekly gatherings. 

Here’s how it works: every Friday evening, the company covers the tab for drinks and food, bringing the team together casually. Participation is voluntary, allowing everyone to decide if they want to join the fun.

By offering a regular opportunity to socialise, you can ensure that morale stays high and your team remains motivated.

40936 botanical bar room 1
Pick a spot like The Oliver Conquest and make it your team’s Friday happy hour den! With a wide selection of drinks, lively conversation, and laughter, they will be ready to kick off the weekend in style! | The Oliver Conquest, Tower Hamlets

2. Enjoy a Meal Together 

‘Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness.’ – Auguste Escoffier

If you want to keep your employees’ spirits high, a delicious dinner or lunch will surely do the trick!

Gathering your team together outside working hours allows them to get to know each other differently and discover similarities, likes, and dislikes – this, in turn, allows everyone to work together more harmoniously. 

London boasts numerous restaurants with private dining spaces perfect for corporate gatherings.

👉 Here are our top picks for a corporate lunch or dinner event:

  • Penny Squares at Canopy – Large corporate teams will be impressed with Canopy’s beautiful decor and speciality restaurant. Inspired by the area’s rich sewing factory history, the industrial furniture and lighting create a unique atmosphere. An evening spent here will become legendary in office lore for years!
  • The Inspector’s Office at Bow Street Tavern – Perfect for intimate gatherings of up to 14 people, London’s first Police Station-turned-gastropub offers a cosy and vibrant pink space. It’s an ideal setting for lively banter, laughter, and great moments with your team.
  • Ibérica Victoria – Treat small teams of 5-6 to a luxurious dinner experience at Ibérica Victoria. Its vintage furniture and ambient lighting make it the perfect venue for celebrating end-of-year milestones or team achievements in style!
the folly private dining room corporate events london 1
The Folly is a botanical garden-themed restaurant ideal for groups of up to 40. It’s a perfect choice for any corporate meal from breakfast to dinner, including brunch and drinks. | The Folly, City of London

3. Bring Your Pet to Work Day 

Are you looking to foster team bonding and camaraderie? Why not invite your colleagues to bring their pets to work or share stories about their beloved companions?

It’s a paw-some way to celebrate the special bond between humans and their pets while bringing smiles to everyone’s faces!

karsten winegeart qb7d1xw28co unsplash 1
A Bring Your Pet to Work initiative is a free and easy way to make everyone’s workday a bit better and discover common topics!

💡 Tip: Turn your space into a pet-friendly area by asking employees to bring leashes, crates, or gates to keep the pet securely in the office. Consider getting bowls for food and water and gifting some toys to the fur babies!

4. Throw a Bingo Party 

Treat your team to a fun night of bingo excitement at Hijingo

This Shoreditch venue offers a unique twist on the classic game, infusing it with Tokyo Nights vibes. Prepare for a unique experience with state-of-the-art special effects, lively hosts, and delectable refreshments that steal the show.

hijingo bingo london corporate events 1
Bingo is an easy way to get new team members into the mix without overwhelming them! | Hijingo, Shoreditch

5. Play Detectives at an Escape Room

Don your detective hats and embark on an immersive journey. Solve puzzles, unravel mysteries, and test your team’s sleuthing skills in an atmosphere unlike any other.

The Mind Palace offers unforgettable adventures that will challenge your team’s wits and leave you craving more. It’s time to channel their inner Sherlocks and uncover the secrets hidden within!

the mind palace corporate events for london
Try an award-winning escape room with your team for some epic fun! | The Mind Palace, Hammersmith

Creative Corporate Events to Try in London 

Boosting team satisfaction and cohesion is key to a thriving workplace culture. One effective approach is introducing engaging activities and experiences outside traditional work hours. From immersive workshops to hands-on classes, these events provide opportunities for team members to connect, explore, and develop new skills together.

6. Attend a Rum-Making Masterclass

Transport your corporate event to a tropical paradise at Laki Kane!

Laki Kane offers a rum-making experience to take your corporate event to a tropical paradise in Islington

During the masterclass, your team can craft their spiced rums under expert guidance, creating personalised bottles to take home as cherished souvenirs. But that’s not all – Laki Kane goes above and beyond with its offerings.

Indulge in theatrical live entertainment and savour exquisite Thai cuisine, ensuring your team feels pampered in paradise.

laki kane corporate events london 1024x672 1
Gather the gang for an evening of boozy concoctions at Laki Kane. | Laki Kane, Islington

💁🏻‍♀️ See our 16 ideas for a team building event in London

7. Make a Pizza

This hands-on pizza-making experience fosters real connections among team members, encouraging them to tease, compete, and collaborate as they strive to create the perfect pizza.

Through kneading dough, selecting the toppings, and patiently waiting for the oven timer to chime, colleagues learn valuable lessons in patience and teamwork.

So why not roll up your sleeves, get creative with toppings, and enjoy a slice of teamwork at your next corporate event?

mamma dough pizza parlour ldn 1 1
Forget about pizza parties at work! Take your corporate gathering one step further with a pizza bake-off at Mamma Dough! | Mamma Dough, Lewisham

👉 Other recommendations: Enrica Rocca Cooking School, Cookery School at Little Portland Street

8. Plan a Lunch and Learn 

Lunch and Learn sessions have gained popularity in recent years, offering a simple yet effective way to improve professional skills and gain industry insights while enjoying a meal. 

According to research by Indeed, these activities boost employee morale and foster stronger work relationships.

The beauty of lunch and learn events lies in their versatility – topics cover various subjects, from negotiating skills and leadership development to emotional intelligence. To ensure relevance and engagement, consider polling your team to gauge their interests and preferences, then host regular sessions accordingly.

the wildwood room london corporate events 1 1
The Wildwood Room on Oxford Street is ideal for hosting a lunch and learn where everyone can enjoy delicious fare after some fun learning! | Wildwood Room, Fitzrovia

💡 Tip: Expand beyond traditional work-related topics by exploring subjects like the history of a culture or learning to play a musical instrument. By embracing diverse topics and requesting your staff’s opinion on the matter, you create an inclusive learning environment that enriches professional and personal development.

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Whether you prefer the cosy atmosphere of a cafe or the professional setting of a conference room, we have meeting spaces to suit your needs.

9. Throw Seasonal Parties 

‘Tis the season for holiday parties – highly anticipated gatherings where employees can set aside their workloads, wear their finest attire, and dance the night away!

Despite the hustle and bustle of the busiest time of year, there’s something magical about the holiday season that puts everyone in high spirits. Show your team appreciation and gratitude with an unforgettable holiday party celebrating their company contributions.

Whether you are hosting a Christmas party or bidding farewell to the year in style, holiday parties are non-negotiable corporate events.

💡 Tip: You can use monthly celebrations as chances for team building events. These festivities can also honour cultural events, like Asian Heritage Month or Women’s History Month.

👉 Here are our top venue recommendations to ensure your celebration shines:

  • The Parlour – Perfect for larger gatherings of over 200 people, The Parlour in Canary Wharf offers style and substance in abundance. With its chic ambiance and spacious layout, it’s the ideal setting for a memorable holiday bash.
  • BFI Southbank – Embrace the classic London vibe at BFI Southbank, where unique private spaces set the stage for a lovely soirée. Indulge in expertly crafted cocktails with a touch of inventiveness, ensuring a night to remember for all attendees.
  • Secret Garden at Exhibit – Transport your team to a winter wonderland at The Exhibit’s Secret Garden. Featuring frosted foliage, twinkling lights, and cosy blankets, this enchanting setting offers the perfect escape from reality. Warm up with indulgent cocktails, including boozy hot chocolates and mulled wine, for a truly festive experience.
the botanist corporate events london 1024x650 1
Holiday parties are the highlight of any company – hire a vibrant space with the right party vibe to make your party a success! | The Botanist Broadgate Circle, the City

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Book a venue for your next office party

From quirky spaces to ballrooms, we have something for all party styles! 

10. Build a Learning Culture with Seminars & Workshops 

Let’s face it – for many employees, attending all-day seminars or multi-day conferences can be daunting. 

While the prospect of complimentary food is a plus, more is needed to convince reluctant attendees. Instead, it’s crucial to integrate these learning opportunities into your company culture.

Stepping out of the office to participate in seminars and workshops offers invaluable professional development and job satisfaction benefits. From networking with industry peers to gaining new insights and skills, these experiences are essential for fostering growth and innovation within your organisation

💁🏻‍♀️ See our conference planning checklist

code node
Organise regular seminars and workshops to empower employees by learning something new and useful! | Codenode, the City

Find the best spaces for your next corporate meeting

Whether you are looking for a workshop or product launch venue, we’ve got you covered!

Corporate Wellness Event Ideas 

Employee mental health is vital to overall happiness and productivity in the workplace. Incorporating wellness events into your company culture is essential to ensure that your team remains physically and mentally fit.

From yoga sessions to mindfulness workshops, these activities encourage employees to prioritise self-care and cultivate happiness in the workplace. 

11. Breathe In, Breathe Out

Research conducted by Queen’s University has consistently shown that yoga and meditation offer many benefits for mental health and well-being in the workplace.

These practices have been found to enhance memory retention, improve attention span, increase productivity levels by enhancing concentration, and reduce stress overall. 

Given these findings, it’s clear that yoga is a useful tool in promoting mental health and happiness among employees in the workplace.

finsbury yoga corporate events london
Breathe in happiness and breathe out bad vibes at Yogacampus Finsbury Park.

12. Corporate Retreat at Greenwoods Hotel Spa Retreat 

Escape the routine and treat your team to a rejuvenating retreat at Greenwoods Hotel Spa Retreat. 

This getaway offers employees the chance to recharge in a tranquil setting. During the retreat, participants will share meals, participate in activities, and bond over shared experiences. These moments foster a sense of camaraderie while boosting happiness and trust within the team.

10801 greenwoods hotel spa retreat venue corporate events london 1
Invest in your team’s happiness and watch as they return to the office fresh and revitalised!  | Greenwoods Hotel Spa Retreat

💡Tip: For remote employees not to miss out on retreat days, think of organising some activities and allocating some financial compensation for those who cannot attend. 

13. Attend an Improv Class 

Improv classes have gained widespread recognition for good reason – they offer many benefits for individuals and teams alike. By practising active listening, clear communication, and effective collaboration, participants sharpen essential skills invaluable in the workplace.

If you’re seeking an activity that brings your team together, fosters relaxation, and improves communication skills, an improv class could be the perfect fit for your company.

26373 mirrored dance studio room corporate events london
Pick a centrally located and comfortable venue to ensure maximum attendance. | Central London Rehearsal Studio, Holborn

14. Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day

Employee Appreciation Day falls on the first Friday of March each year, providing a perfect opportunity to express gratitude and recognition towards your hardworking team.

There are many ways to show your employees how much they’re valued, from small gestures to grand celebrations.

Consider implementing a Slack or other communication channel dedicated to sharing daily successes and accomplishments, fostering a culture of recognition and positivity year-round. 

Host quarterly recognition parties or organise a dinner party at one of London’s finest venues can provide memorable experiences that make employees feel truly appreciated.

Make shoutouts and appreciation gestures a regular part of your company’s culture, encouraging a positive work environment where individuals feel valued and motivated. 

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15. Organise Field Days 

London offers a variety of outdoor spaces, such as parks, that are perfect for hosting a field day. 

Team members can participate in various thrilling activities, from relay races and obstacle courses to tug-of-war and team building games. These engaging challenges encourage friendly competition and promote teamwork and trust among colleagues.

5652 the lawns room enhanced corporate events london 1
Shoreditch Gardens can host 100 to 800 guests, making it a suitable venue for field days or family fun days! | Shoreditch Gardens, Shoreditch

Check out more ideas for Indoor and Outdoor Team Building Activities!

16. Invite a Guest Speaker

From famous figures like Simon Sinek to inspirational voices like Carla Harris, inviting a guest speaker can add much value to your team’s professional growth.

Guest speakers captivate audiences, share valuable insights, and leave a lasting impression. Their ability to connect with employees on a personal level often surpasses that of senior management or directors.

Whether it’s a corporate conference, educational seminar, or social gathering, guest speakers bring a fresh perspective, inspire innovation, and add value to the overall event experience. Their expertise and wisdom can spark new ideas or motivate teams to learn new things within your organisation.

theatre room london corporate events 1024x682 1
Hire the right venue to create a lasting impression on your guests and guest speakers! | Theatre at The Royal Institution, Mayfair

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17. Plan an Awards Ceremony

Awards ceremonies are more than just events they help to recognise and celebrate the achievements of individuals and teams within your organisation. Depending on your company’s culture and preferences, the ceremony can be formal, elegant, relaxed, and laid-back.

By hosting an awards ceremony, you celebrate individual and team wins and reinforce a culture of recognition and appreciation within your organisation. So, gather your team, roll out the red carpet, and prepare to applaud the outstanding achievements that make your company shine.

searcys at the gherkin corporate events london 1
Take your awards night to the next level with a fancy party at Searcys at The Gherkin.

18. Plan Family Fun Days

Typically featuring elements like barbecues, clowns, magicians, and raffles, these events create lasting memories for employees and their families. Beyond the fun and games, family fun days provide coworkers with insight into each other’s personal lives, fostering connections and deeper understanding beyond the workplace.

152 stationers hall and garden room corporate events london 1
With beautiful surroundings and ample space for activities, Stationers’ Hall & Garden is the perfect spot to bring your team and their loved ones together for a day of laughter, relaxation, and shared experiences. | Stationers’ Hall & Garden, the City

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19. Organise Volunteer Days

Companies often offer employees time off to give back to the community to build a sense of purpose and goodwill among coworkers.

Engaging in volunteer activities not only benefits the broader community but also enhances team morale. Research shows a positive correlation between acts of service and improved mood, making volunteer days a win-win for all involved.

Consider these engaging volunteer activities for your team:

  • Sorting donations at a toy or food drive.
  • Cleaning up litter in local parks or neighbourhoods.
  • Visiting nursing homes to spend time with residents.
  • Participating in charity races or fundraising events.
  • Assisting at animal shelters or rescue organisations.

By participating in these meaningful activities together, your team can make a tangible difference while strengthening bonds and creating lasting memories. Check out this list of volunteering opportunities in London.

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Organising a corporate event in the capital may seem daunting, but it’s entirely achievable with proper planning and organisation. Collaborating with colleagues and delegating tasks can streamline the process, or you can hire an event planner to ease the burden, provided it fits within your budget. 

Ultimately, the key is to make sure that employees and attendees have a memorable and enjoyable experience, feeling valued and appreciated by their company. With careful attention to detail and a focus on creating a positive atmosphere, your corporate event will surely be a success.


How can I prepare for a corporate event?

Planning a corporate event seems like a big task, but it’s pretty easy if you plan well. You can ask some colleagues for help or hire an event planner. First, decide what the event is for and when and where it’ll happen. Pick a fun theme, determine costs, find the perfect venue, and consider extras like speakers. Check out our 7 tips for making corporate event planning easier.

When should I book a venue for my event?

Start planning early, especially for big events – ideally 10-12 months ahead. Look for a venue about 5-6 months before the event, especially if people need to travel. For smaller events, 3-6 weeks is usually enough time to find a place.

What are some ideas for making a corporate event more engaging?

Incorporate interactive elements like live polls, Q&As, and games to get attendees to participate. Plan unique team building activities that foster collaboration. Offer immersive experiences with VR or AR technology. Set up photo booths and social media sharing stations. Bring an energetic emcee, comedian, or musical guest to liven up the event. Arrange fun networking events like cocktail hours, meals, or parties where people can mingle.

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