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Looking out for private dining rooms in Perth? Here at Tagvenue, we have a diverse range of halls, suites, and private dining restaurants that are sure to impress. Featuring beautiful open spaces along the West Coast and Swan Riverside, alongside a variety of restaurants, bars and dining halls in the CBD. Perth certainly covers a lot of bases when it comes to a great private dining experiences in atmospheric venues. Sound like a good fit? Take the next step with us and check out all the exclusive venues we have to offer.

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Private Dining Rooms Hire Guide

Recognised as one of the world’s most isolated cities, Perth has still fashioned itself a great reputation for high-quality dining and delicious food. Boasting a range of interesting local produce, as well as European and Asian inspired dishes, there’s an abundance of great food here just waiting to be sampled. 

Private hire in Perth generally focuses on high-class dining, with a variety of restaurants in the CBD offering a la carte menus and bespoke dining packages. Traditional private dining can be truly fine in this district and long-established venues such as The George offer a selection of different private rooms, lounges, and courtyards, and select dishes. 

Perth doesn’t limit itself to just fine dining, however, and there are a number of other spots able to cater for the more casual and laid-back crowd. In the CBD, as well as in nearby suburbs, you can find private terraces, courtyards and large tables, offering great drinks, BBQ’s, and tasty fast food.


Private Dining Rooms in Perth FAQ

What to consider when hiring a private dining room in Perth?

  • Your event type - Think about the type of event you’re hosting, the number of guests, and what kind of dining rooms would suit best. For corporate dinners, hiring one of Perth’s hotel suites would ensure complete privacy and also cater to larger crowds. If you’re holding a smaller, more casual celebration, one of the city’s many terraces, lounges, or courtyards would give you a private spot, while also being close to the atmosphere of the main restaurant or diner.
  • Budget - Be clear on your budget before looking into venues. While many restaurants and bars in Perth operate with per-person fees, some venues also use minimum spend and hire fees. Check through each venue to see what pricing strategies they offer and choose which plan fits suits you and your guests best.
  • Location - Perth has an abundance of great dining areas outside of it’s CBD. If you’ve chosen one of these to host your event, make sure you give guests all the important travel details. This includes the nearest bus and train stops, road names, and estimated travel time.

Which parts of Perth are the most popular for private dining?

The CBD is the primary district in which to find a large variety of different function spaces in close proximity. This includes high-class dining halls, customisable rooms, and small bistros along St. Georges Terrace. There are also convenient restaurants and intimate bars around William Street and the Perth underground. Consider also Sorrento Beach, which has some fantastic private beach restaurants serving fresh seafood, BBQ’s, and catering to a range of different events and needs. The port city of Fremantle is a coastal suburb of Perth that houses artisan cafes, relaxed pubs, and cosy restaurants along its High Street.

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