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Top 21st Birthday Party Venues in Sydney

Your 21st birthday is a big deal, an occasion that should be celebrated in style! At Tagvenue, we know that any old venue just won’t do, so we’ve got you covered with a selection of amazing 21st birthday party venues in Sydney. Whether you want to party the day away with friends or honour your first day of “real adulthood” with a sophisticated meal, there’s a whole host of venues ready for you to pick from!

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21st Birthday Party Venues Hire Guide

Before you start looking at places to have a 21st birthday, there’s some stuff you should consider to help steer your search in the right direction:

  • What kind of party are you after? – One of the first things you’ll need to decide is whether you’d rather a sit-down dinner or a crazy bash, or perhaps even an experience-centred party. If you’re doing the hard work of organising a 21st bday for someone else and don’t know which route to take, why not gather some inspiration from those closest to them to get a feel for what they’d like best?
  • What if it rains? – If you’re opting for an outdoor venue, you might want to make sure you can have a plan B in place just in case. This is especially important if your birthday lands in the winter months! No one wants to spend this momentous day in the bathroom trying to dry their hair out under the hand dryers.
  • The number of guests – Maybe your 21st is the perfect excuse to invite a lot of people to come and help you celebrate or maybe you’d rather be surrounded by just your nearest and dearest. Either way, figure out how many people you’ll be inviting so you can look at the right sized venues!
  • Including your younger guests – This is an important one not to overlook! If you’re planning on inviting friends that are under the age of 18, this might be an issue for licensed venues. Chat with your chosen venue to check on the rules!
  • Make it unique – Though every birthday should be special, your 21st is even more special! Why not arrange something super unique, like a scavenger hunt, a themed party, or even a two-day affair? Once you’ve got a concept in mind, you can find the right venue that can help fulfil your vision!

Any questions? We’ve already answered some of the most common ones:


21st Birthday Party Venues in Sydney FAQ

Can I find a venue where I can plan everything myself?

If you’ve already got your big party all planned out in your head and just need that perfect venue to house your creative genius, why not look at blank canvas venues? Here at Tagvenue, we’ve collected a good choice of 21st birthday party venues that give you a blank space to create your perfect party, such as studio venues.

I’m after something a bit different, any recommendations?

Absolutely! There’s no shortage of unique venues in Sydney. Nothing says memorable more than a 21st party on a yacht. Sydney has plenty of choices when it comes to water-based venues! If you’d rather stay on dry land, there are plenty of options here too, including karaoke venues, escape rooms and virtual reality experiences!

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