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Our guide to Perth venue hire

There are many reasons why you should choose Perth for your next event, but one key reason is the diversity of spaces and venues available in this vibrant city. Since Perth is on the coast, you can pick from many venues along Sorrento beach and elevate your event with a gorgeous view of the Indian Ocean. If soft sand is not what you're looking for, there are many other locations for hire in the centre of the city. Whether you're searching for a space with a view of the Swan River, or in the proximity of Perth Station, we can help you discover the best that this city has to offer!

With such a diverse city, it may seem hard to pinpoint the best areas for venue hire, however, the statistics speak for themselves and we can tell you what parts of Perth are the most popular ones:

  • CBD – The most easily accessible part of every city is, of course, its city centre, however, that’s not the only perk of choosing a venue in this area. Perth's city centre venues stretch from West Perth and Kings Park to Highgate, and all are in the proximity of the McIver and Perth Underground stations. The selection of venues here ranges from office buildings to restaurants and no matter what your needs, you are sure to find what you are looking for here since the centre has the city’s greatest selection of spaces.
  • Riverbank – The Swan River crosses many districts and the nearby venues are very popular. It doesn't matter if it’s in Ascot, Burswood or Alfred Cove, these riverside locations offer a gorgeous view of the water and are often surrounded by a green paradise. If that sounds like something that would suit your event, take a look at the venues we offer here and pick your favourite one.
  • Oceanside – These may not be the most accessible cluster of venues, but they are definitely worth the trip because these spaces on the coast are guaranteed to amaze your guests with their beautiful views. Whether you choose Sorrento, Trigg or Floreat beach, you should expect sandy heaven and salty air which will give your event a specific feel. If this sounds right up your alley, why not pick a venue by the ocean?

Even with such a wealth of choices, some Perth venues are, of course, more prominent than others. Here are some of the city’s most popular venues types:

  • Hotels – Always worth considering, as hotels usually have many different rooms to offer – from function and conference rooms to wedding-appropriate and party spaces. Additionally, hotels provide many services that are so crucial to event planning, such as catering and cleaning. These types of venues also usually have a built-in sound system and electronic equipment that is essential for certain types of events.
  • Restaurants – Perfect for birthdays and private dinner parties, as well as business lunches and office parties. Hiring a restaurant for your event will entail delicious food and drinks as well as amazing service. Therefore, if catering is an essential part of your event, we would recommend hiring a restaurant over other types of venues.
  • Unusual venues – If you are looking for that “wow” effect, you should consider one of our non-traditional locations in Perth. Whether it is an aquarium, a cinema or a game bar, a unique venue can make your event stand out without breaking your budget.
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